H Cup Size: How Much Do the Breasts Weigh?

H Cup Size: How Much Do the Breasts Weigh?

Wondering how big is H cup size or how much do H cup breasts weigh? If so, this article is for you. Read on for an overview of H cup bra size, including equivalents and comparisons to other cup sizes.

H Cup Breasts

How Big is H Cup Size?

If your overbust measurement is 8” larger than your underbust one, then you are a H cup size.

Examples of H Cup Measurements

  • 29” underbust + 37” overbust = 30H
  • 32” underbust + 40” overbust = 32H
  • 44” underbust + 52” overbust = 44H

See the pictures below to see how the US 30H and US 36H bra sizes compare:

Is the H Cup Big?

Yes, an H Cup is quite big. In US sizing, full-bust mostly begins from US E. Therefore, you can be sure that an H bust is quite big.

Still, H Cup breasts vary depending on the band size. For example, the 42H is bigger than a 32H. Regardless, all H cup breasts look big.

Is H Cup Bigger than DDD?

Majority of US brands follow the D-DD-DDD sizing system, while a few follow the D-E-F system. Therefore, a DDD is the same size as a US F. In this case, an H cup is two sizes bigger than a DDD.

H Cup Size Weight

H Cup breasts project 8” front of the chest. However, as the band size increases, so do the weight and size of the breasts.

Here are the weights of different H cup breasts:

  • 28H breasts weigh about 1.5lbs each
  • 30H breasts weigh about 1.7lbs each
  • 32H breasts weigh about 2lbs each

H Cup vs G Cup. Generally, 28G cup breasts weight about 1.2 lbs. each. Therefore, when you go to an H cup, the breasts weigh about 1.9 lbs. each.

H Cup vs I. 28I breast weight about 1.7 lbs. each. These breasts are, therefore, about 0.4 lbs. heavier than a 28H.

H Cup Breast Reduction Surgery

According to this report, over 43,000 breast reduction surgeries were conducted in the US in 2018. Therefore, breast reduction is not an uncommon procedure.

However, before you opt for breast reduction, you should be aware of its risks.

If your breasts are too heavy such that they cause pain on the neck or back, the first thing you should do is to check whether wearing a fitting bra can solve the problem. You can use our guide on how to measure your breasts to know your correct bra size.

After determining your true cup size, look for fitting and supportive bra. Good H cup bras will distribute the weight of the breasts well around the body to prevent your shoulders from getting strained.

H Cup Equivalent (Sister Sizes)

H cup sister sizes are I 9when you go down one band size) and G/DDDD when you go up one band size/.

For example, the sister sizes of 36H are 34I and 38G/DDDD

Best Bras for H Cup Breasts

Apart from looking for bras with wide straps and band, you should also look for those with a wide support panel. There is a lot of breast tissue on the sides. Bras that have wide panels help to bring the tissues to the front, away from the underarm.

Here are some of the best bras for H cups with wide support panels:

1. Elomi Matilda Underwire Plunge Bra


Available in US 36-44H)

2. Fantasie Alex Underwired Bra


Available in US 30-42H



Available in US 34-40H



Available in US 32-38H

5. Glamorise Wonderwire Front-Close Bra


Available in US 34-48H

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