Sleep and Soft Cup Bras for Big Breasts; The Royce Sadie Soft Cup

royce sadie bra review

Sleep and Soft Cup Bras for Big Breasts; The Royce Sadie Soft Cup

Are you look for a soft cup sleep bra for big breasts? If so, Royce Lingerie may have an answer for you. Read our Royce Sadie bra review to find out what to expect of this bra.

I’ve kind of been obsessed lately with finding a bra to sleep in to give the girls some extra love and to stop flapping around while padding about the house in my pajamas. My breasts spread out to my sides and over my ribcage when I lie down (I know I’m not alone here!), so I love the idea of a soft bra/sleeping bra for big breasts that provides just the right amount of support while I’m sleeping.

Image from Linda's Online
Image from Linda’s Online
Image from Linda's Online
Image from Linda’s Online

I was hoping to find a specifically made sleep bra with no hooks or wires, like this Kindred Sleep Bra.

It has extra side support for when you’re laying down and comes in black or white. I was bummed that it doesn’t come in anything near my size, but it’s available in a good range of sizes, from 32-50 C-F.

Instead I opted to try a few soft cup bras. Soft cup bras are wire-free and nearly all the styles I saw for DD+ had full-cup coverage. On the several lingerie sites I checked, choices for smaller backs are few and far between but at 34 backs and up, you can find a lot more options from brands like Goddess, Elila, and Wacoal.

I finally found three soft cups in a 30 back to try from Belle Lingerie. This was the first time I’ve ordered with this UK-based company since the shipping fees to the US are steep — £7.95, or about $12.43 with the current exchange rate — but they had the prettiest selection of styles in my sizes and none of the US lingerie sellers I usually purchase from carried two of the three styles, so I decided to take the plunge and pony up the extra shipping money.

Here’s what I found:

Panache Alisha Support Bra (Image via Amazon)
Panache Alisha Support Bra
Panache Sophie Support Bra (Image via Figleaves)
Panache Sophie Support Bra 
Royce Sadie Soft Cup (Image via Amazon)
Royce Sadie Soft Cup











Belle Lingerie shipped quickly and arrived adorably wrapped:

Bravissimo shippedBravissimo shipped









I first tried the Royce Sadie Soft Cup Bra, which I decided to give a shot in a 30GG following my latest fitting. I chose the black/silver combo, but it also comes in ivory/silver and light pink/silver in sizes 28DD-J and 30-40 DD-K.

Royce Sadie Soft Cup bra

I was super intrigued by the X-STATIC Silver Fiber used in this bra (especially since I tend to have a little boob sweat and get warm at night).

Royce says this is:

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-odour
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Permanent – will not wash or wear out
  • 100% natural and safe

Right away I noticed the cool mesh-like look on the fabric of the cups, which looks like the promised “thermo regulating” feature:

The exterior of the cup
The exterior of the cup

The interior had a lot of seaming going on to help direct and support the breast, and cool silvery zigzag fabric that appeared to be the X-STATIC. It felt smooth and comfy on.

The inside of the cup
The inside of the cup

The bra comes in either two- or three-hook fastening depending on your cup size, but it also has an extra set of hooks. All the soft cups I tried have this feature. A lot of the soft cup bras are also called maternity bras and I figured the extra hooks were to accommodate back expansion for pregnant ladies, so I wrote and asked Panache about it. Yep! They confirmed that extra hooks help when soft cups are worn as a maternity bra. I started out on the third hook.

4 sets of hooks
4 sets of hooks

The band of this fit nicely on me, but the cups were slightly small. I need to size up to a 30H or HH. Despite the seaming to help shape and direct the breasts, mine ended up pointing down and away.

It’s especially noticeable from the side. You may notice that I have a bit of quadra boob, which would be solved by the bigger cup, but that doesn’t solve the large issue of my wayward breasts:

wayward breasts

soft cup bra 2

So, although this bra was comfortable, I’m sure you can see why this wasn’t the soft cup for me. With this shape I couldn’t wear it out and about, and Hubby immediately vetoed it. And I did notice the bottom of the bra started to turn under a bit in the front after a few minutes of wear.

However, the Royce brand has several more options. The Rhianna Wirefree Comfort Bra and Ava Wirefree Comfort Bra in particular caught my eye as beautiful options in shapes that might work better, but note that both start at 32 back bands.


The band fits nicely with 4 sets of hooks to accommodate women wearing this as a maternity bra. The full-cup style is on the small side, so you may want to size up in cup. While the bra felt extremely comfortable and the special X-STATIC fabric is an interesting feature, the bra doesn’t give the uplift and shape I look for.

In my next posts I’ll review the Panache Sophie and Panache Alisha Support Soft Cup bras — stay tuned!

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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