I Bought the Panache Sophie Non Wired Nursing Bra. Here is My Experience!

I Bought the Panache Sophie Non Wired Nursing Bra. Here is My Experience!

*UPDATE*: After waiting on returns/exchanges and trying multiple sizes, I can finally update this review. Unfortunately, although there is much I like about the Panache Sophie maternity bra, ultimately this bra did not work for me.

Based on the quadraboob the 30GG gave me and the fact that I was fitting in either 28 or some 30 backs in Panache, I ordered one size up from the 30GG size I reviewed here–a 30H–as well as a 28J, since that would be the sister size to the 30HH and allow me to try the 28 back.

Strangely, the increase in cup sizes did not give me any more depth in the front of the cup. Instead, the “cup” seaming on the soft bra extended further and further to the back of the bras. I still had quadraboob along the top of the cups in both of the bigger sizes but totally empty cup space underneath my arms. In the case of the 28J, the cup wrapped around to my back! 

These photos show how the seaming of the cup keeps extending farther and farther back with an increase in cup size– the peach is the 28J, the black is the 30H.

This might be a design flaw with the larger side of the full-bust spectrum. Therefore, if you’ve tried this in the DD-G cup spectrum and had better luck, please share in the comments.  This also might be a better choice for very wide-set breasts, but I would avoid if you have close-set breasts like mine.

Panache Women's Sophie Soft Cup Nursing Bra


The final DD+ soft cup bra I tried of possible sleep bras was the Panache Sophie Soft Cup. Although the nursing version of this bra is available at a ton of online lingerie stores, I’ve only found the regular Sophie at one other spot so far, Figleaves.

This is truly a pretty bra, the most gorgeous, even–can you believe it?–sexy soft cup I found. I went for the black/nude combo. Some online stores also stock a nude and some fantastic playful bright color combos (Figleaves just carries the black/nude). Goodbye sad frumpy wireless bras!

Image via Bravissimo.com
Image via Bravissimo.com
Image via Bravissimo.com










The Sophie comes in a huge range of sizes, from 28-40 D-J. I went for the 30GG.

pretty lacy Panache Sophie
The pretty lacy Panache Sophie

This nursing bra has 3 extra sets of hooks for women wearing it as a maternity bra. The GG had 3 rows of hooks.

Six sets of hooks
Six sets of hooks

I wore mine on the third set of hooks and it felt great and sat perpendicular across my back. It was a good fit!

While the band wasn’t as soft as I would have liked, it still felt very comfortable. Moreover, the lace that you see on the bottom of the band is not noticeable or itchy at all:


The Sophie non-wired bra has the intricate seaming on the inside of the cup we’ve seen on the other soft cup bras. I don’t know what is so different about the design on this bra (to my untrained eye, the seaming on the other bras looks pretty similar), but something about it worked fabulously.

The Sophie offers great lift and shape and to top it off, it’s so gorgeous. You feel great in it.

Hello, waist, I can see you again!:

Panache Sophie
Great lift from the Panache Sophie

The GG ran just a bit small on my left breast. Therefore, I had a bit of quadraboob and would need to size up to the H. But still! Look! Can you tell this is a soft cup bra?

soft cup brasoft cup bra 2












The Panache Sophie non-wired bra was the first soft cup that gave me such a great shape and I’d consider exiting the house in it on a quick coffee run. And, it far surpassed my original goal. It is so comfy that I’d happily wear this to lounge around the house and sleep in.

My husband loves it. He gave it two thumbs up!

Let’s compare the shape of the Panache Sophi with other soft cup maternity bras just so you can see how great this bra is:

Panache Sophie
Panache Sophie
Panache Alisha
Panache Alisha
Royce Sadie
Royce Sadie






One thing to note: this bra, like the other soft cups, does fit a bit more like a compression sports bra. Your breasts aren’t totally separated, and the center gore doesn’t rest against the chest. So, if you have boob sweat tendencies like me in compression styles, that’s the one negative with this bra.

Overall Verdict

Despite the possibility of boob sweat from the compression style, the Panache Sophie beats out the other soft cups I tried hands down. From the design and color choices to the excellent lift and shape, this is the first soft cup that made me feel great when I put it on. All that, PLUS I found it incredibly comfortable.

If you are trying to figure out your size, it might be a good idea to try your usual bra size plus a cup size up to see which one fits best, since the cup seems to run a bit small.

Now you can lounge in total style at home with a soft cup bra that you are proud of.


Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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