K Cup Boobs

K Cup Boobs

What is K Cup Size?

In US sizing system, a K cup means that the fullest part of the breast (overbust) is 11” larger than the measurement under the ribcage.

K Cup Measurement Examples

  • 28” underbust + 39” overbust = 28K
  • 34” underbust + 45” overbust = 34K
  • 47” underbust + 58” overbust = 48K

Check the images below for a quick comparison of K cups on different band sizes. On the left Is US cup size 30K while on the right is US cup size 36K.

How Much Does K Cup Breasts Weigh?

We haven’t come across much information on the weight of K cup breasts. However, you can get a general idea by comparing the K cup sizes with I cups as well as J cups.

Generally, 28I breasts weigh about 1.7lbs per breast weigh 28J weights about 2lbs per breast. Going with this information, 28K cup breasts will likely weigh around 2.3lbs.

30K cup breasts will weigh even more than 28K cup breasts, since the former are wide. As we go up the cup sizes, the breasts will weigh more. For example, 32K breasts will weigh more than 30K breasts.

K Cup Breast Reduction Surgery

K cup breasts are very heavy, regardless of the band size you wear. However, the melons are especially heavy on the larger band sizes. If you have K cup breasts, you will need supportive bras. Apart from this, ensure that the bra brand fits properly. It should neither be too larger nor too small for your needs.

Sometimes, you may still experience back pain even when wearing fitting K cup bras. In such a case, you can consider breast reduction. Get in touch with a plastic surgeon to find out what can be done about your heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery is highly effective and can help to relieve pain and posture problems resulting from having heavy breasts.

K Cup Sister Sizes

K cup sister sizes when you go down one band size is L. When you go up one band size, the sister size is J.

For instance, the sister sizes of 30K are 28L and 32K.

Best Bras for K Cup Breasts

To find the best bras for K cup breasts, you should follow the same guidelines we’ve outlined above for both I and J cups. Basically, you want to look for a bra with wide straps, some sort of side support, and seamed cups.

If you can’t get the lift you want from the popular ‘3-part cup’, you can find 4- or even 5-part cups in these large sizes.

Here are the best bras for K cup breasts that we recommend:

1. Goddess Keira Side Support Bra


Available in US 34-46K.

2. Panache Envy Side Support Balconette Bra


Available in US 28-40K.

3. Freya Starlight Side Support Bra


Available in US 28-38K.

4. Elomi Energise High Impact Underwire Sports Bra


Available in US 32-46K.

5. Elomi Cate Side Support Bra


Available in US 34-46K.

6. Elomi Morgan Side Support Bra


Available in US 32-46K.


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