Elomi Raquel Bra Review: Soft Full Coverage Bra for Plus Size

Elomi Raquel Bra

Elomi Raquel Bra Review: Soft Full Coverage Bra for Plus Size

We recently tried the Elomi’s Raquel Side Support bra and are excited to share our findings. Read our Elomi Raquel review to find out what you should know about this bra for wide rooted breasts.

Looking for a great alternate skin tone bra that caters for larger breasts? If so, the Elomi’s Raquel Side Support Bra is the perfect contender. The bra is available in four colors, including a perfect taupe color that matches various different skin tones.

Elomi Raquel Review


Elomi Raquel Review

Before we get down to this Elomi Raquel bra review, let’s first commend Elomi for showing a wide range of different models in their pictures. With that out of the way, the Raquel is a really great bra to purchase since it also caters to plus size women. The bra goes up to a 38G cup size.


The bra straps are adjustable, a feature which most fuller women look for in bras. You can extend the bra a little (lengthwise) during the day, depending on what you are planning to do.

While the Elomi Raquel isn’t as narrow as the Wacoal bra, its straps are spaced perfectly. Therefore, you will not have to deal with them slipping off your shoulders.

Cup and Gore

You’ll definitely love the cups of the Elomi Raquel. The bra has a 4-panel cup made from a combination of sheer and lace panels. The cups are comfortable, look sexy and provide full coverage. This is one of the best skin tone bras you’ll come across in the market today.

The Elomi Raquel is also an unlined, soft bra. We were impressed with its versatility in the way it accommodates various breast shapes. Women that have some level of fullness over time will also find the bra very accomodating.

Elomi Raquel Side Support Bra back taupe

The well-constructed cup supports the breasts and distributes them between the straps and the frontal area of the bra. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with the awful shoulder marks that form after wearing some bras for an entire day.

The construction of the cup and gore make the Elomi Raquel one of the best bras for wide rooted breasts.

However, the disadvantage of four-panel stitching is that it may make you feel a bit triangular while looking at yourself in the mirror. Otherwise, the cups will provide you with a perfect well-rounded natural shape.

The gore is likely to comfortably on people with ‘normal’ or slightly wider melons. However, if you narrow breasts, the bra will not sit as snugly as you may prefer.


Depending on your size, the band may have two to three hooks at the back. The sizing of the band feels true to size. However, if you’re an F cup, you could easily get away with it than a G cup would.


There are no complaints here. The underwire feels comfortable. Therefore, you can wear the bra for a whole day without feeling any digging.


As mentioned before, the Elomi Raquel bra provides full cup coverage as well as side support. The bra is well and solidly constructed. Moreover, you won’t feel constricted at all when wearing it. This attribute makes the Elomi Raquel one of the most comfortable bras for everyday wear.

Although this is not ideal as a t-shirt bra, its design is smooth enough to make you feel comfortable wearing it under light clothing. Moreover, its breathable and lightweight material makes it a great alternative as a t-shirt bra during hotter months.

Overall Shape

Elomi Raquel really delivers as is expected. The bra provides great side support. Therefore, you won’t feel as if you’re spilling. Moreover, it does a great job of reducing side bulge.

The bra provides a natural look, rounding and lifting without pushing your breasts up a lot. The only issue with this bra is that it can appear from the side.

Best For

Day to night. This bra can be worn for a night out or to work. It is also comfortable enough to be worn when you are  lounging around

Overall, the Elomi Raquel bra is one of the most sought out brands in the market. Although the manufacturers could definitely add some more varied skin tone bras to the other styles, this bra deserves a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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