What is a Longline Bra

What is a Longline Bra

Many clothing lines falling under the fashion umbrella, all have something to tell on forward-looking forecasts, past fads, and current trends. Lingerie is no exception! From push-up bras with padding to girdles, several pieces hit the market and did fade equally then they return through the decades. The longline bra falls in the latter category.

So, what’s the definition of a longline bra? It is a bra with fabric that extends at the bottom of the band and cup, covering the upper part of the torso and ends around the waistline or the belly button.

Since the longline bra has a traditional appeal, it’s famous for smoothing abilities, torso slimming, and its high-level support, especially for plus size women with big breasts.

Let’s dive into what this bra is all about. Firstly, how did the longline bra penetrate the lingerie fashion scene then we’ll look at the current situation in the market. We’ll look at the difference between similar alternatives and useful guides on wearing one as well, especially for those who just began wearing bras.

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However, the modern fashion world twists on the timeless classic have made an update on its appeal for a tremendous breadth of breast sizes and body shapes. Everyone should give this classic staple a try as an addition in their collection of bras. Let’s look at the basics of what the longline bra entails in terms of fashion.

A Brief History of Longline Bras

Longline bras have been in existence since time immemorial, but it hit the lingerie fashion scene between the 1940s and 1950s. That’s when people with hourglass figures and the bullet shape of the bra were all a fashion craze.

It was made known by advertising the Golden Age of Hollywood and war-era pin-up beauties. Longline bras did offer a discreet slim and trim waistline while giving support as well as accentuating the breasts.

An iconic silhouette of the women in the 1950’s was always about shedding the sex appeal taboo and celebrating femininity.

However, around the 1960s and 1970s, a more natural look did replace the longline’s ultra-structured, ultra-feminine appeal.  With the constant shift when it comes to fads, the longline bra became unpopular and fell to the wayside, but this was only some temporary hiatus.

The Return of Longline Bras

The top designs did welcome the style of the longline bra back to the fashion scene! Various top models were also back like Teddy’s, sexy lingerie such as ready-to-wear and too large breasts. The Jean-Paul Gautier and the Madonna cone bras were not an exception since it was an iconic marriage that no one seems to forget.

When you talk of fashion, the pendulum always swings back in favor of overly exaggerated curves and an exciting sex appeal. It made way for longline bra designs, thereby making its comeback. The longline bra happens to be beautiful than it was before, and it’s the ideal marriage of vintage styles and trendy lingerie.

Return of Longline Bras

Just like in the 80s, current fashion trends tend to shift back to the lingerie like statement pieces when it comes to fashion. Similarly, it did push the envelope with some lingerie designers to acclimatize, thus rebranding some new variations on classic styles.

Since these phenomena work together, it made way for the new longline design bras.

Types of Lingerie Bras

Currently, you can find longline bras everywhere! Recent fashion trends evolve the longline design, and you will also come across different bra styles. Let’s look at the range and benefits of the timeless classic bras which you can now wear:

Bridal or Formal Wear

The longline bra has a form-fitting appeal, and silhouette shaping, bras with a longline design have been the mainstay under bridal wear and gowns. The contemporary modern twist on vintage designs increases its appeal to any modern woman with a wide range of sheer fabrics and sexy lace.

Benefits: A longline bra offers coverage and maximum support compared to other different bra styles. Several styles and fabrics are what make the bra design that works under larger arrays of bridal and formal dress alternatives.

A Longline Sports Bra

If you happen to check influential fashion accounts on social platforms like Instagram, you may spot longline bras almost everywhere! What makes the style well known when it comes to athleisure wear is that it can act as a bra and top as well.

Benefits: A longline sports bra tends to provide the skin with an extra breathing space but also doubles up by slimming the waistline, giving additional support to the breasts. With this bra, you will win at both functionality and style.

Longline Plunge Bras

Plunge and longline bras seem to be very different when you compare them. Well, don’t be too quick to judge! Modern adaptations of the vintage style combined with recent fashion trends, thanks to Kim Kardashian, paved the way to pairings with low necklines.

Benefits: Great versatility when it comes to abdomen slimming designs while maintaining breast support making them a perfect alternative for deep low-cut dresses and tops.

Bustier and Corsets

With all you gathered about longline bras, you could be wondering about some two lingerie items that are quite similar, the corset and the bustier. Some people confuse the two since they resemble longline bras, but they happen to be very different. Let’s have a discussion!

