Bra Size Conversion Australia

Bra sizing is not the same across all countries. Some lingerie manufacturers in different regions measure their bra sizes differently than how it’s done in Australia.

If you are buying a bra from an overseas manufacturer, or want to purchase one from an Australian brand, it’s important to know the right size. However, the sizes can be confusing as they are not the same. Therefore, we made this handy bra size conversion Australia chart to help everyone.

Simply find the bra size of your native country in the table and move horizontally on either side to see its equivalent in Australia or other countries’ sizing.

To get the correct Australian conversion, you’ll need to know both your cup size and band size. If you haven’t gotten measured for a bra for a long time, check our guide on how to correctly measure your bra size.

After getting your correct size, you can shop for your favorite types of bras or styles at different online stores.

6AA 60AA 75AA 28AA 28AA
6A 60A 75A 28A 28A
6B 60B 75B 28B 28B
6C 60C 75C 28C 28C
6D 60D 75D 28D 28D
6DD 60E 75E 28DD 28E (DD)
6E 60F 75F 28E 28F (DDD)
6F 60G 75G 28F 28G (DDDD)
6FF 60H 75H 28FF 28H
6G 60I 75I 28 G 28I
6GG 60J 75 J 28GG 28J
6H 60K 75K 28H 28K
6HH 60L 75L 28HH 28L
6J 60M 75M 28J 28M
6JJ 60N 75N 28JJ 28N
6K 60O 75O 28K 28O
8A 65A 80A 30A 30A
8B 65B 80B 30B 30B
8C 65C 80C 30C 30C
8D 65D 80D 30D 30D
8DD 65E 80E 30DD 30E (DD)
8E 65F 80F 30E 30F (DDD)
8F 65G 80G 30F 30G (DDDD)
8FF 65H 80H 30FF 30H
8G 65I 80I 30G 30I
8GG 65J 80J 30GG 30J
8H 65K 80K 30H 30K
8HH 65L 80L 30HH 30L
8J 65M 80M 30J 30M
8JJ 65N 80N 30JJ 30N
8K 65O 80O 30K 30O
10A 70A 85A 32A 32A
10B 70B 85B 32B 32B
10C 70C 85C 32C 32C
10D 70D 85D 32D 32D
10DD 70E 85E 32DD 32E (DD)
10E 70F 85F 32E 32F (DDD)
10F 70G 85G 32F 32G (DDDD)
10FF 70H 85H 32FF 32H
10G 70I 85I 32G 32I
10GG 70J 85J 32GG 32J
10H 70K 85K 32H 32K
10HH 70L 85L 32HH 32L
10J 70M 85M 32J 32M
10JJ 70N 85N 32JJ 32N
10K 70O 85O 32K 32O
10KK 70P 85P 32KK 32P
12A 75A 90A 34A 34A
12B 75B 90B 34B 34B
12C 75C 90C 34C 34C
12D 75D 90D 34D 34D
12DD 75E 90E 34DD 34E (DD)
12E 75F 90F 34E 34F (DDD)
12F 75G 90G 34F 34G (DDDD)
12FF 75H 90H 34FF 34H
12G 75I 90I 34G 34I
12GG 75J 90J 34GG 34J
12H 75K 90K 34H 34K
12HH 75L 90L 34HH 34L
12J 75M 90M 34J 34M
12JJ 75N 90N 34JJ 3N
12K 75O 90O 34K 34O
12KK 75P 90P 34KK 34P
14A 80A 95A 36A 36A
14B 80B 95B 36B 36B
14C 80C 95C 36C 36C
14D 80D 95D 36D 36D
14DD 80E 95E 36DD 36E (DD)
14E 80F 95F 36E 36F (DDD)
14F 80G 95G 36F 36G (DDDD)
14FF 80H 95H 36FF 36H
14G 80I 95I 36G 36I
14GG 80J 95J 36GG 36J
14H 80K 95K 36H 36K
14HH 80L 95L 36HH 36L
14J 80M 95M 36J 36M
14JJ 80N 95N 36JJ 36N
14K 80O 95O 36K 36O
14KK 80P 95P 36KK 36P
16A 85A 100A 38A 38A
16B 85B 100B 38B 38B
16C 85C 100C 38C 38C
16D 85D 100D 38D 38D
16DD 85E 100E 38DD 38E (DD)
16E 85F 100F 38E 38F (DDD)
16F 85G 100G 38F 38G (DDDD)
16FF 85H 100H 38FF 38H
16G 85I 100I 38G 38I
16GG 85J 100J 38GG 38J
16H 85K 100K 38H 38K
16HH 85L 100L 38HH 38L
16J 85M 100M 38J 38M
16JJ 85N 100N 38JJ 38N
16K 85O 100O 38K 38O
16KK 85P 100P 38KK 38P
18A 90A 105A 40A 40A
18B 90B 105B 40B 40B
18C 90C 105C 40C 40C
18D 90D 105D 40D 40D
18DD 90E 105E 40DD 40E (DD)
18E 90F 105F 40E 40F (DDD)
18F 90G 105G 40F 40G (DDDD)
18FF 90H 105H 40FF 40H
18G 90I 105I 40G 40I
18GG 90J 105J 40GG 40J
18H 90K 105K 40H 40K
18HH 90L 105L 40HH 40L
18J 90M 105M 40J 40M
