Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts (Plus Size)

Plunge Bra for Large Breasts

Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts (Plus Size)

Do you wear bras that are on the higher side of the alphabet and are looking for a plunge bra? Read on for the best plunge bra for large breasts.

Plunge bras are almost similar to push-up bras. Both bras enhance cleavage, making the top of your breasts easily noticeable. Additionally, a plunge bra is a sexy and practical choice for outfits with low cut or V necklines.

Check out four of the best plunge bras for women with large breasts.

Best Plunge Bra for Large Breasts – Table

Elomi: Matilda Convertible Plunge Bra Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge Bra Le Mystere Women’s Infinite Possibilities Convertible Plunge Bra Freya Women’s Deco Vibe Underwire Molded Plunge Bra
Plunge Depth Medium Low Very Low Low
Cup Type 3 Panel/Sewn 3 Panel/Sewn Molded Molded
Support Level Very High High Medium Medium-High
Coverage High Moderate Moderate Moderate
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Push-Up Bra vs. Plunge Bra

Plunge bras are the best alternative for push-up bras. This is because they enhance your natural cleavage without you having to add a pad to make them appear more prominent.

The most significant characteristic of a plunge bra is that the middle gore goes quite low. As a result, you can wear the bra with outfits that have low-cut necklines.

Can Anyone Wear a Plunge Bra?

Much like push-up and t-shirt bras, people with breasts that sag would find some difficulty wearing plunge bras. You may have to look a little more to get that bra with high-level support since the bras are open in the middle.

For support, the cut and sew bra would be the most suitable if your outfit requires a plunge bra. The plunge will not do much lifting due to the shape of your breasts.

Most plunge bras have molded cups. This gives people who have cut some weight or are full at the bottom some trouble. The plunge bra can make the top of your breasts jiggly, resulting in the breasts not filling the cups properly. The bra can also create a gap between the top of the chest and the cup.

Best Plunge Bras For Big Boobs

Support has to be the main thing when looking for a bra.

Check out my list of the most affordable plunge bras for plus size women. Several of the bras are cut and sew options and offer maximum support.

Elomi: Matilda Convertible Plunge Bra

Elomi: Matilda Convertible Plunge Bra

Available on Amazon

 The Matilda Convertible Plunge Bra can comfortably change to a racerback. The bra offers a standard fit and its pink color will flatter any skin shade. This is the best bra for women who want to wear a plunge dress with minimum push-up effect.


The cut and sew cup offers comprehensive support. The cup has a vertical in the middle and another on the sides, which give the breast some lift. You will experience zero pointiness when wearing this bra because of the way the  cups have been sewn.

This bra’s fit is perfect and compared to the Freya Rio, is exquisite. The bra is comfortable to wear, and it will make you feel on top of the game.

The Elomi bra features a broad band with 2 to 3 hooks, depending on the size. Its side panels come up high, and the support keeps the breasts pointing forward.Matilda best plunge bra back

The bra’s underwire does not poke. Therefore, people with a petite frame will find it just fine. Its cups have elastic at the top, which helps in keeping it in line with the top of the breasts.

The gores tack perfectly well to the chest and the underwire is broad enough to contain the breasts. If your melons have a sizeable space between them, you will find this bra ideal.


This bra is beautiful and supportive. However,  it won’t give you the cleavage you desire. The middle of the gore comes up high in larger sizes for plunge bras, and the cups separate the breasts.

The Matilda bra is sheer and doesn’t have a lining. Therefore depending on the position of your nipples, you might require additional coverage from petals.

Finally, the bra is available in a few colors. Any comfortable bra should have a broader range.

Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge Bras

Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge Bras

Available on Amazon

When it comes to style, the Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge Bra is almost similar to the Elomi Matilda. You will fall in love with the appearance of your breasts in this bra.

The gore comes up but not so high, and this makes the bra versatile.  The lace on the cups enhances the look of the bra without a lot of contrast like is with the Elomi bra.



The C Chic bra is a plunge that provides high-level support. The bra is an ideal alternative for women who wear big cup sizes since it goes up to H. If you want a little plunge but not necessarily lift, this is the bra for you.chantelle c-chic best plunge bra back

The band fits comfortable but is not as wide as that of the Elomi. The bra has 2 to 3 hooks, depending on the size.

