How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

How to Make Small Breasts Look Bigger

It is a familiar feeling for every woman to want that hot feeling whenever they go out for a night. The spice that comes from the makeup that you add is not enough. The outfit that makes you appear like a Kardashian brings you close to perfection.

Your amazing booty plus the accompanying confidence is lower with the smaller size of the chest in the low-cut tops. Your apartment is likely to be in a sham as you try to find a perfect match to solve and cover your small chest. You always lack an idea. You need to worry no more.

Many options are available that will make your breast look bigger. The options include the bra choices you make, the outfit you choose, and the food you eat. The article will guide you through the best 15 ways that are very easy in making your melons to look larger than they are hence working best for your confidence as you move around.

How to Make Your Small Breast Look Bigger

Be keen to note that surgery is not anything we are mentioning in the articles. The guide looks at simple ways and things that you can do to make the breasts appear more significant.

#1.  Find a Bra That is Well Fitting

Across the United States, millions of women go bra shopping every day. However, most of them leave the lingerie stores with bras that are not their sizes. With the different shapes and body sizes, sizing is never an exact science.

well fitting bra

Different stores are bound to have different bra sizes. Finding the correct size is always a challenging task. Some stores may ultimately lack the size that fits you, or the measurement may not be appropriate.

A well-fitting bra will achieve the goal of making your breasts to look bigger since you will be getting the support that you need. A right bra will be very helpful when it comes to prevention of back and shoulder pains. With this achieved, happiness will be full both in the body and the face. For the perfect bra, check for recommendations for A and B cup push up type bras.

The cups that you choose must be very smooth. The band should be very comfortable, and there should be no digging into the shoulder or pinching effect.

#2.  Wear Bras that Enhance Cleavage

Different bras types and designs are there to achieve various functions. The different designs may keep you guessing, which is the best bra type that will help you achieve what you want. Going through the lingerie selection without the knowledge of what you need could be a tiresome work. These bras may work well in enhancing your breast, making them look bigger.

#3.   Push-Up Bras

The bras are the most popular in the lingerie market. They will provide an effective means of making your breasts to look bigger. Apart from the great support, they offer, push up bras gives padding in the cup which helps to push the breasts upwards and together. Some push-up bras will make your chest to grow 2 cup sizes something you will find incredible.

Plunge Bras

The bra comes with some padding and is similar in a way to the push-up bras. It is a low-cut bra when compare to a regular bra. The plunge bra gently pushes the breasts together, thus enhancing the appearance of the cleavage and making it more pronounced.

Sticky Bras

They are the same to plunge bra concerning functioning. Sticky bras push up your melons. The best bra Sticky bra should be must-have adhesive padding that is inbuilt hence giving your chest a more significant look.

#4. Look for Bras with Extra Padding

Smaller cup bra shopping always proves challenging. If you can lay hands on a well-fitting push-up bra or one that has padding, expect miracles to your melons. The top push up bras for small breasts come in several designs ranging from strapless bras to plunge bras.

Bras with Extra Padding


The push-up bra will work correctly with any of the outfits that you will choose and will effectively raise your confidence level. Bras that leave a gap between the cup and your chest should not be in your list; this is because for you to achieve the target, you will still have to stuff them. You must be keen to ensure that the straps are adjustable so that you can customize with your size. Bras that have crossed over straps will be the best for you. In addition to wearing it with your best choice of racerback tank, the bras will also provide an extra lift to your breasts.

Consider selecting a posture bra for enhancement of your pose. Slouching may make the breast to appear sagging. The correction of your posture will work effectively in cutting down on the slouching.

We have given you enough tips to ensure that you are making your melons look more prominent. It will be of great value if you are also getting the knowledge on how to get the melons bigger. The methods are no hoax, and you will be able to witness the actual physical change. If you take a keen interest in the techniques, we give you to be sure to get that change.

#5.  Wear 2 Bras

Two is better than one has never been more accurate, especially when it comes to the creation of cleavage. Add a second bra if your melons look smaller in a single bra. The first bra will work to ensure the breasts are in good shape will the second one will make the cleavage twice better. The bra should have molded cups plus padding to make you have the biggest cleavage ever.

#6.  Change Your Normal Bra into a Racerback

With your bras on the feeling of the need for a boost to the cleavage will never lack. For the increase, try to cross the straps at the back so that it can be a racerback. If the straps of your bra are convertible, then it is achievable. Use a safety pin or bra clip to hold the straps together.

The racerback will help in the movement of your breasts upwards and bring them together, hence creating a cleavage that is well in definition and will leave you with amazement. The change is time-consuming and takes as little as 1 minute.

