Here Are the Most Comfortable & Supportive Bras for Scoliosis Patients

Best Bras for Scoliosis

Here Are the Most Comfortable & Supportive Bras for Scoliosis Patients

Scoliosis can make it difficult for anyone to find their right bra. With this disorder, underwire bras are a big no! So, which are the best bras for scoliosis? We have five options that would work for anyone.

Women struggling with posture issues, such as scoliosis, and those with severe back pain need bras that are both comfortable and supportive. For these women, posture corrector bras are the way to go.

Posture corrector bras distribute the weight of the breasts evenly to prevent back pains.

If you are suffering from scoliosis, you already know that regular, everyday bras do not work for you. This condition comes with some problems when wearing a bra, such as the band rolling on the back or the straps falling off the shoulders.

Therefore, you need specially designed bras for scoliosis. But first, you need to know your cup size.

Sometimes, unisex and regular posture braces usually don’t cut the mark. They might be too painful trying to fit on large breasts, causing pain at the chest. This is where back support posture bras come in.

Wearing the correct posture bra helps to minimize back and neck pain. The bras have a crisscross back and supportive structure that offers comfort on the upper part of the body.

The best bras for scoliosis are made from stretchable material. The bras, therefore, mold into the shape of your body and are comfortable.

How to Choose a Bra for Scoliosis

Wearing a fitting bra will make you look better and ensure you are comfortable. Here are some tips for choosing a bra for scoliosis.

Thick Band Bras

Get a bra with a thick band, especially at the back. The bra should lie flat on the body and not ride up. The band should fit snugly but shouldn’t be uncomfortable. With a fitting bra, the band will be secured on the right position on the back. The bra will also lift your breasts, making your clothes fit well.

Type of Bra

The best bra for scoliosis is a posture bra. This bra provided adequate support to the back.

You can also go for a longline bra that extends to the waist. Longline bras are supportive and do not fall off the shoulders.

Adjustable Straps

If the bra straps tend to fall off regularly, get bras with adjustable straps. Most women with scoliosis need adjustable straps since one shoulder tends to be higher than the other.

Best Bras for Scoliosis Patients

Here’s a list of the best bras for scoliosis:

#1.  Leonisa Women’s Posture Corrector Wireless Support Bra

Leonisa Women's Posture Corrector Wireless Support Bra

Available on Amazon

The Leonisa Posture Corrector Bra provides high-level support and reinforcement to the back. The bra is super comfortable, wire-free and suitable for well-endowed women. With this wireless bra, you won’t have to worry about the wire poking that is common with underwire bras.

The Leonisa bra has full cups that easily support large breasts while its elastic crisscross straps provide adequate lift. The bra is made of stretchy fabric and will help you with posture issues. However, you can also wear it when engaging in high-impact sports activities or post-surgery.

The everyday bra has protective padding and supports the back without leaving you in pain or discomfort. The bra is easy to wear and take off, which makes it excellent for scoliosis patients.

#2.  Leonisa Perfect Wireless Adjustable Corrector Bra

Leonisa Perfect Wireless Adjustable Corrector Bra

Available on Amazon

This Leonisa Posture Corrector bra features DuraFit cups that fully cover the breasts and provide additional support. The bra is made from durable and stretchy material (a combination of nylon, elastane, and polyamide), which provides support in all the right places.

The bra’s straps are adjustable and have different levels of cushioning. This makes the bra super comfortable. The contour cups give the breasts a nice rounded shape.

#3.  Glamorise Women’s Magic Posture Support Wire-Free Bra

Glamorise Women's Magic Posture Support Wire-Free Bra

Available on Amazon

The Glamorise Magic Bra is both sexy and supportive. The bra has an appealing V-neck design at the front while its cups have zigzag seam stitches, which help in shaping and supporting the breasts.

This high-quality bra is comfortable and designed for women with large breasts. The beautiful bra helps to keep the back and spine straight to prevent poor posture.

The Glamorise full figure bra’s fabric comprises of  40% nylon, 30% polyester, 20% cotton, and 10% elastane. The material is comfortable, stretchy, and breathable.

This bra comes in four colors,  and features a multi-adjustable hook design at the front. You can also adjust the bra straps for better breast support or to loosen up when going to bed.