The Chantelle C’s underwire has proper casing that gives it a comfy feel. The bra is lower under the arms, which makes it ideal for those with short torsos.

The bra’s straps can be fully adjusted. The straps stay up throughout the day without slipping.

The Chantelle bra has a narrow U shape behind which makes it offer the best center lift. This is one of the best bras for sagging breasts.


The elastics on the cup are too strong, and this makes the bra a bit uncomfortable. Moreover, the top line is visible through some outfits.

Finally, the straps ridging looks pretty but is slightly hard. I would have preferred them softere.

Le Mystere Women’s Infinite Possibilities Convertible Plunge Bra

Le Mystere Women's Infinite Possibilities Convertible Plunge Bra

Available on Amazon

This bra runs small in both cup and band size.

The Le Mystere Infinite Possibilities Plunge Bra has a small gore, which is quite handy if all you need is a plunge. This bra looks more like a t-shirt bra. Its shape and support  isn’t as good as what you’ll get with cut and sew bras. However, the bra it is an excellent alternative for low necklines.



The bra cups are smooth and come up high on the sides. This prevents side spills and makes the breasts stay in the cup perfectly well. The under cup has some padding, which will give your melons some lift. However, the padding is as supportive as what is available with the Chantelle and Elomi bra. The padding is subtle and doesn’t make the chest appear huge.

infinite possibilities best plunge bra back This bra is ideal for women whose breasts have a wider space between them and are looking for a slight pushed-together look. The shape of the bra cups will give you a beautiful cleavage line.

The bra comes up high outside to offer coverage and prevent loose flesh from spilling on the top.

The bra is multiway and has several hooks on the band at the back. You can choose the tension level or the size of the straps.

The bra also has a halter and crisscross option, which creates more lift and improves the shape of the breasts.


This bra’s cup sizes go up to G but have only two hooks.

Molded cups usually make the breasts well rounded. However, with this bra, things are different. Under the shirts, the bra gives the breasts a vertical-oval shape.

You can convert this bra to six different styles. However, you can’t remove the straps. Therefore, if you want it to be strapless, you will have to tuck the straps in the bra’s cup.

This bra would be ideal for women with firm melons.

Freya Women’s Deco Vibe Underwire Molded Cup Plunge Bra With J-Hooks

Freya Women's Deco Vibe Underwire Molded Cup Plunge Bra With J-Hooks

Available on Amazon

You know a brand is trying to come up with something when they have a whole sub-line of bras for a specific body type. Freya Deco has something for everyone. The reviews on their DECO T-SHIRT BRA caught me by surprise.

This bra is slightly different from a t-shirt bra; it has a smaller gore that creates a beautiful round cleavage comfortably. The Deco is the best plunge bra with molded cups and is available in big sizes.

If you need a bra that offers more spacing for less cleavage, get the famous DECO Delight. This is a great choice as far as comfort is a concern.


A bra with smooth cups and a plunge typically offer less or no support for saggy melons. However, you can try out the J-hook straps if you find them comfortable.  Once you hook this bra at the back, it lifts well, eliminating any anxieties about molded cups.

The bra straps are broad and comfortable. However, they are a bit wide for women with narrow shoulders if they can’t hook it in racerback.deco vibe best plunge bra back

If a t-shirt bra usually creates a gap at the top for your breasts, get a G cup for this bra to achieve the perfect shape. The bra comes up high and provides excellent coverage.

The Deco T-shirt bra comes in several colors, including those that match your skin tone.


You will have to rely on racerback to achieve maximum support from this bra. If you can hook the bra comfortably, it is worth buying. Its construction is worth it.

The bra’s largest band size is 38. If it runs small, you can use an extender till it relaxes.

This bra also runs small on the cups and band.

Honorable Mentions

Gossard’s Longline Front Close Plunge BraGossard best plunge bra

I fell in love with the Gossard’s Longline Front close Plunge bra.

Front closure bras are tricky since you can’t adjust them if the band doesn’t have a perfect fit.  However, this bra will make your breasts look rounder and also offers the sexiest low-cut cami look if you layer it properly.

Ashley Graham’s Dive Plunge Bra

ashley graham best plunge bra

I liked Ashley Graham’s Dive Plunge Bra too. This bra is not as practical, but you can count on it when it comes to Valentine’s day! It comes in limited sizes but is so pretty. You sure will love Ashley as a brand.

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