How to Remove a Bra Correctly

How to Remove a Bra Correctly With One Hand!

Most prefer not to go to bed in their bra. However, there are those moments when you desire to remove the bra without getting up from the comfort of the bed. What is the correct way to remove your bra while you are in your bed?

How to Unhook a Bra One Handed

Most bras, such as the front closure type are comfortable to remove while lying in your bed. Contrary some are very difficult to remove in such a position until you sit upright a good example being pullover bras. The article guides you on how to remove your back ordinary closure bra while in your bed.

Lying on the Back

Lying on the Back

The method will be most straightforward to many women and girls. It is very convenient since you don’t have to stretch the band to reach the hooks.


  1. Drop the straps away from the shoulders while you are lying on your back. Slip the straps to the direction where your hands are so that you can remove them
  2. Check on the thinnest part of your torso and pull the band that direction
  3. At this point, your mid-section is partly off the bed. Rotate the bra band to ensure that the hooks are facing the ceiling
  4. Remove the claps from the hooks
  5. Lift the upper part of your torso or roll to your side

Lying on The Tummy

how to unhook a bra one handed

When using this method to remove your bra, your hands must be very flexible. If not, you will find it a challenging technique. You may also spoil the band when you pull it down.


  1. Lie flat on your tummy. Your hands should be to the sides. To be more comfortable, put away the pillow.
  2. With your hands, get to the eye closure and hook to unclasp
  3. Drop the shoulder straps while still lying on your tummy so that the bra falls off to your bed.
  4. Roll comfortably to your side while continuing to slide the straps from the shoulders. Raise the torso to loosen the band.

While Lying on Your Side

Lying on Your Side

It’s a bit of a challenge to take off the bra while you are lying on your side. That it is a challenge that does not mean that you can’t do it, it still all possible, be it that you don’t have an option to go with well.


  1. While you are lying on your side, force your arm gently to the lower torso side to the direction of your back
  2. To undo the hook, bring all of your hands to it
  3. At this point from the upper part of the shoulders, remove the strap then slide it off the shoulder
  4. To remove the other bra strap, turn over, and do it straightforwardly.

One Hand Procedure for Unhooking the Clasp

one hand bra remove

Forcing one arm under your upper body could be strenuous. What if you can unhook the claps with a single hand? All you have to do is to lie on the side and get the clasps open.


  1. Using your index finger between the band and the skin and the thumb for feeling the eyes and the hooks
  2. Use the middle fingers to pinch between the hooks while using the thumb for assistance
  3. Go ahead and remove the bra

If removing the bra still proves difficult, try sitting up. While seated, you can take the bra off just as you would while standing. If your bra is not a pullover type, it’s important to avoid removing it as you would remove a T-shirt bra. If you do this, the band will comfortably wear out; thus, you will not be maintaining the bra well.

If sleeping with a bra is what you attempt but time and again you find yourself removing it, it is good you buy yourself a front closure bra for to make it easier when you want to remove. The steps above will, in the meantime, be beneficial when you need to remove your bra while in bed.


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