Front Closure Bras For Seniors

Front Closure Bras For Seniors

Front Closure Bras For Seniors

Which are the best front closure bras for seniors? Read on for our top picks of the recommended front open bra for elderly women.

Most elderly folks find trouble getting the right bra. With the breasts sagging due to loose skin, the best bra to buy for seniors should be one that offers excellent support.

As women age, the bras that were once perfect do not feel the same anymore. With age, our bodies go through several changes; we become weak and the breasts start sagging. The weak hands cannot easily get to the back to open a bra. For this reason, the best bras for elderly women are the front closure types.

The breasts of elderly women tend to sag. As a result, they can no longer put up with bras whose bands fit snugly. Moreover, most seniors find underwires quite uncomfortable.

Older women have limited mobility and start developing a  stooped back. These are just some of the signs of aging.

Women that suffer from illnesses like dementia and arthritis may find it impossible to wear back closure bras. This is why Velcro bras are recommended for elderly women.

However, there are front closure bras for seniors that are easy to put on and are also super comfortable. A fitting and comfortable bra would make an older woman feel young again.

Why a Front Closure Bra for Elderly Women

Women need a diverse collection of bras. However, as you age, you might have to settle for limited alternatives due to the physical constraints and mobility issues of your body.

Front closure bras for seniors are quite easy to put on as they don’t require a lot of effort clasping the hooks. The bras also provide a lot of support.

Front opening bras are also ideal for sleeping, especially for older women with big breasts. The breasts tend to drop and sag on one side when you sleep, causing discomfort.

Front close bras for the elderly come in handy in such situations.

What Makes the Best Front Closure Bras for Seniors

senior wearing a bra

Wearing an ill-fitting bra or the wrong type of bra can ruin your entire day. Elderly women have limited bra options on the market. However, there are various front closure bras available in different styles and designs, which will be perfect for them. The bras are practical and comfortable.

Here are some things to consider when looking for bras for seniors.

i) Size

Check the size of the bra you want to buy before buying. The bra should be well-fitting. Here is a handy guide for measuring your bra.

You have to know the size of your breasts. You can also get a professional to take your measurements. Also, confirm that you can clasp and unclasp the bra on your own.

ii) Wirefree

The right front closure bras for the elderly should be underwire free. This is especially important if the bra is padded. For an older woman, you would want a bra with Velcro fastening.

Where to Find Best Bras for Elderly Women

You can find bras for seniors at various offline and online stores. Amazon is the best place to search for bras thanks to the variety available. The store sells bras from the top brands worldwide.

To get a fitting bra, you will want to know your breast shape and size.

Features and Advantages of Front Closure Bras

Front opening bras for the elderly with dementia and arthritis have the following features and advantages:

  • They have made dressing easier for seniors
  • Offer adequate support to the breasts
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • They look sexy and attractive
  • Are comfortable to wear

How to Choose a Bra for Seniors (Elderly)

There are certain things you should consider when looking to buy a front closure bra for seniors:

i) Design

Some bra designs are great for the elderly. Seniors typically have few needs when it comes to bras. However, convenience goes a long way in lifting their spirits. Choose a bra with a great design.

ii) Size

Older women find snugly-fitting bras uncomfortable due to their age. Bras with tight bands might feel uncomfortable. Therefore, choose a bra that can be adjusted for a relaxed fit.

iii) Quality

When it comes to buying bras for seniors, quality should be a priority. Get a durable bra.

iv) Material

Most older women have sensitive skin. Therefore, choose a bra that is gentle on their sensitive skin.

6 Best Front Closure Bras for Seniors (Elderly)

#1.  Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Clasp Bra



The Carole Martin Front Closure Bra is among the best bras for older women. The bra is made from a blend of 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The bra has no padding nor underwire and, therefore, is super comfortable for seniors. The intimate wear is soft and the spandex can stretch in all directions.

The Carole Martin front opener bra cradles on the body perfectly well and is comfortable in all places it touches. Its straps are thick and easy on the shoulders. You will not have to worry about shoulder digs or back strain resulting from the straps.

The Carole Martin Front Closure bra is ideal for every occasion. You can wear it with business clothes, sportswear,  casual wear, and sleepwear. Women have been in love with this bra since it hit the market in the 70s. You will feel great wearing this bra. Sometimes, you might even forget that you are wearing a bra.

The Carol Martin bra is recommended for women who have undergone surgical procedures like breast augmentation. After surgery, a woman would need a bra that offers high-level support for the breasts and is exceptionally comfortable. This bra offers all these.

Carol Martin is one of the top bra brands on the market.

