G Cup Size Boobs or Breasts

What is the weight of G cup size breasts? Which are the best bras for G cups? What about swimwear? Read on to find out.

What is G Cup Size?

Going by US bra sizing, a G cup means that your overbust measurement is 7” larger than the underbust measurement.

Here are some examples of G cup measurements:

  • 28” underbust + 35” overbust = 28G
  • 33” underbust + 40” overbust = 34G
  • 42” underbust + 49” overbust = 42G

Check the pictures below of two G cup bras on two different band sizes (US 30G and 36G bras).

Is G Cup Smaller than GG?

Yes, a G cup is smaller than a GG. However, the GG cup is only available in UK and Australian sizing. In the US, there is no GG cup. Instead, after G cup, there is an H cup.

Difference Between G Cup and FF Cup.

G Cup Vs FF Cup in the UK and Australia: In UK and Australian bra sizing, a G cup is bigger than an FF cup.

G Cup vs. FF Cup in US: In American bra sizing, there is no FF cup. However, the equivalent of the FF is the US H cup. Basically, the UK/Australian GG cup is one size larger than the US G cup.

Head over to this page for a complete overview of international bra sizes.

Average Weight of G Cup Breasts

G cup breast size varies. As a result, their weight also varies.

Generally, G cup breasts all “project” the same amount. However, on smaller band sizes, the breasts are narrower and, therefore, smaller.

Here is an overview of how much G cups weigh:

  • 28G breasts weigh about 1.2lbs each
  • 30G breasts weigh about 1.5lbs each
  • 32G breasts weigh about 1.7lbs each
  • 34G breasts weigh about 2lbs each

 Source: Hourglass Lingerie.

If you want to know how much your G cup breasts wear, you can use the ‘water displacement technique’ that is explained on the link.

G Cup Size Equivalents (Sister Sizes)

The sister sizes of G cups are H (when you do a band size down) and F/DDD (when you go a band size up_.

For instance, the sister sizes or 40G are 38H and 42F/DDD.

Best Bras for G Cup Breasts

Women with smaller full-bust sizes can get away with wearing ‘everyday bras. However, if you are a G cup, you will definitely need a bra with some supportive elements. For example, you can go for 3-part cup bras, those with wide straps or those with wide bands.

Here are some of the best G cup bras that we recommend:

1. Third Love 24/7™ Pima Cotton Plunge Bra


Available in US 30-40G)

2. Playtex Women’s 18 Hour Comfort Bra


Available in US 40-42G

3. Wacoal Basic Beauty T-Shirt Bra


Available in US 32-40G

4. Chantelle Rive Gauche Side Support Bra


Available in US 32-40G

5. Natori Pure Luxe T-Shirt Bra


Available in US 32-36G

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