Best Posture Corrector Bra

Here Are the Bras that Align Your Spine and Give You Good Posture in a Few Weeks

Do you slouch when sitting at your office desk? Do you find yourself always trying to adjust your posture when standing? If so, your issue of poor posture can be corrected by wearing a posture corrector bra. Which is the best posture corrector bra on the market? Read our guide to find out.

Poor posture and back pain are common issues that full figure women face. Large boobs are heavy and can make you tired quickly. As a result, you may end up slouching and having poor posture, especially if you usually sit for a long time at work.

If your breasts are making you slouch, you need a posture bra.

What is a Posture Bra?

As the name suggests, a posture bra is a specially designed bra that offers support when worn while reducing tension on the neck, shoulders, and back muscles. The bra achieves this through its big, supportive band. When you wear a posture bra, your breasts will be supported by the band.

The straps of a posture bra help to evenly distribute the weight of your breasts. Moreover, they do not pull on your shoulders.

When wearing a posture bra, you will not be fatigued from the weight of your breasts. Therefore, you will find it will be easy to stand up upright.

There are different types of posture bras on the market. All the bras have nearly the same features, i.e., separated cups, thick straps, a front closure, and a racerback. Generally, posture bras are also longline bras. The more support the band provides, the better.

Do You Need a Posture Bra?

Consider getting a posture bra if any of the following applies to you:

You Suffer from Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain

Neck, shoulder, and back pain can be attributed to poor posture or large breasts. If you experience any of these pains, it means that the effects of wearing an ill-fitting bra have started to show on your body.

Wearing one of the posture bras reviewed below can help to prevent the pains.

You Slouch or Have Poor Posture

Slouching and poor posture can come about when you have large breasts but don’t wear a properly-ftting bra. You need a posture bra if you find it difficult to stand upright all the time due to having large boobs.

You Experience Muscle Tension Headaches

Wearing a posture bra helps to relieve the tension in your muscles that can lead to recurrent headaches.

You Stand or Sit at a Desk for a Long Time

If you have a desk job and sit for long periods, you are likely to start slouching as your bra will not be providing the support you need. The same also applies if you have a job that requires you to stand for a long time, for example, nursing.

Get a posture bra to prevent slouching.

You Have Large Breasts

Large breasts may be heavy and have to be supported to balance out your body. If you have a large bust, get a posture bra.

When Should You Wear a Posture Bra?

If you experience discomfort or pain every day because of your heavy breasts, it is prudent to wear a posture bra. If you only experience the issues occasionally, you can wear a posture bra on the trigger days, i.e., when you will need more support and comfort to prevent poor posture or back pain. For example, if you know you are going to engage in tasks that will require you to stand for a long time, then you can wear the bra on those days.

If your profession requires you to stand for an extended time, you may need to a posture bra. Examples of such professionals include lecturers, nurses, and doctors. In fact, the best bras for nurses are all posture bras.

If you are exercising or working out, you should wear a sports bra. Sports bras are constructed in the same way like posture bras. However, they are sturdier and more breathable. Sports bras also reduce bounce and jiggle, something that posture bras don’t do.

In a nutshell, posture bras are ideal for light activities and every day wear while sports bras are recommended for intense workouts.

Buying a Posture Bra

There are different types of posture bras. However, be careful before buying as just having the word “posture” does not mean a bra is truly a posture type. Here are the things to consider when looking for a posture bra:

Front Closure

The best posture bras have a front hook to relieve tension. These bras relieve tension much better than those with back hooks.

With a back hook, all the weight of your boobs is supported by your back.

The bra on the left looks good and is marketed as a posture support bra. However, it has a back closure. While the back is wide and reduces some tension, its performance does not match that of the bra on the right, which only has a closure at the front.

Apart from the front closure, the bra on the right has 4 hooks, which means your breast weight will be distributed much better. This bra is the Front Hook Posture Bra by Elila. (see it here).

A High Racerback

A good posture bra should have a crossback design to help relieve tension. However, the crossback should also be high on your back. A low back crossback bra does not provide a lot of benefit.

Separated Cups

If a bra does not have separated cups that encapsulate each breast, your breasts will not be properly supported. Stay away from the so-called “posture bras” that squish the boobs into one. These bras do not improve your posture!

As you can see from the picture above, the two posture bras have a front enclosure, which is a good thing. They also have thick straps and provide adequate support.

However, the bra on the left squishes the boobs into one giant lump! This is nether comfortable nor supportive.

The bra on the right supports each breast individually. This is how a posture bra should be. This bra is the MagicLift Posture available on Amazon here.

Let’s look at other bras that can help to improve your posture.