#7.  Try Using Bra Inserts

The stuffing of your bra will be a good memory teaser. You will remember your attempts to please your crush in the 7th grade only that at these times you might have used toilet paper. Here is some good news for you. The evolution in the bra in the bra industry has been significant since the dark past days.

Try Using Bra Inserts

With the rise in the need for increased cleavage, the industry has and come with inserts that will be very effective in improving your cleavage. The supplements come in different materials. The materials include silicone, fabric, and gel.

It is effortless to find the best inserts for your breasts. Using them is very easy. Slip the insert into the bra, and there you have it, the best cleavage ever.

#8.  Contour Your Cleavage

Into to make better your cleavage another best option is trying to contour it. Contouring your smaller chest will make it look awesomely large. Contouring is the perfect choice if you are intentioned to raise the cleavage with very little cash to spend. Who would have imagined that makeups could bring the best feeling of a boost in the breast size?

For contouring, create shadows using a foundation that is two-shade-darker for the outlining of collarbones and breasts. Highlight the top of the chest using a light contour cream for blending it all out.

#9.  Ensure Your Posture is Perfect

While growing up, your mother must have been forcing you to stand straight. Of course, during those times, it may have seemed unnecessary. When you are standing upright, your posture is better. With the chest in front, the spine elongates making your chest look significant and noticeable.

Besides, when you are in an upright position, you are sure to be in good health as you will not experience joint pain, muscle strain, or back pain.

#10.  Do Appropriate Workouts

To boost the growth of melons, you ought to get your blood to pump. Functional exercise is a perfect way to increase your breast size. Exercises which target the pectoral will work well when it comes to improving the breast size as leads to the strengthening of the region around the breast.

Do Appropriate Workouts

Dumbbell bench press, the fly lifts, and push-ups are the three exercises which mainly targets the area around the breasts.

When weight lifting, no need to be worried about starting it at the experienced level. Start by building endurance from the low weight exercises and rise slowly. With time you will develop tolerance to more massive tasks. The activities will work with time in making your breast grow.

When undertaking exercises, it is good to take caution. Don’t forget and focus on the lower pecs as this will end it all up in making the chest even smaller.

#11.  Dress for Accentuation

It is not in the knowledge of many that the clothing they dress in will have a high impact on the visibility of the chest. For your breast appear larger, tight-fitting clothes will do a perfect job. Tight clothes will accentuate the chest very well, making your breast stand out.

Attention can also come when you wear long necklaces. Shirts containing logos or graphics will also work. The neckless and the graphics will be beneficial in the drawing of attention to breasts as they appear larger than they are. Putting on a push-up bra will also enhance the appearance of the breasts to be more significant.

Horizontal stripes, when used, will also make the melons appear larger since they create the illusion of the breasts being larger. It makes the chest to seem larger.

#12.  Accessorize

Matching your outfit with an appropriate accompanying necklace can be able to make your breast appear bigger. A low-cut top will go smartly with a long-chained necklace. If you are in the preference of tops that offer more coverage, an accessory that has shorter chains will work well, especially those that sit right above the melons.

#13.  Make Your Waist Appear Smaller

You can also divert the attention from making the breasts larger to checking on the waist. When you make the size look smaller, the chest will in the natural course appear to be more significant.

Make Your Waist Appear Smaller

Go for more workout that focuses on shaping your waist. You can use waist girdles or shapewear to shape your waist.

#14.  Eat Right

A healthy diet is an answer to breast size. Go shopping for foodstuff that is rich in estrogen and protein. You may consider going for foods such as eggs, chicken, blueberries for natural enhancement of your breasts.

A proper diet is not one that is full of ice cream or the many satisfying desserts, but one that is well balanced in terms of the nutrients that are present in them. Good food will work well in improving and increasing the growth in the size of the breast.

#15.Have Confidence

For you to be able to pull off your right outfit, the essential thing that you must have is regardless of your breast size is confidence. You will still appear flawless even if you don’t have the above information if you have the assurance when you are in that outfit. Society should never be a determiner of the size that your breast should have. You should be your own master championed by confidence.

#16.  Avoid the Bras That Flatten

If you are purposing to achieve, making your breasts appear huge, then some bras should never be on your list. The bras that you should avoid:

Minimizers and Unlined Bras

The bras don’t have the necessary padding that will help in boosting your cleavage. They will make the breast to appear smaller than they are as the bras lie flat against the chest.

Sports Bras

Sports bra are essential for support. The bra provides support by compressing the breast and as such will not be very useful in making your breasts to appear larger. You must, therefore, go through all the sports bra to find one that is best for your desire.


You now have enough information, and you are good to make your smaller breasts to appear to be more significant. Don’t use the tips for stressing your melons. The tips are to use only for making your bra look larger.

Your body is as beautiful as it is. If it comes to your desire to boost.

Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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