What Causes Bra Bulge?

What Causes Bra Bulge

What Causes Bra Bulge?

The term “bra bulge” is something that is not common to bra wearers — the bra always bugles under the arms or shoulders. Several factors are great contributors to bra bulge. The factors include the use of a lot of fats and have little exercising to remove them.

You may have tried to no success to find solutions to the bulging problem.  You may have tried dieting tips or exercises on your upper body. The question remains, is there a permanent solution to the bulging problem?

Common Causes of Bra Bulge

The article gives you secrets that may change your general outlook and put a smile on your face. First, it is crucial to know the causes of bra bulge. You must fix the problem to look better and sexy in your bra.

Poor Diet

More calories accumulation is a significant cause of bra bulge. If you eat more calories without exercising, be sure to have bra bulge. Extra calories in the body always get a conversion to fats. With fats mainly in the upper body, whenever you wear your bra, you will realize the presence of the bra bulge.

woman eating poor diet

On the other hand, too many carbohydrates could also lead to the accumulation of fats. The delicious pasta, processed sugars, and bread consumed in large amounts will bring about the bulging problem.

Lack of Exercises

You may be very keen with the meals you take but be aware that other than the meals, lack of exercise may also make the fat to accumulate slowly. Consider going for regular workouts to make your body have ease in the breaking down of the fats.

overweight woman

For the individuals who have a tight lifestyle that involves sitting for long hours, you might find it necessary to move. The moving will keep your body active, thus proper breaking down of fats.

Incorrect Bra

Many types of research and articles on the internet point the fats problem to specific body types and the diet practices of women to be the primary cause of the bulging problem. The claims, mainly not to be entirely accurate.

wearing a bra that does not fit

From a different perspective and research, it is evident that 80% of women nowadays don’t have the correct bra for their body types. The incorrect bra size is another likely cause of the bulging bra problem in women. It is essential always to find an appropriate and fitting bra to avoid bra bulge problem hence keeping your body in good shape.

How Would You Know You are Wearing a Wrong Bra?

Finding out the right bra type is a difficult task that needs you to be very careful. To help you understand the fitting process, always check on the guidelines below.

Check If the Band Fists

The first thing that you must note is that the elastic band of your bra must fit comfortably. The bra band must sit perfectly on the sternum and fit well against the ribcage. If the bra band is very tight, there will be a spillover of the skin around your bra to the sides. Who would want this?

You will find this to be a common problem for the strapless bra since they rely on the band for the support they give to your melons.

bra band

Whenever this occurs, there is the creation of an appearance of back fat. For a loose band, there

Will be an upward band sliding causing the skin to pull to the sides. Hence creating an undesired ripple effect.

Check the Size of the Cup

An incorrect filling bra will have interference at the cups. If the cups are too large, there will be the creation of the bulge.  Plunge bras that work to bring you melons together are the common types that have the problem if not well fit.

bra cup

For appropriate compensation, make the band tight or cause the straps to make the gap to be flat.

Check your Style of the Bra

The many styles of bras that are available in the market make it easy to choose a type best for you. Select the bra type which if well-fitting to your breasts shape and size. You must be very careful since picking a bra with an underwire which cut into the side will bring about the unwanted bra bulge.

woman wearing a well-fitting bra

If you experience problems of thinner bands cutting into your sides and creating the bulge, consider wearing bras that are thick in bra bands and the right size.

Check on the Fitting of the Strap

The straps should be comfortable sitting on the upper part of your shoulder. If the straps are digging into the shoulder, then you have the wrong bra size.

bra straps

If you tighten your straps incorrectly, the bra band rides on the back pulling the skin into a back fat. If they are loose, the straps will be slipping time, and again, thus you won’t be comfortable. C check and ensure that you have the correct size with you.

How to Fix Bulge in Bras

Since you have good knowledge of what causes bra bulge, it is time to talk about the ways to end it. Many have questions on how to stop the bra bulge problem, and that is why we give you all the details that you need to be sexier all the time.  There are a very many ways through which you can get your confidence back as you put yourself into any outfit.

Thinking that ending bra bulge is anything as simple as taking a photoshop, then you are wrong. The most important aspect is to understand your body and know how to make it respond to any change that you may subject it. Different bodies react in different ways to any type of change that they may face so you must be patient with your body.

Here are some of the best ways and practices that will be of great importance to your body once you consider them.

