Get that Skin Tone Bra for Brown Skin

How come up until now, skin tone consumer products from band-aids, stockings, bras, to underwear can only get them in one color? Many different skin tones have been in existence from way back, yet it took the world too much time catching up and catering to people’s various shades of skin tones.

skin tone bra wacoal basic beauty big

True to Neilsen’s words, African-American users do have an estimate of $1.3 trillion regarding their 2017 buying power, while Hispanics at present have $1.2 trillion joint buying power.  By 2018, Asian-Americans are expected to reach $1 trillion regarding their buying power. Add to this fact that its women who drive the household spending in all these groups, and the profitability is too high to pass over.

Skin Tone Bras for Brown Skin

In their constant quest to add, safeguard the market share, and make loyal customers, finally, companies are starting to produce for a more extensive diversity of customers, including the 13-dollar bra industry.

Elomi Raquel Side Support Bra The Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra Wacoal’s Women’s Full Figure Basic Beauty Underwire Bra Goddess Keira Banded Satin Bra Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra
Cup: Not padded Cup: No Padding, molded Cup: Not padded Cup: Not padded Cup: No Padding
Style: Full-coverage/side support Style: Full-coverage Style: Minimizer Style: Full-coverage Style: Full-coverage
Band: Wide, very supportive Band: Wide cut Band: Wide, very supportive Band: supportive, but can slip Band: A little Stretchy
Fit: Consider going down a size in cup Fit: True to size Fit: Consider going up a size in cup Fit: Consider going down in cup & Band Fit: Cup runs large, need to convert sizing
Best attribute: Supportive AND sexy Best attribute: Value for money Best attribute: Very comfortable once broken in Best attribute: Great value Best attribute: Looks beautiful
Best for: All Rounder Best for: All day, casual wear Best for: Casual Wear Best for: All Day Best for: Short outings, Seducing someone
Rating: 4.5/5 Rating: 4/5 Rating: 4/5 Rating: 4/5 Rating: 3.5/5
Sizes: DD-JJ, band sizes 34-44 Sizes: C-G, band sizes 32-42 Sizes: D-H, band sizes 32-44 Sizes: DD-N, band sizes 34-46 Sizes: C-I, band sizes 32-44
Check availability Check availability Check availability Check availability Check availability

Get the Best Skin Colored Bra

Today, we review a collection of five bras from companies which acknowledge the rainbow’s different shades in addition to catering to full-figured women. Before diving into my review, I must admit that getting candidates to feature in this list was quite tricky since it always appears like the puzzle didn’t have some pieces. When I get hold of a pretty flesh-colored bra that has a style I fancy in different colors, I often find that its “big size” offers don’t go beyond DD, or the band size is somewhat small. And when I get a bra that is perfect and supportive and has large sizes, I only got some colors.

On finishing my list, I came to realize most of the flesh-colored bras I chose were full-coverage, which means there’s still lack of diversity concerning bras for particular skin tones which also cater to large sizes. I am looking for an ideal and supportive t-shirt bra, which is in my shade, and I’ll find attractive. It will thrill me to see a Freya Rio in my skin shade. Let’s say, though there’s some progress, we need to do a lot more when catering for our niche.

Chantelle Women’s Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Read full review here.

This skin tone bra for brown skin is among the pretty bras around, and its sizes go up to an H cup. We all know large bras go in sizes. This bra has some exquisite shades of brown like chocolate, cappuccino, hazelnut, and different other bright colors.

AdvantagesSkin tone bra chantelle rive gauche front

The bra looks great, has a full-coverage and a solid side structure.


People can see the bra when you wear it with some outfits due to the nature of its texture, and the band could need extra hooks. The underwire fit might get uncomfortable after a while.

Ideal for:

Flirting and for short outings

Available on Amazon

Goddess Keira Banded Satin Bra

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skin tone bra goddess keira front

The name itself would give you some expectation say something incredibly empowering and bold. This bra puts Goddess on the map, and it does come in various styles, and also nude colors such as chocolate and fawn. This bra has quite a big sizes range, going up to a 46N.


This bra for brown skin has a beautiful material, natural shape, several sizes, and is worth your money


The seam of the bra can show underneath clothes. The bra’s band may slip up.

Ideal for:

Lounging and you can wear it throughout the day

Available on Amazon

Wacoal’s Women’s Full-Figure Basic Beauty Underwire Bra

Read full review here.

skin tone bra wacoal basic beauty

You can get in bra in cappuccino, chocolate brown, a nude color which is natural, and several playful colors. The available cup sizes go up to H.


The Wacoal skin tone bra has a wide band, which provides maximum support. What’s more, the bra is all about comfort!


The bra straps have a narrow setting, and this means that it may not be suitable for tops with a wide neck. It also does not have a lining; therefore, nipples can show.

Ideal for;

Casual wear, lounging and you can also wear it all day long.

Available on Amazon

The Lilyette Enchantment Minimizer Bra

Read full review here.

I fell in love with this bra since every time I put it on; I keep remembering the most favorite one in my collection. The cup sizes are available up to a G. The bra looks nice and smooth, although it’s a minimizer bra – Normally, I associate this class with practical, Playtex bras that look plain and are outdated.

Skin tone bra Lilyette enchantment frontAdvantages

This bra is all comfortable. Your breasts can fill the cups and take a natural shape since it’s not molded. The bra’s back strap has a wide wing that aids in providing a soothing effect to the back.



The bra’s underwire is quite long, and if your breasts are narrow, the gore is likely to stock out.

Ideal for:

Lounging and wearing all day.

Available on Amazon

Elomi Raquel Side Support Bra

Read full review here.

The cups of this bra go all the way to a double J, this should be some funky take on full bras. I love that through using a quality lace-like fabric, the company was able to make this bra appealing to the eye without a lot of decoration, and this makes wearing it underneath your clothes very easy.

skin tone bra elomi raquel front


The Elomi Raquel bra has soft cups that create a natural shape and also provides support with proper distribution and balance.


The bra straps can get loose all through the day, and it’s also a bit conical when you view it from the side.

Ideal for:

Morning up until evening. You can wear it work, when going out for your rendezvous at night, and is equally very comfortable for putting on when unwinding.

Available on Amazon

Honorable Mentions

I will add these two companies, but their bras didn’t make it to my list yet in all honesty, I hope to get one or two some time. Since the establishment of these companies, they have both been aiming at to include a skin tone shade ranges and have also been producing very beautiful brassieres.


skin tone bra naja

2014 was the year Naja company came to the limelight. The company aims at making nude bras to incorporate different skin tones, so the chances of finding a flesh-colored bra which is in your ballpark are high. Therefore, you won’t have to settle on a black bra all the time. The only limitation this company has comes with the sizes they offer, their largest cup size is a DDD, and for large cups, they don’t have a broader range of band sizes. But the company makes good bras and has also built a good profile which cooperates social.

Nubian Skin

skin tone bra nubian skin

The Nubian Skin company carries diverse shades which are for dark skin tones, and they also include a guide on their website on foundation matching. Honestly, it’s difficult telling whether you are cinnamon or mocha by looking at your screen.

A lot of their styles become small on the band, although the band sizes are up to 40.  The company is putting some work in increasing its sizes range. You can check out this company if you out looking for flesh-colored bra and have a small frame since they have cups ranges up to a G.

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