18JJ 90N 105N 40JJ 40N
18K 90O 105O 40K 40O
18KK 90P 105P 40KK 40P
20A 95A 110A 42A 42A
20B 95B 110B 42B 42B
20C 95C 110C 42C 42C
20D 95D 110D 42D 42D
20DD 95E 110E 42DD 42E (DD)
20E 95F 110F 42E 42F (DDD)
20F 95G 110G 42F 42G (DDDD)
20FF 95H 110H 42FF 42H
20G 95I 110I 42G 42I
20GG 95J 110J 42GG 42J
20H 95K 110K 42H 42K
20HH 95L 110L 42HH 42L
20J 95M 110M 42J 42M
20JJ 95N 110N 42JJ 42N
20K 95O 110O 42K 42O
20KK 95P 110P 42KK 42P
22A 100A 115A 44A 44A
22B 100B 115B 44B 44B
22C 100C 115C 44C 44C
22D 100D 115D 44D 44D
22DD 100E 115E 44DD 44E (DD)
22E 100F 115F 44E 44F (DDD)
22F 100G 115G 44F 44G (DDDD)
22FF 100H 115H 44FF 44H
22G 100I 115I 44G 44I
22GG 100 J 115J 44GG 44J
22H 100K 115K 44H 44K
22HH 100L 115 L 44HH 44L
22J 100M 115M 44J 44M
22JJ 100N 115N 44JJ 44N
22K 100O 115O 44K 44O
24A 105A 120A 46A 46A
24B 105B 120B 46B 46B
24C 105C 120C 46C 46C
24D 105D 120D 46D 46D
24DD 105E 120E 46DD 46E (DD)
24E 105F 120F 46E 46F (DDD)
24F 105G 120G 46F 46G (DDDD)
24FF 105H 120H 46FF 46H
24G 105I 120I 46G 46I
24GG 105J 120J 46GG 46J
24H 105K 120K 46H 46K
24HH 105L 120L 46HH 46L
24J 105M 120M 46J 46M
24JJ 105N 120N 46JJ 46N
24K 105O 120O 46K 46O
26A 110A 125A 48A 48A
26B 110B 125B 48B 48B
26C 110C 125C 48C 48C
26D 110D 125D 48D 48D
26DD 110E 125E 48DD 48E (DD)
26E 110F 125F 48E 48F (DDD)
26F 110G 125G 48F 48G (DDDD)
26FF 110H 125H 48FF 48H
26G 110I 125I 48G 48I
26GG 110J 125J 48GG 48J
26H 110K 125K 48H 48K
26HH 110L 125L 48HH 48L
26J 110M 125M 48J 48M
26JJ 110N 125N 48JJ 48N
26K 110O 125O 48K 48O
28A 115A 130A 50A 50A
28B 115B 130B 50B 50B
28C 115C 130C 50C 50C
28D 115D 130D 50D 50D
28DD 115E 130E 50DD 50E (DD)
28E 115F 130F 50E 50F (DDD)
28F 115G 130G 50F 50G (DDDD)
28FF 115H 130H 50FF 50H
28G 115I 130I 50G 50I
28GG 115J 130J 50GG 50J
28H 115K 130K 50H 50K
28HH 115L 130L 50HH 50L
28J 115 M 130M 50 J 50M
28JJ 115N 130N 50JJ 50N
28K 115O 130O 50K 50O
30A 120A 13A 52A 52A
30B 120B 135B 52B 52B
30C 120C 135C 52C 52C
30D 120D 135D 52D 52D
30DD 120E 135E 52DD 52E (DD)
30E 120F 135F 52E 52F (DDD)
30F 120G 135G 52F 52G (DDDD)
30FF 120H 135H 52FF 52H
30G 120I 135I 52G 52I
30GG 120J 135J 52GG 52J
30H 120K 135K 52H 52K
30HH 120L 135L 52HH 52L
30J 120M 135M 52J 52M
30JJ 120N 135N 52JJ 52N
30K 120O 135O 52K 52O
32A 125A 140A 54A 54A
32B 125B 140B 54B 54B
32C 125C 140C 54C 54C
32D 125D 140D 54D 54D
32DD 125E 140E 54DD 54E (DD)
32E 125F 140F 54E 54F (DDD)
32F 125G 140G 54F 54G (DDDD)
32FF 125H 140H 54FF 54H
32G 125I 140I 54G 54I
32GG 125J 140J 54GG 54J
32H 125K 140K 54 H 54K
32HH 125L 140L 54HH 54L
32J 125M 140M 54J 54M
32JJ 125N 140N 54JJ 54N
32K 125O 140O 54K 54O
34A 130A 145 A 56A 56A
34B 130B 145B 56B 56B
34C 130C 145 C 56C 56C
34D 130D 145D 56D 56D
34DD 130E 145E 56DD 56E (DD)
34E 130F 145F 56E 56F (DDD)
34F 130G 145G 56F 56G (DDDD)
34FF 130H 145H 56FF 56H
34G 130I 145I 56G 56I
34GG 130J 145J 56GG 56J
34H 130K 145K 56H 56K
34HH 130L 145 L 56HH 56L
34J 130M 145M 56J 56M
34JJ 130N 145 N 56JJ 56N
34K 130O 145O 56K 56O
36A 135A 150A 58A 58A
36B 135B 150 B 58B 58B
36C 135C 150C 58C 58C
36D 135D 150D 58D 58D
36DD 135E 150 E 58DD 58E (DD)
36E 135F 150F 58E 58F (DDD)
36F 135G 150G 58F 58G (DDDD)
36FF 135H 150H 58FF 58H
36G 135I 150I 58G 58I
36GG 135J 150 J 58GG 58J
36H 135K 150K 58H 58K
36HH 135L 150L 58HH 58L
36J 135M 150M 58J 58M
36JJ 135N 150N 58JJ 58N
36K 135O 150O 58K 58O

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