I Cup Bra Size & Breast Examples

I Cup Bra Size & Breast Examples

I Cup Bra Size & Breast Examples

Is there an I cup bra size? If so, what is the weight of I cup breasts? Can I see some I cup breast examples? Read on for the answers to all these questions, and more.

What is I Cup Size?

I cup breast overbust measurement is about 9” larger than the underbust size. Generally, these breasts are larger on larger band sizes than smaller ones.

I Cup Breast Examples

  • 32” underbust + 41” overbust = 32I
  • 39” underbust + 48” overbust = 40I
  • 42” underbust + 51” overbust = 42I

How Big is an I Cup Size?

I cup breasts will be larger on larger band sizes than on smaller ones. However, as they stick out roughly 9” from the body, they are definitely a cup size that looks big.

I Cup vs. H Cups

I cups are one size up from H cups. Therefore, the breasts are larger than H cup size breasts, but not by a large amount.

I Cups vs E/DD Cups

Both I cups and E/DD cups are full bust sizes. However, I cups are a little larger since they measure 4” more on the overbust than E/DD cups.

Check the images below for examples of I cup breasts on different band sizes. On the right is a US 30I cup while on the right is a US 36I cup.

Weight of I Cup Breasts

The weigh of I cup breasts will mainly depend on their size. These breasts are wider (larger) or a larger band size.

Here are some examples of how much the breasts weigh:

  • 28I breasts weigh about 1.7lbs each
  • 30I breasts weigh about 2lbs each

I Cup Breast Reduction Surgery

Are your I cup melons too heavy? If so, you can get them reduced through surgery. However, before you go the invasive route, check whether the back pain could be solved simply by switching bras.

High quality and supportive I cup bras are not really cheap. Still, they are a cost-effective option than going for breast reduction.

I Cup Sister Sizes

When you go down one band size, the I cup sister size is J. Going one band size up, the sister size is H.

For instance, the sister sizes of 34I are 36H and 32J.

Best I Cup Bras

I cup bras are designed to be comfortable and offer more support than a DD cup bra. Most of the bras have thicker and sturdier underwires. Some of the bras also have multiple vertical seams that reinforce the cups and provide more lift.

Below are some of the best I cup bras that we recommend:



Available in US 34-38I

2. Chantelle C Magnifique Minimizer Bra


Available in US 36I and 38I

3. Goddess Keira Side Support Bra


Available in US 36 and 44I

4. Glamorise Custom Control Wirefree Sports Bra


Available in US 32-55I

5. Birdsong Eva Full Cup T-Shirt Bra


Available in US 32I

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