A bustier is an undergarment most people tend to confuse with the longline bra. Both the longline bra and bustier offer high-level support to the breasts, structured cups, and the fabric that extends at the bottom of the band for waist support.

However, the bustier extends to the hipline, has an additional structure around the torso, has no straps, and has a unique design that you can wear as a ready-to-wear garment.

Besides, the primary function of a corset is to train or whittle the waistline. Similar to how ideal push-up bras lift and bring them closer together, giving them a fuller appearance.

Therefore, corsets tend to showcase a more rigid boning than their counterparts. You can also wear them with or without a bra depending on the corset’s style. A corsets major function is to outline the waist and not offering the breasts support like longline bras.

Who Should Wear Longline Bras?

With the longline bra’s history and background, it might get you wondering who this bra suits. Or if there are specific breasts, sizes, and shapes.

The longline bra flatters all shapes and sizes that’s why it’s a success, leaving some lasting footmarks in the lingerie fashion scene. You will always find an ideal longline bra that suits you, whether you are plus size or petite, have small or big breasts.

Who Should Wear Longline Bras

These guidelines will come in handy when looking for longline bras and will also alleviate any concerns you have about the bra:

  • Women with small breasts looking for an increase in size – If you desire to increase your bustline, you don’t need to stuff your bra anymore. Get a longline bra with in-built padding in the cups. The longline bra’s design, while for large sizes it also outs its abilities to make the curvier bustline more noticeable. You will have countless alternatives.
  • Women with small breasts looking for a minimal increase in size – Good news! New longline bra styles are available in designs with very little to almost no padding inside the cups. Go for minimal padding to achieve that natural look.
  • Women with large breasts – Try to find longline bras with more fabric or some reinforced fabric on the band, that will help in providing support for the breasts. Several of these styles feature additional eyelets and back closures, which also aid in supporting the weight of the breasts. Besides, styles that feature thick adjustable straps are quite comfortable on the shoulders.
  • Back and armpit fat – Longline bras are ideal for back, and arm fat since the reinforced thick band style helps in smoothing the torso and eliminating the problem areas. Be sure to check the cup and band sizes to ascertain it fits perfectly well. You don’t want to walk around with an ill-fitting bra since most of the time, it’s the underlying cause of the unwanted fat.
  • Plus size – The longline bra design was custom-made for the plus size women. Similar to how push-up bras accentuate the breasts, longline bras can do just that! But has an additional upside of providing additional support underneath. You can get longline bras with padding while others don’t have padding, which helps in customizing your look.

Disadvantages of Wearing a Longline Bra

The longline bra is unique, but has some drawbacks that you need to look out for when shopping.

Bear in mind that these are not entirely the cons of the bra, as several different styles and some modern adjustments were made to cover the shortcomings of the traditional longline bra. Say, design, and technological updates!

For people with a short torso, the length of the additional fabric which wraps the mid-section will be a limiting factor. You can do away with this by looking for designs with short fabric extensions so that they don’t cut into the waistline.

disadvantage Longline Bras

The pulls and tags throughout the night while experiencing some pinch at the center isn’t something you can enjoy. Always try your selections before leaving the store.

If your breasts are widely set, you need to examine the shape and size of the cups carefully. Many longline bras in the traditional style accentuate the separation so that you can go for styles with cups tilted inwards slightly. A little padding on the cups will help in pushing the breasts to the centerline.

Why You Need Longline Bras

By now, you already know a lot about longline bras, from its history to modern-day translations in the mainstream lingerie alternatives. The available styles of the longline bras vary so that everyone can find something for themselves.

However, some people are still not convinced yet if they need to add this bra in their collection. Here’s a recap on the myriad reasons why the longline bra has to be a mainstay.

  • Ideal for women with big breasts as they provide increased back and band support.
  • Perfect for those who stand a lot, since it offers additional back support with a band fabric extension.
  • Great for women looking for bra alternatives that can provide both torso and abdomen shaping.
  • Ideal for bridal and formal wear.
  • You will fall in love with the longline sports bra since it doubles up as both a top and a bra.
  • Longline plunge bras are ideal for dresses and tops with low-cut necklines with additional smoothing of the silhouette.
  • Longline bras provide some vintage twist on the current lingerie, and this gives you a more comprehensive style selection outside the traditional regular bras.
  • Longline bras are super comfortable!


As you can see, the longline bra has many benefits. Most women find this bra enticing and are currently ready to buy it since they have a lot of information about it. You can never go wrong with a longline bra. Hurry! Add some to your collection!

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