Check on Your Diet

An individual’s diet always has a crucial role in the way their body develops. You are already aware that excess fats are your bodies enemy number one. Cutting them out entirely from your diet is not what we are suggesting. Consider cutting them down to reduce the accumulation that causes the bulge.

Check on the types of snacks that contain carbohydrates that you are taking daily. If your snacks such as chips are taking over your other meals, you are sure on the trend of fat accumulation. Reduce on these. Planning may be necessary.

Reduce the number of snacks you are taking as the days go by.  As such, you will be preventing fats accumulation, and in the long run, the bulging problem will be out of your body.

Get a Correctly Fitting Bra

To get the correct bra, you might plan for a bra fitting session. Let the storekeeper of that lingerie store you always go to get to measure all that is necessary and help you to find the correct bra. If you fall in the category of the 80% of women who wear the wrong bra size bra fitting may be of great help to you.

For the first time bra wearing women, a professional person will be valuable in your fitting process.

Here are simple ways of getting the correct bra size, check them out.

i) Find the Correct Band Size

It is essential to do a bra finger test. Clasp the bra on the lowest enclosure and do the test. If none of your fingers can fit in the band, then the band size is smaller. If two or more fingers can fit in the bra band, then it is very loose. If two of your fingers are the maximum fit, then that is the size for you.

You must check that the band is sitting flush and horizontal against your skin if it fits well.

ii) Find the Correct Cup Size

Use the rule of the thump to determine the cups supportive nature. The cups should be flat to your breast if they fit correctly. No rippling, pinching, or gapping should be there for correct cup size.

Best Bras for Preventing Bra Bulge

Getting the right bra size if not the end to the elimination of the bulging problem. Learning about the best type of bra that will prove essential to your bra bulge ending process is the next step. For this to work, you must know your breast and chest size. Find out where your melons are classified to know which is the best bra for you.

Go for the bra types that will work out well for your shape.

Front Closure Bras

Front closure bras come in handy for a variety of breasts types. The bras have a clasp at the front enabling easy adjusting. The style does not have hooks and eye closure hence providing a smooth profile at the back.

The front clasps reduce horizontal pulling that may occur at the back of the bra. With the bra, the occurrence of bumps is unlikely.

Wide Band and Wide Straps

Ladies with bigger breasts, bras with wide straps and bands will be the best fit. They will also be the right choice for the women who desire a high level of smoothing effect. The wide straps enable the bra to position on the ribcage uplifting the support correctly. The wide straps do not dig into your shoulder.

Broad bra bands provide enough support for your breasts. Be sure also to get the best smoothing effects.

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Broader bands will always come with more supportive features such as a hook and eye closure and a slimming fabric, making it very smooth. The full bra bands may also have side boning that helps in providing the shape at the sides and underarms. A minimizer bra will work as it has all these features and will work to flatten your sides.

Partial Demi Bras or Underwire Bras

Women who have smaller breasts or broader set your best fit will be a partial underwire and demi bra styles. The one-sided tilt that is in the demi bras guides to the chest thus help prevent bulging.

Broad set melons will work well with partial underwire bra bras. These prevent the digging that may occur from the wires in the full underwire.

Exercise Regularly

For whatever the size your body is, exercise is an essential entity. The weight individuals carry changes with time as everybody type changes.

Selecting the best bra for your breast is the perfect solution, but exercising is essential. Exercise will cut down on the fats that may be accumulating in your upper body.

Types of Exercises that You Should Focus On

woman exercising while wearing a sports bra

There are many exercises that you may decide to take part in to cut down on the fat’s accumulation. However, there only a few that will be effective. Trying working out with the following exercises: planks, triceps presses, lateral raises, and rowing. These workouts are useful in helping in muscle tone and cutting down on the bulge.


Digging deeper into the cause of bra bulge, you must have noticed that proper exercise and incredible diet are not the only means that cut out bra bulge problem. Bra bulge and back fat can face reduction if you can observe all the aspects that include proper diet, regular exercises, and choosing and wearing the right size of bra.

We recommend that women do enough research on the sizes of their breasts and the shape. After which they can follow the steps we have given in the article. Have a wide variety of bra to select from so that you always have the right bra.

Hence is the best way to begin the bra bulge elimination process. Now, you are sure to have the best knowledge on bra bulge. For you who are new to the bra world, find a professional fitting person to help you get to know your bra size. You must try the methods if you are having the bra bulge problem.



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