J Cup Boobs or Breasts

J Cup Boobs or Breasts

J Cup Boobs or Breasts

What are J cup boobs? How big are they? What are the available J cup size bras suppliers on the market? Read on to find out.

What is J Cup Size?

According to US sizing, a J cup refers to an overbust measurement that is 10” larger than the underbust measurement.

Here are some examples of J cup measurements:

  • 30” underbust + 40” overbust = 30J
  • 33” underbust + 43” overbust = 34J
  • 42” underbust + 52” overbust = 42J

Check the images below for a comparison of J cup breasts on different band sizes. On the left is a US 30J and on the right is a US 36J.

US J Cups vs UK J Cups

With most brands that provide D cup sizes, you will struggle to find bras that go beyond G/DDDD. However, there are a few brands that are an exception. For example, there is a US J cup, also known as a ‘7D’ or DDDDDDD.

On the other hand, a UK J cup comes after a UK HH cup. UK sizing does not have I cups. The UK J cup is nine sizes beyond a D.

US and UK D cups are the same. Therefore, when comparing US and UK J cups, the UK version is much larger.

What is the Weight of J Cup Breasts?

28J breasts weight about 2lbs each. However, 28 is a small band size. Therefore, most J cup breasts will weigh more.

Generally, the larger the band, the wider the breasts are and the more the tissue they have.

J Cup Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have J cup breasts and are experiencing a lot of neck or back pain, you can get relief in breast reduction surgery.

However, in most cases, wearing an ill-fitting bra is what causes breast pain. When looking for a J cup bra, make sure that the band is not too loose. The band provides about 80 percent of the support. If it’s too loose, you will experience pain.

Therefore, before opting for breast reduction surgery, you should get the right bra for you. You can use an online bra calculator or get professional bra fitting. Wearing fitting J cup bras will go a long way in preventing pain resulting from heavy breasts. Modafinil 200 mg https://dodgecityksdental.com/patient-resources/modafinil/

J Cup Sister Sizes

When you go down one band size, the J cup sister size is K. When you go up one band size, the sister size is I.

For example, the sister sizes of 36 J are 34K and 38I.

Best J Cups Size Bras

J cup size breasts are quite large and, therefore, heavy. When you are looking for J cup bras, you want those that will support the breasts properly.

Here are some stylish and supportive J cup bras that we recommend:

1. Goddess Keira Side Support Bra


Available in US 34-46K.

2. Panache Clara Bra


Available in US 28-40J

3. Panache High Impact Underwire Sports Bra


Available in US 30-40J

4.  Panache Envy Side Support Balconette Bra


Available in US 28-40J.

5. Freya Starlight Side Support Bra


Available in US 28-38J.

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