What is a Halter Top & What Bra Should I Wear It With?

Halter Top

What is a Halter Top & What Bra Should I Wear It With?

Many women wonder what bra they should wear with a halter top. Annie, a reader from Philly, emailed us asking: what is a halter top and what bra should I wear it with?  We passed this question to our resident bra fitters, who prepared the following article.

What is a Halter Top?

A halter top, also known as a halter neck, is a sleeveless strap style top or dress that goes around the neck, leaving most of the back exposed.

Some halter tops are closed with a button or clasp, some are fastened by two straps tied together, and others have a closed-loop designed to be pulled over the head.

Check the image below for one type of halter top.

what bra to wear with a halter top

A halter neck usually creates a V in the cleavage. The V  can be quite deep, depending on the top. However, there are many styles of halter tops on the market. You will come across modest halter tops to extremely revealing ones.

Most halters are tops. However, there are also some dress options. Halter dresses are somewhat of hybrid halter-top-dress combos.

What is a Halter Top Dress?

As the name suggests, a halter top dress is simply a dress that has a halter top. These dresses come in different styles and shapes – from skin-tight, itty-bitty mini halter top dress to flowy maxi halter top dresses, and everything in-between

halter top dress

Why Should You Wear Halter Tops?

If you love fashion, you probably experiment with different types of clothes. For example, you may love clothes with unconventional shapes, textures, colors, and cuts. Of course, we can’t forget the accessories!

However, to pull off an outfit with style and panache, you need some bit of skill.

Halter tops are among my favorite clothes. These clothes are chic, interesting, a little suggestive and can even ooze some level of sensuality.

Halter tops show off your shoulders and the back. Therefore, if you are looking to dress modestly, you want to stay clear of them.

On the flip side, if you feel like showing your décolletage and lifted melons, halter tops would be perfect.

If you have killer collarbones, you definitely should have dozens of halter tops in your closet. In particular, I would recommend you go for the sexy halter neck style.

However, halter tops have unusual necklines that expose the shoulders. Therefore, if you wish to wear them, you’ll need the right bra to support your melons.

Below, I touch on some of the best bras to wear with a halter top dress.

Wondering What Bra to Wear With a Halter Top? Here are 9 Options

Most halter tops are designed for specific boob shapes. If you find a fitting halter top, you can get away with wearing it without a bra, if it supports the breasts naturally. Ideally, you want a halter top whose straps and closures offer excellent support to your sisters.

However, if your breasts need some support under the halter top, there are a couple of bras you can opt for. These bras will help to reduce pain or strain on the breasts.

Here are the best bras to wear with a halter top.

  • #1. Longline Bras

Many halter tops are designed with V-necks that are quite deep. A great bra to wear with these halter tops would be a longline bra.

Longline bras have a properly plunging jointure between the breasts. If you are planning to wear a halter top with super low-cut cleavages, you need a strapless longline bra.

Longline Bras

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  • #2. Backless Bras

Backless bras can be quite difficult to wear. However, the bras simply work; they stay put and are supportive.

The best backless bras stick and hold the breasts in place. These bras can be worn with a halter top and any backless style top or dress.

A slink halter may not fit snugly around your ribcage. Instead, it would hang lower in the back. Such a halter should be worn with a backless bra.

Moreover, if you like to show off your back, you’ll need a couple of backless bras in your collection.

Backless Bras

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  • #3. Convertible Straps (Multiway)

In most cases, halter neck bras have convertible straps. The straps can transform the bra into any style you want. For example, you can rearrange the straps to make a racerback or T-strap, criss-cross, etc. This makes them excellent for wearing with halter tops.

There is no limit to the combinations you can make with a convertible bra.

Convertible Straps (Multiway)

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  • #4. Bralettes

Most bralettes feature halter-neck style straps. Bralettes are comfy since they are not wired. Show your chic style by getting a laced bralette that pokes out of the halter top a little bit – you’re sure to get people drooling at you.

However, bralettes are not for everyone. Since they do not have underwires, their support is quite limited. Therefore, they are best suitable for girls with small breasts or if you simply want to add some detail to your neckline.


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  • #5. Halter Neck Bras

Halter neck bras are specially designed to be worn with halter top dresses and halter tops. These bras are more comfortable around the neck than the halter top. Since the bras are specially designed to fit a halter neck, you can be sure that the straps won’t show. Or like we like to say, “snowing in Brazil”.

Tip: If you want to discreetly tell a girl that her bra strap is showing, you can tell her that it’s “snowing in Brazil”. Check the Urban Dictionary for usage example.

Halter Neck Bras

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  • #6. Strapless Support

Strapless Support

A strapless support bra will relieve tension from your back, shoulders, and neck by keeping your breasts lifted. Strapless bras typically have broader bands with more hook enclosures than standard bras. This design ensures that the girls stay in place.

When wearing a halter top dress or halter neck, you can don a strapless bra to give the illusion that you are braless.

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  • #7. Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras are designed to stick on the body and provide some coverage and support. I don’t recommend the bra if you have a big bust. However, if you are a lower alphabet cup size, the bras are excellent for keeping breasts out of sight.

If you are planning to wear a halter outfit, get a bra with sticky cups; not wings. Winged bras are likely to be visible under the armpits. If your dress has a plunging front, you can use an adhesive bra with the clasp open or adhesive cups. The front hook can help to show some cleavage.

If you don’t get enough support from your adhesive bra, get one with a detachable halter neck.

Adhesive Bras

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  • #8. Tube Top or Bandeau Bra

Tube tops and bandeaus are pullover clothes made of stretchy material. These wears do not have hooks but a couple of designs feature detachable straps. Since they have little shaping, don’t expect a lot of support from them.

Bandeaus and tube tops will show underneath the clothing. The garments can be donned with any kind of dress of top. You can create an exciting combo by matching a bandeau with a halter fit.

Tube Top or Bandeau Bra

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  • #9. Adhesive Silicone Cup Bras

Get these reusable sticky cups that are virtually invisible under flimsy clothes. Adhesive silicone cups will be great if you are planning to wear a halter top or dress made from thin material. I assure you that your melons will look smooth!

Adhesive cups are also a great option for deep front plunge or low back dress. When wearing the cups, you won’t feel like you are wearing a bra at all.

Adhesive Silicone Cup Bras

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So, Which is the Best Bra to Wear With a Halter Top?

If you love halters, you shouldn’t wait all year for summer just to flaunt your shoulders. During the chilly weather, just layer up – wear a scarf or shawl around yourself to keep warm. Also, make sure you have the right bra.

If you were wondering what bra to wear with a halter top, any of the types of bras above will do!

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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