F Cup Size Breast Examples & Weight

f cup size

F Cup Size Breast Examples & Weight

Is F cup size big? Do you want to see F cup breast examples? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions before, read this article.

F Cup Breasts

What is an F Cup Size?

You wear an F cup size if your overbust measurement is 6 inches larger than the underbust measurement.

F Cup Size Examples

  • 32” underbust + 38” overbust = 32F
  • 37” underbust + 43” overbust = 38F
  • 44” underbust + 50” overbust = 44E

The images below show two examples of F cup breasts on different band sizes; US 30F and US 36F.

Is an F Cup the same as a DDD?

F Cups vs DDD in US

In America, the F cup and DDD cup are the same. This is because US bra manufacturers prefer to use the D-DD-DDD systems rather than the D-E-F system that is preferred by European manufacturers.

D Cups vs DDD in the UK and Australia

In UK and Australia, there is no DDD bra size. However, the F cups of these countries is one size bigger than a US F cup (in other words, the F cup is equal to a US DDDD)

Difference Between F and FF Cup Breasts

To start off, there is no FF cup in US bra sizing. In bra sizing, only a D gets doubled, tripped and quadrupled. That said, there is also no FF in European bra sizing. Only the US uses double sizing.

However, the FF cup is found in both UK and Australian bra sizing. This cup size is one size large than their F cup and one size smaller than their G cup size. When you convert the FF cup size to US bra sizing, it would be a DDDDD or H.

Are FF and G Cups the Same?

In UK and Australian bra sizing, the FF comes after an F cup and before a G cup. Therefore, the size is not the same as a G cup. Instead, it is smaller.

F Cup Size Equivalent (Sister Sizes)

The sister sizes of F cup are G/DDDD (when you go one band size down) or E/DD (when you go one band size up).

Best Bras for F Cup Breasts

F cup breasts are full-bust sizes but of the smaller type. Therefore, with F cup bras, you only need some small tweaks for support rather than a full underwired bra. For example, you can get a bra with the vertical and horizontal seaming that divides the cup into 3 sections (i.e. ‘3-part cup” bras).

Here are some of the best bras for F cup breasts:

1. Curvy Kate Victory Balcony Bra


Available in US 30-44F)

2. Panache Tango Balconette Bra


Available in US 30-42F)

3. Chantelle Rive Gauche Side Support Bra


Available in US 32-40F

4. Glamorise Wonderwire Front -Close Bra


Available in US 34-48F

5. Glamorise Custom Control Wonderwire Wirefree Sports Bra


Available in US 32-46H

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