Harness Bra Outfit Ideas

This is How to Correctly Wear a Cage Bra

Harness Bra Outfit Ideas

The fashion world has never been boring. However, some trends can seem a tad too extreme, especially when it comes to harnesses. Some women don’t know how to rock it without looking like domesticated farm animals. Or, perhaps you tend to associate harnesses with indecorous vibe out of your comfort zone.

What is a Harness?

Zana Bayne, a designer, based in Brooklyn, is responsible for the harness we all saw on Prabal’s runway, and you can learn the basics of this style accessory. Harnesses are a series of belts in its most basic form, according to Bayne. The accessory is a great way to exaggerate cinched waists or draw attention to a specific body part.


To be precise, harnesses take traditional belts a notch higher. Instead of tracing your waistline, harness tends to accent particular areas of the chest and torso. Besides, there are different fun ways to style them.

Why Wear Harness?

The harness is an accessory. They don’t serve any functional purpose in a traditional sense. But you can use them as a statement piece to complement your entire outfit.

For added interest, you can pair it up with a dressy suit. You can also combine harnesses with fishnet tights to create a different vibe. Plus, you can pair them up with t-shirts if you want to be the centre of attention.

Every woman out there should try a harness on especially those who had already written them off. People who don’t understand harnesses think they are a bit crazy but actually like them after wearing especially if you like adding edge to your look. They are ideal for women who love mixing feminine and edgy.

Inspiration Styles for Harnesses

You can create different looks with harnesses, but how are you supposed to wear them? Here are fun ways of styling to explore with the harness:

#1.  Game of Thrones-style

Layer a belt around the ribcage. It helps create an elegant hourglass figure as it narrows the waist and tends to draw attention to the area around the chest.

#2.  School Girl

This is a basic BCBG suspender that adds a more substantial and subtle accent to a dull or bland outfit like t-shirt and jeans.

#3.  An Inside Out Bra

Bras currently come in different harness styles. Besides, you can wear the trendy piece over your tops and dresses instead of underneath. It accentuates the chest and can be either daring or subtle depending on the bra or dress design. You get to decide which way to go!

Harness Bra

#4.  Peekaboo

If you are looking to create some mystique and allure, wear a harness bra underneath t-shirt and tops like Estee Lalonde, a fashion designer does. By keeping it invisible underneath, it leaves quite an imagination.

#5.  Girly Girl

If you wish to throw an edge and add some beauty to your flouncy and floral prints, go for bold harnesses.

#6.  Contrast the Colors

Wear a black harness over a bright white t-shirt to spice it up. Make it even better by going for a simple harness. You can also wear a darker top and throw in a white leather harness on it; this way, you will make a bold statement.

#7.  Wild and Free

If you hate the feel of double leather belts strapped around the torso, you can go for a soft, feminine alternative. Designer Mimi Jung has a harness made from agate stone, and a rope is delicate, soft, and gentle.

#8.  Medieval Princess

Some harnesses are made with several thin belts. However, you can get large one-pieces such as the Shein Buckle Waist Belt Harness. Narrow shoulder straps usually connect to bodice pieces that accents the breasts giving you that medieval but modern feel.

#9.  Lounging

Originally, harnesses were used to keep the breasts in place, and you don’t need to stick to any structured look. You can wear the harness under casual tops and pair it up with comfortable tights and a jean jacket or loose cardigan.

#10.   Crop Top

A pretty crop top and high waist jeans are a cool outfit. However, you can wear a harness on top of the t-shirt to take it a notch higher. Create a bold look and draw attention to your slim waist.

image of harness over croptop

#11. Geometric Design

Some harnesses have symmetrical designs and are super complicated. You can wear them over figure-hugging tops or dresses to create that architectural fashion statement.

#12.  Harness Jewelry

Harness need not be rope, leather, or different thick materials. You can wear harnesses more like jewelry. A body chain can be a simple strand and can be equally intricate and delicate as a spider web. It can be a beautiful accent for a wedding gown or different occasion dresses.

Where to Buy Harnesses

Fortunately, the harnesses are quite affordable. You can get body chains and harnesses on SheIn, ASOS, or Etsy for custom made ones. You can also check out other styles on Amazon and eBay.

Top harness designers won’t disappoint you if you are feeling philanthropic. You will ask yourself why you haven’t tried a harness yet when you come across designs by Jaki Mac, Zana Bayne, Alexander Wang, and Luisa Via Roma.

High Fashion Usually Makes Way for a Harness

Harnesses are not mere cool details that only fashionistas get to wear. They are making way to everyday fashion world through some high-quality fashion brands. There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to harnesses. You will get one that suits you regardless of your style.

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