#2.  Maidenform Women’s Pure Genius Racerback Bra

Maidenform Women's Pure Genius Racerback Bra


Maidenform Pure Genius Bra for seniors is next on our list. The bra cups are made of 21% elastane and 79% nylon.  The cups offer extra coverage, providing a comfortable fit and a sexy shape. This bra should be hand washed.

On the back are some lace details that provide additional support. The straps are adjustable at the back, soft and gentle on the skin. This bra is comfortable to wear and take off.

Maidenform Pure Genius Racerback Bra is sporty and sexy. The bra has inbuilt slings that provide adequate support and additional coverage. This is one of the versatile front open bras for elderly with arthritis and dementia.

Seniors can also be sexy, thanks to this bra. If you dislike the traditional front-close bras, this bra offers some lift, which will boost your confidence. You will feel good about yourself when wearing this bra regardless of your age.

#3.  Vanity Fair Women’s Illumination Front Close Underwire Bra

Vanity Fair Women's Illumination Front Close Full Coverage Underwire Bra


The Vanity Fair bra is available in a wide variety of colors. The bra is made of 10% spandex and 90% nylon and has a hook and eye closure. The fabric is strata with some satin trim and looks great in all colors. This bra should be handwashed.

The front closure bra is a 3-way convertible. You can convert it to a halter, crisscross, or choose to go traditional. The front closure of the bra offers full coverage, making it one of the best bras for seniors.

We highly recommend the Vanity Fair Illumination Front Close Bra for elderly women with dementia. The bra has full cycles for the best containment and fit. The sides and the center of the bra are narrow compared to the full-figure bras. This narrowness ensures high-level support for elderly women. Some straps are narrower but still supportive enough.

The bra features a few hooks and eye closures that any senior can handle comfortably. It also provides enough support throughout the day, regardless of the activities you may want to undertake. A satin lining on the bra makes it feel soft against the skin.

#4.  Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonder Wire Bra

Glamorise Women's Full Figure Wonder Wire Front Close Stretch Lace Bra


The Glamorise Full Figure Wonder Wire Front Close Bra is another fantastic bra for seniors. The bra is made of 15% elastane, 5% polyester, and 80% nylon, and features a hook and eye closure. The bra is low cut and has some lace details on its stretchable cups. The seamless cups have scalloped trims.

The Glamorise senior bra has a flexible fit and a front closure and a wonder wire that doesn’t touch the skin at any point. Therefore, the bra is quite comfortable and any senior would appreciate wearing it.

Glamorise manufactures comfortable and perfectly fitting bras for plus size women. The high-quality products have made Glamorise one of the top bra brands on the market.

The bra has a thick inner band for comfort, especially on the skin. The band is cushioned and has a padded wire channel that prevents any skin contact.

The bra design is ideal for women looking for comfortable and fashionable wear. The bra offers support and shapes the breasts nicely.

#5.  Carole Martin Full- Freedom Front Closure Wireless Cotton Bra

Carole Martin Full- Freedom Front Closure Wireless Cotton Bra


The Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Cotton Bra is made of 5% spandex and 95% cotton. The bra has no padding nor underwire, which means it’s comfortable. The bra offers high-level support and fits cup sizes B, C, and D. The bra for seniors features a front close hook-and-eye closure.

The Carole Martin bra can stretch in all directions. The material is soft and smooth from all angles, and cradles on the body for comfort. The bra has thick straps, which don’t slip off the shoulders. The thick straps prevent back strains.

This is one of the best post-surgical bras on the market. You can wear it for any occasion and underneath any clothing. You can even sleep in the bra.

Regardless of age, size, or shape, wearing the bra will make you feel and look great.

#6.  Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra


The Bali Women’s bra cups are made of 6% spandex and 94% nylon. The middle of the belt and cup linings are 100% polyester while the cup padding is 100% polyurethane foam. The bra also has a center strap on the inside that is made of 100% nylon. The back of the bra is made of a mix of 5% spandex and 95% nylon.

The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Bra has adjustable straps and cups with tonal patterns. The bra has hook and eye closure, which makes it easy for elderly women to put on or remove on their own. The bra is comfortable but does not compromise on fit and support.

You’ll feel sexy when you wear the Bali bra. The bra’s foam cups are stretchy, flexible, comfortable, and shape the breasts nicely. The band is soft and comfy, and tends to move when you are in motion. The band is also thick for smoothing the back.

Before buying the bra, get your correct measurement to get the perfect fit.

Watch the video below for other bras for the elderly that are highly recommended:


The above are the best front closure bras for seniors. All the bras are practical and easy to wear for the elderly with limited mobility.

The bras in this list are ideal for sagging breasts and not just for seniors. They are also perfect for women who prefer comfort more than anything else when it comes to bras. Some of these bras are great for women who have undergone surgical breast procedures.

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