Best Posture Bras

  • 1.      Leonisa Posture Bra

If you need more support than what regular bras provide, get the Leonisa Posture Bra. This bra features an “X” design on the back that enables you to maintain good posture all through the day, while providing remarkable support.

The bra has double-layered cups that give the breasts a great shape. The cups also prevent the bra from bulging.

Leonisa Posture Bra

This posture support bra is wireless under the bust. However, it provides excellent support and, therefore, would be best for anyone that engages in high-intensity activities. Wearing the bra will help to ease the weight of the bust on your shoulders.

The bra comes in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, make sure you order your exact size as your normal bra size. I also love the sturdiness and durability of the bra.

However, one issue I have with this bra is that it does not provide much cleavage.


  • 2.      Redu Shaper Shirt

The Redu Shaper Shirt is originally designed to be a fitness clothing with the attributes of the best posture bras. This bra is made from high-tech Neo-Power material. When in contact with your body, the material increases your temperature, making you sweat more.

However, the bra does not get soaked thanks to its super-absorbent outer layer. This means that you sweat on the inside but stay dry on the outside.

Redu Shaper Shirt

The Redu Shaper shirt has been scientifically designed and has compression features that help to flatten the abdomen, correct your posture, and make the tummy firm. Wearing the shirt will visually trim your shape and leave you with a molded figure.

You can wear this bra when doing your daily routines or exercising. The Redu Shaper Shirt is the best bra for losing weight.


  • 3.      Delimira Bra

The Delimira Bra provides excellent back support and helps to align your posture properly. This bra is made from a mix of Polyamide and Spandex. These materials are flexible and sturdy. These attributes that are important in relieving pressure on your back and shoulders.

Delimira Bra

The bra features an X-shaped reinforced back, is wire-free and comes with soft, non-padded cups. Its contours are high and wide for excellent coverage.

The Delimira Bra would be a notch higher if it had underwires or double-layered cups. I love bras that have wide soft backs, front hooks, underwires, and wide, no-slip straps. However, finding all these features in a single bra is quite difficult.

If you are a baby boomer, you will need all the support, shaping, and coverage you can get at a certain age. Wearing this bra helps you to maintain proper posture by making you stand straight. The wide ergonomic design and high-quality fabric used to make the bra ensure a perfect fit and support.

You can wear the Delimira Bra when exercising, for daily use, after breast surgery, or even as a maternity/breastfeeding bra.


  • 4.      Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bra

The Exquisite Form Longline bra is made from Nylon and features a powernet that supports the back and helps to keep your shoulders straight. The bra is comfortable and when worn, you won’t feel the heavy weight of your large breasts.

Exquisite Form Longline Posture Bra

The back of the bra covers your whole back, preventing any fat rolls from bulging out. The clothing does not have a band that will feel like it is “hitching up”. At the end of the day, you will not experience the usual shoulder pains that you may be used to if you have large breasts.

If you usually wear a camisole under your tops or T-shirts to smooth out the rolls and bulges created by bras, this is something you won’t have to worry about again. The Exquisite Long Form bra smooths out everything on its own.


How to Choose the Right Posture Bra

To find the best posture bra for you, consider the following:

Your breast size

Did you know that 70 percent of women wear an incorrect bra size? If you don’t know your breast size, measure it. Follow our guide on how to measure your breast size correctly.

There are 5 main breast measurements you need to get. These are:

  • Standing bust. Take a simple measurement of your bust while standing.
  • Tight under-bust. Measure the area just below your breast while standing but make sure you tighten the tape measure as much as you can.
  • Snug under-bust. Measure the area just below your breast while standing and relaxed.
  • Laying down bust. Lay on your back and measure your bust
  • Leaning over in 90 degrees. Lean down so that your breasts drop down and then measure them

After getting your results, you can use our bra size calculator to determine your true bra size.

Shape of your breast

When looking to buy a posture bra, your breast shape is just as important as the size. Breasts come in different shapes, all of which can simply be categorized as either shallow or pointy.

Fullness of the breasts

To determine the fullness of your boobs, bend down 90 degrees and check the breast tissue position in relation to your nipples. If you realize more breast tissue is above or below your nipples, you can tell whether you are fuller at the bottom or at the top of the breasts.

Which is the Best Posture Bra?

The MagicLift by Glamorise is the best posture bra. The bra is affordable, durable, and has all the characteristics of a good posture bra. The front enclosure looks awesome with the 5 hooks. Wearing the bra will support your breast and relieve shoulder tension and back pain.

Posture Bra

The MagicLift posture bra also looks attractive. If you don’t like it, you can go with any of the other posture bras we have reviewed in this article.




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