#4.  Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Posture Support Bra

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Posture Support Bra

Available on Amazon

The Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Support Bra will help you deal with shoulder pain and posture problems. The back support bra is made from a combination of nylon, cotton, elastane, and polyester. This bra can be machine-washed or hand-washed with other delicates.

The stretchy, functional, bra comes in four colors, it’s super comfortable and features a V-neck at the front. The band is broad and cushioned, which is important for supporting the back.

The bra for scoliosis has some extra padding and X-shaped straps for comfort. The broad straps go across the back and pull the spine into alignment, ensuring your body maintains good posture. This is one of the best bras that help to relieve shoulder pain.

The bra has a V design at the front and its nylon cups support the breasts, even when you are engaged in high-impact activities. The cups keep the breasts in place throughout the day.

If you are looking for a support bra with wide straps, get this Glamorise bra.

#5.  Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bras for Large Breasts

Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bras for Large Breasts

Available on Amazon

Can’t find a plus size support bra that you like? If that’s the case, wearing something a bit longer can help to improve your posture and comfort. The Exquisite Form Longline Bra is one of the best longline bra for scoliosis.

The bra comes with double under cups that support the breasts instead of an underwire. The bra also has a front zipper, which makes it easy to wear and take off.

The Exquisite Form Longline Bra straps feature a crisscross pattern that helps to correct posture. Wearing the bra will ensure your spine is straight without making you feel uncomfortable.

This plus size bra for scoliosis is supportive, thanks to its broad straps. The straps eliminate back fat, giving you a smoother clean look, while minimizes shoulder pain.

The front closure bra is available in three colors and has boning on the sides for a smooth waistline underneath clothes.

Dangers of Poor Posture

Developing a bad posture habit is easy. Women who sit at office desks the whole day tend to slump over time due to fatigue, stress, sadness, or utter boredom.

Bad posture can cause various health issues. For example, you can develop scoliosis due to anxiety and depression can either develop scoliosis or make it worse.

You can avoid poor posture by wearing a posture corrector bra.

Many people think that the best bras for scoliosis are outright uncomfortable, ugly, and ineffective. However, as you can see from the above recommendations, this is untrue.

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10 Replies to “Here Are the Most Comfortable & Supportive Bras for Scoliosis Patients”

    1. Hi Johanne,

      For scoliosis, bras with a wide back (thus multi-hook) will give you better support, and will tend to stay in place. So, avoid bras with a thin back.

      Backless, longline or low-back bras are a great alternative if the band pressure along the middle of your back is uncomfortable.

      Bras designed to provide back support will feel great. Posture bras and longline bras can therefore be good choices. We have some longline bras for small breasts here. I’d recommend the this Heidi Klum bra or the Gossard.

      Front closure bras will probably feel more comfortable – you won’t have the fasteners resting on your spine and feeling uncomfortable when sitting back in a chair.

  1. What do you recommend for a large breasted woman with severe scoliosis who says she can’t do a front closure bra? She’s 93

  2. Hi, what would you recommend for my mum who is 82 with osteoarthritis in both hands, 1 worst than the other. She of course also has scoliosis so has 1 shoulder lower than the other. Thanks

  3. I am 85 years old and have severe scoliosis. However, fortunately, I am not bent over, but I have no waist. Breast are on my hips!!! I did a posture bra for support for my back more than support for my breasts. However, obviously, can not be a long line.
    I ordered a 36C, which turned out not to be a great fit. could not get the shoulder straps tight enough. I believe I need the posture help more than lifting of the breast, although, in reality I probably do need both. Also, I found the straps were visible in summer clothing with wider neck lines. If you have a suggestion, with all of these problems, I would appreciate you help.

    1. Hi Sandra, for your case, you should go for a posture bra with adjustable straps to eliminate the issue of the straps not being tight enough. Apart from this, you want a bra with slightly thinner straps so that they don’t show off in clothes with wider necklines. Alternatively, you will have to ditch wide neck clothes altogether.

      Check out the Laundine Front Closure Support Bra. The front closure support bra is not only supportive, but also has adjustable straps that are thinner than what you’ll find in most scoliosis bras.

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