Best Bra for Post Menopause

Best Bra for Post Menopause

Looking for the best bra for post menopause? Read on for our recommendations.

Growing older could mean you might be losing some strength or you are struggling with dexterity loss. You might find it difficult wearing your bra, clasping at the back, and also the underwires might start irritating you. Or, you may hurt your back and find that you are not able to stand up straight like before. It could also make dressing up in the morning difficult, as you can’t stretch behind to close your bra correctly.

You could also find trouble getting to fasten the hooks due to arthritis or the shaking of your hands, which hampers the potential of moving your fingers and hands. I’m not yet old, but an experience I had recently gave me an appreciation for older women that struggle to wear their bras. I did sprain my arm on the right side, and I found it difficult moving my arm behind to close any of my bras. When I finally did, I felt a lot of pain!

I managed around with a not-so-new sports bra and a Chantelle racerback front closure bra. Luckily, my ability was okay, and the racerback’s bra underwire wasn’t quite a bother. Fortunately, we have comfortable bras for older people in the market, which can help solve these issues. You can find bras that have excellent back support, front snaps, a zipper or larger clasps. The front closure helps you not to strain and stretch. The more significant fasteners and zippers make fastening of the bra more comfortable.

 Plus Size Front Closure Bras for Elderly Women

#1.  Glamorise Wonder Wire Front Close

Glamorise Wonder Wire Front Close

Available on Amazon

Glamorise Wonder Wire Front Close bra does hit all the right notes. It has wide straps, front clasp, and a back that is wide enough to provide extra support. The bra straps have a cushion and are equally broad, just like the underwires. The clasp of this bra is smaller though, so it is

ideal for older adults who find trouble reaching the back. You can also manipulate a tiny object and see about clasping the bra. The bra is quite beautiful, perfect for plus size women. Comes in fuchsia, white, ultramarine blue, black, café au lait and dotted black with white in 36-46 B-F EU sizes.

#2.  Amoena Greta Back and Front Closure Soft Cup Bra

Amoena Greta Back and Front Closure Soft Cup Bra

Available on HerRoom

The Amoena Greta Bra closes both at the front and back! Amazing. In most cases, these bras are meant for use after surgery (they have pockets used for prosthesis), but can also work perfectly

well if you have arthritis, an injury and if you experience some difficulties reaching your back.

The style is purposely for bust shapes that are fuller, and it’s therefore not the best if your breasts are a bit shallow. Most of the time, the bra sizes are in full figure, small cup, with an extensive band range. The bra’s band is moderately thick, and this helps prevent rolling and holding it in the right position. It, however, means that it might not be a perfect choice if you have a big stomach. Amoena Greta bra is available in beige and white. Available in sizes 44C – DD, 42A-DD, 40A- DD, 38A-DD, 36A-D and 34A-C.

Front Closure Comfort Bras for Elderly Women

If the bra’s underwire tends to dig in the chest or you experience discomfort due to surgery, a bra with no underwire could be the best alternative. These bras often have soft cups, are super comfortable, and they don’t have wires that will poke, prod or pinch you.

#1.  Just My Size Front Close Wire-Free Bra

Just My Size Front Close Wire-Free Bra

Available on Amazon

Just My Size Front Close bra has band sizes 42 up to 50. It either works for the full figure, thicker band or bras with small cup sizes. The bra doesn’t have any wires that will cut in your chest and also have molded cups. Since it has a stretch fabric, it molds for a better fit (which is

ideal, especially for those who are uneven). It’s seamless therefore doesn’t show underneath clothing, even those with thin layers. The bra has broad straps and back band that helps

support the back and to also keep it in place. The bra is perfect for people with arthritis and even those that find trouble with regular small closure bras.

You can only get the bra in white. Available in sizes 50D-DD, 48C- DDD, 46, 44B-DDD and 42.

Here are other full figure bras for seniors that you may be interested to check out:

#2.  Fresh Comfort Easy Open Front Close Bra

Fresh Comfort Easy Open Front Close Bra

Available on Amazon

Fresh Comfort Easy Open Front Close bra is in sizes S-XXL, instead of cup sizes. It’s the best for women with smaller chests, and you can use for leisure or as a sleeping bra (this bra doesn’t offer women with large breasts enough support, instead you can try any other bra on the page)

The bra has no hardware or metal. It only has a soft fabric that consists of cotton and modal. In place of clasps or hooks, the bra fastens with Velcro! Making it easier to adjust and close (no struggling with hooks). You can get them in beige, white and blue colors.

