Best Bra for Acid Reflux

Best Bra for Acid Reflux

What is the best bra for acid reflux? In this guide, we explore five options that help to avoid pain.

Acid reflux can be very disruptive, especially when you are waking or going to sleep. Those who have experienced acid reflux know how it feels.

As a woman, you are probably wondering whether there is a connection between  GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) and the bra you usually wear every day. If this is the case, then you’ll want to try out one of the acid reflux bras we’ve recommended below.

Connection Between Heartburn and a Tight Bra

To determine whether you need a special bra for acid reflux, consider the bra that you wear every day. Do you usually wear tight bras? If so, then they are most likely the cause of your problems.

When you get a proper bra fitting, you will not only get the bra that makes your breasts to appear well but will also ensure that you have the right bra size. Proper bra fitting is an excellent contributor to good health since the wrong bra size you wear to lead to breast-related health issues. The tight bra has no benefits to your body. Wear the right bra that provides enough support.

What is a Hiatal Hernia Bra?

Have you been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia? If so, then you should research well to find the right bra for yourself. Consider the health issue you have before choosing a bra.

To find the best bra for hiatal hernia, you need expert advice and knowledge about the condition. Here is an excellent explanation about the condition:

Choosing the Right Bra for Hiatal Hernia

The best hiatal hernia bra should meet the following:

i) No underwire

This is one of the main features you should consider when searching for a bra.

An underwire can cut into your tissues with acid flux and worsen your hiatal hernia. A bra without an underwire will ensure that you do not experience any more pain pain.

ii) Soft cups

The cups should be smooth so that they don’t apply too much pressure on the area around your hernia.

iii) Sizing

When you have hiatal hernia, you may have to change your bra size. You may have to experiment with different sizes until you can find the perfect one.

The bra should not cause irritations when you wear it. If your standard size soft cup bra doesn’t feel comfortable, change the size to one that fits loosely.

Low Impact Sports Bra

A low impact sports bra provides support without squeezing the body a lot. This is one of the best bras for hiatal hernia.

Best Bras for Acid Reflux & Hiatal Hernia

You now know about acid reflux and hiatal hernia, which may require you to choose a specific bra. With this knowledge, here are the best bras to go for.

#1.  Emana Workout Women’s Sports Bra

emma women's sports bra

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The Emana Workout Sports Bra is made from made from 84% Polyamide  and 16% Elastane, a combination that makes it soft and breathable. The material is also provides protection against UV rays.

The elastic sports bra comes in a racer style back and provides adequate support. The bra is excellent for everyday wear or high-impact workout activities. The bra is sold together with a pair of matching workout shorts.

#2.  Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra #4049

Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra #4049

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The Playtex Seamless bra is loose and, therefore, will not worsen your heartburns. The seamless bra is a seamless, comfortable, and supportive. This bra comes with two two-ply soft cups and has cushioned non-slip straps, which will keep you comfortable all day long.

The bra is not padded but has a double layer fabric for additional comfort.  The bra is machine washable and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

#3.  Just My Size Women’s Active Lifestyle Wire-Free Bra

Just My Size Women’s Active Lifestyle Wire-Free Bra

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The Just My Size bra features soft, two-ply cups that are comfortable and support the breasts. If you work in extreme environments where you sweat a lot, the bra will be a perfect choice. The bra helps to prevent sweat thanks to the coolDri lining that wicks the moisture. As a result, you won’t feel smelly or sticky.

The bra is made from cotton, which is soft and stretchy. The fabric feels comfortable to wear all day long.

The bra has a back closure. Therefore, check for the right size to avoid buying one that is tight.

#4.  Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bra

Hanes Women’s Ultimate Comfy Support Wire-Free Bra

Available on Amazon

Hanes is one of the best lingerie brands. The Hanes Comfy bra is one of the best. bras for acid reflux. The bra is also great for wearing with hiatal hernia since it is comfortable and provides enough support.

The bra’s design is a classic style with a back closure. The seamless bra has comfortable straps and provides a great experience.

#5.  Under Armor Women’s Seamless Essential Bra

Under Armor Women’s Seamless Essential Bra

Available on Amazon

The Under Armor bra is one option you have if your prefer a push-up bra for acid reflux. This is a low impact bra and, therefore, will not squeeze your body tight.

The bra offers enough support to the breasts and will keep you feeling fresh, thanks to its Signature Moisture Transport System.

#6.  Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sports Bra


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The Fruit of the Loom sports bra is an excellent choice for women with GERD or hiatal hernia. The bra is made of 5% spandex and 95% cotton.

The cotton is soft, reasonably stretchy, provides enough support, and is comfortable. The bra does not squeeze your body, hence you won’t feel any paid. The band at the bottom of the bra keeps the breasts supported and in a good position. Moreover, it will not make you feel tight.

The bra is cheap and comes in many colors that you can choose from.

The above are the best bras for hiatal hernia and acid reflux. The bras come in different sizes, are supportive, and comfortable to wear all day long.

Editor’s Recommendation

What You Should Buy
If you are suffering from hiatal hernia, you need a bra that is super comfortable, flexible and with no underwires. From our tests, the Emana Workout Sports Bra is a great option. The bra is made from breathable materials and comes with matching pants, which is a bonus.

If you prefer another brand, we recommend you go for the Playtex Smoothing Full Coverage Bra. These non padded bras have no underwires but yet are so supportive and comfortable.


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