What is a Caged Bra and When Should You Wear It?

What is a Caged Bra and When Should You Wear It?

What is a caged bra and when should you wear one? Read this guide to find out.

As you probably know, there are different types of bras that you can wear for different occassions.

You may already know of sports bras, maternity bras, regular bras, and sleep bras. But do you know what a caged bra is?

In this guide, we’ll look at what is a caged bra and when you should wear it.

What is a Caged Bra?

There is no clear definition of a cage bra. Different bra manufacturers have different interpretations. As a result, they come up with different cage bra designs to what was initially established.

Things change with time. However, it’s important to know what cage bras are. In a nutshell, a caged bra is a bra with additional straps that form a cage-like pattern on both sides, at the front, or back.

Regardless of your breast shape and size, whether you prefer wearing an athletic sports bra, a soft bralette, or a supportive underwire, you should know about cage bras.

When it comes to universal style, a cage bra wins out.

Here is how a caged bra looks like:

image of caged bra

When Should You Wear a Caged Bra?

A caged bra is both classic and contemporary. Therefore, it can be worn on different occasions. You can wear the bra when going out for a dinner, clubbing with the girls or at home to impress your partner. If you are a bondage mistress, Fifty Shades of Grey enthusiast, or goth girl, you will love caged bras.

A caged bra looks great on all breast sizes and offers support to different cup sizes.

On the same note, if you prefer a more traditional feminine style, you can rock caged bras to flaunt an edgy look. If you are the t-shirt and jeans type, wearing a caged bra can add some sex appeal without you looking too girly.

Caged bras are the most versatile bras in all lingerie items. These bras tend to change their vibe depending on the wearer’s style and character. Moreover, they come in different styles. Therefore, try experimenting to see which style suits you best.

Here are some of the caged bras we recommend from Amazon:

Purpose of Caged Bras

Unlike a seamless or push-up bra, caged bras have no practical function. However, they make you look sexy.

The bra’s sex appeal is unrivaled. As a result, the bra is typically meant to be flaunted since everybody likes to show off a cool bra.

Generally, cage bras don’t offer support unless the cage feature is part of an underwire or push-up bra.

image of woman wearing a caged bra

You can also find harness types of bras that have no volume to cover the breasts but have straps shaped like a bra. The harness is used as a styling accessory to other clothing items, and draws attention to the upper part of the body. The bra is comfortable and defines curves stylishly and beautifully.

Cage bras come with different types of straps. For instance, the bra straps could form a grid pattern on the sides and back. Some straps also feature a simple abstract design at the front, while others come with a wire encircling the melons.

Some cage bras have a sleek and thin wire that creates the cage, giving it a particular shape and keeping it in place.

How to Wear A Caged Bra

Caged bras are versatile, suit different women and look great regardless of their size and shape.

For women with small breasts, this bra makes them appear curvier since the straps highlight and encircle th e breasts.

image of woman wearing a caged bra

Cage bras are more than mere casual undergarments that women wear and take off. The bra will inspire you to get bold, creative, and dress better.

You can style a caged bra in different ways. For example, you can go all out, show it off and make it the primary look of your entire outfit. If you have asymmetrical breasts, you can wear caged bras to make them look even since the bra tends to add symmetry to the body.

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