#3.  Glamorise Magic Lift No Wire Front Close Plus Size Bra

Glamorise Magic Lift No Wire Front Close Plus Size Bra

Available on Amazon

Glamorise Magic Lift Plus Size bra does not have any wires, it only has a supportive soft band beneath the cups that crisscross around the chest to hold and lift the breasts. If your shoulders give you trouble, you won’t need help putting it on or pulling around from the back (this would spoil the bra). The bra has two rows with hooks at the front; you can, therefore, switch to the inner row when the bra loses its elasticity from wear. The straps of this bra have pads and are designed to minimize strain on the shoulders. Remember, when the bra straps dig in your

shoulders, you need to go down a band size. The band is supposed to support almost all your breast’s weight. It’s in EU sizes I, H, G, F, DD, D, C, B 38- 58 and comes in white and beige.

Comfortable Snap Front Closure Bras for Seniors

#1.  Snap Front Closure Bra

Snap Front Closure Bra

Available on Amazon

This bra neither has wires nor tricky closures. It has a snap front, which means you can fasten it quite easily. It’s almost entirely cotton, that is great news for people with sensitive skin. The bra also has an extensive and high back, which helps reduce back fat. If you’re big, this is the best for leisure since it offers very little in terms of support. The bra is available in sizes B/C/D 50- 52, 46-48, 42-44, 38-40, 34-36, 30-32 and only comes in white.

#2.  Lauren Silva Arthritis Bra

Lauren Silva Arthritis Bra

Available on Amazon

The front snaps of this bra make it comfortable to wear and take off with no pain or strain. Dressing up is quite easy even when you suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or other health conditions which in some cases tend to reduce your fingers dexterity. The back of the bra features some lace detailing, which adds glamor. It has no Velcro (sometimes it does chafe or rub) and also has adjustable straps for a perfect fit. The bra is available in sizes B/C/D 50, 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 38, 36, 34, and 32 in white only.

#3.  Royce Women’s Wire-Free Front Closure Bra

Royce Women's Wire-Free Front Closure Bra

Available on Amazon

Royce Women’s Wire-Free Front Close bra was intended for women that need prostheses but is also perfect for older women. It closes at the front using snaps and has no wires that will rub against the skin. The bra is only 5% spandex and 95% cotton, so it’s quite beautiful and comfy. It

also features a pretty edging on the straps and cups. It is available in sizes 44D/DD, 44B/C, 42D/DD, 42B/C, 40D/DD, 40B/C, 38D/DD, 38B/C, 36D/DD, 36B/C, 34D/DD, 34B/C all in white.

#4.  Cottonique Front Closure Cotton Bra

Cottonique Front Closure Cotton Bra

Available on Amazon

Cottonique Front Closure Cotton bra is not attractive at all but has several advantages. First, its fabric is pure cotton. Therefore, for those who are sensitive to latex and synthetic material, this

will be quite comfortable as it won’t irritate your skin. The lace detailing is perfect, but not worth the itching and hives. The bra has no wires that will dig in the chest. It also has two clasps that are quite big right at the front, and this gives no room to fiddle with the bits that come with small bras. The bra also features large buckles which are easier to close, especially if you do suffer from finger arthritis. It closes at the front, hence no straining when you are

dressing up. The bra comes in sizes 38, 36, 34 B and C and is available Black and Ivory. Plus size women can get the bra in the same style at forty bands or even more significant sizes. The straps on this bra design can adjust at the front, making wearing it easy. You can also find these bras in Black and Ivory.

Easy on Front Zipper Sports Bra

Another alternative is a sports bra. Bear in mind, these bras are designed to be a little bit tighter than typical bras, and you may need sister sizing. The best thing about this bra is, you can get a variety of sizes as compared to other bras. You can get the bras in bright colors as well.

#1.  Valmont Zip-Front Sports Bra

Valmont Zip-Front Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Valmont Zip-Front bra cup sizes are not exact, so it’s suitable for those who are between A scale or a larger B cup. The bra’s fabric is partly cotton, and this helps in keeping you fresh in hot weather. The bra has broad straps that help in supporting the back and doesn’t slip since the

band is also thick, which helps reduce back pain. You can put it on as you would a shirt with buttons down then zip it at the front. The bra is available in sizes 34- 48 H/I, G/F, E/D,

D/DD, B/C. You can get them in colors grey, pink, red, navy, white, black, and oatmeal.

#2.  Champion Women’s Zip Sports Bra

Champion Women's Zip Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

Champion Zip is meant to be women’s sports bra. The zipper at the front puts an end to any struggles with small clasps. You wouldn’t need to reach the back to wear it. The bra is the perfect alternative for people with a lousy ability or those with injuries.

These bras have limited sizes (S-XL, has no cup sizes, meaning it’s not ideal for women with fuller busts). It’s, however, the perfect choice for women with a body size proportional to the bust size, since it’s quite comfortable to wear and take off. The bra comes in red, purple, various shades of blue two-toned, white/grey, raspberry/black, and melon two-toned.

So, Which is the Best Bra for Post Menopause?

Any of the above bras are excellent for seniors who have reached menopause. All the bras are comfortable, easy to put on and quite affordable.



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