How to Tape Your Boobs to Get an Amazing Cleavage

how to tape your boobs to get an amazing cleavage

How to Tape Your Boobs to Get an Amazing Cleavage

Do you want to lift your breasts and create a great cleavage without wearing a bra? Well, you should try using a boob tape. Boob taping works even for women with fuller busts!

If you have been following celebs like Kim K, then you may have noticed their breasts always seem lifted, even when they are obviously not wearing a bra. Well, you can also do the same, getting some cues from them.

You just need to know how to tape your boobs properly!

boob tape

The Problem

Are you looking to wear a deep plunge or backless dress but don’t want to go braless? You should wear a bra!

However, most backless bras do not provide adequate support. You may have tried different bra options with your backless dress but none may have worked.

If you have big breasts, you already know how stressful finding a good backless dress bra can be. In fact, they just don’t work if you have a large bust.

Here are the couple of the popular options available on the market:

  • Bra Adhesives. These will give your breasts a lift but are not suitable for people with fuller breasts.
  • The Fashion Forms U-Plunge Bra. This bra is great for wearing with plunge necklines if you don’t need support.
  • The NuBra. This is a great bra for creating a full cleavage for ladies that have smaller breasts. However, the bra does not provide any support.

If you have small breasts, the above options may be suitable for you. However, they typically offer little to no support. If the options don’t work for you, then you should think of taping your breasts!

Get an Amazing Cleavage With a Boob Tape!

If you want to lift your breasts without having to deal with the lack of support from bras, get a boob tape. You can get an amazing cleavage that will last for hours when you tape your breasts right.

Anyone can use a boob tape, including those with small breasts. However, if you have a large bust, you will be surprised at how well the tapes work.

If you want to know how to tape your breasts, this guide is for you.

What is Boob Tape?

gaffer tape medical tape

So, what exactly is boob or breast tape?

As the name suggests, a boob tape is the tape uses to tape the breasts. This tape can be anything, from athletic tape to duct tape! While you can use any tape to hold the melons, keep in mind that their strength differs.

The best tape for taping breasts is either Medical Tape or Gaffer Tape.

Gaffer Tape will hold your boobs strongly and offers the most support. However, taking it off can be quite painful.

Medical Tape is a good alternative for Gaffer Tape. This tape does not hurt a lot when taken off. However, it is not as strong as Gaffer Tape.

It’s up to you to decide on the tape to use. Kim Kardashian uses Gaffer Tape!

What You Need to Tape Boobs

Taping your breasts should not cost you a lot. All the items you need are cheap. The items include:

Preparing to Tape the Breasts

Before you tape the breasts, it helps to prepare the skin to end up with the best results. Make sure that the skin is not oily, i.e. you should not apply lotion or moisturizer when you intend to tape the breasts. Oily skin makes it difficult for the tape to stick. If the skin is oily, wash the oil off.

It is also important to patch test the tape for allergic reactions to the glue. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience some redness or irritation. This is normal and you won’t be at risk of getting any permanent damages.

How to Tape Breasts for a Plunge/Backless Dress

If you are planning to wear a backless or plunge dress, you can tape your boobs to lift them and boost your cleavage. Your taping should look like Kim Kardashian’s in the picture below.

kim kardashian taping

However, you can tweak the tape depending on the dress you are wearing, for example, if it has thinner straps.

Follow the steps below to tape your breasts when wearing a backless dress:


Step 1: Get the Gaffer or Medical Tape and cut about 12 inches of the tape. Tape the boob starting from its base to the shoulder using the strip of tape. Lift your breast a little bit up and tape it.

For maximum lift and hold, make sure the tape is long enough to extend to your shoulders. However, consider the dress you plan to wear to know where the tape should extend to.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1 above with about two more strips of tape. However, this time you should tape going inwards. Remember to put a cotton pad on the nipple before taping over it.

Step 3: Carry out Step 2 on the other boob

Step 4: This step is optional. Depending on the type of plunge dress you have, you can tape horizontally under the breasts. Lift the boobs a little bit, bring them together and tape them. The result will be a push-up effect.

How to Tape Breasts for a Strapless/Backless Dress

You can also tape your breasts if you are wearing a strapless backless dress. The taping procedure is the same as above but should look like this:

breast taping strapless backless

Step 1: Lie down on your back or lean over before you tape. Regardless of the shape you want to create, you will have to lift up the breasts and bring them together.

Step 2: Cut a strip of about 12 inches of tape and start taping under the breasts from side to side. Make sure you encapsulate the boobs when taping. Depending on the kind of dress you will be wearing, you can bring the tape higher or lower on the sides.

Step 3: Repeat the procedure with two more strips of tape, ensuring that you are taping over the previous one. Make sure you have covered your nipples with a cotton pad before taping over them.

Here is a video that shows how to do the procedure properly (HINT: Skip to 1:40 for the tutorial)

How to Remove Boob Tape

Taking off breast tape is not a pleasant experience. However, the procedure will be less painful when you follow the tips below.

If you can take a hot bath or shower while the tape is still on, this will help to loosen it. After bathing or showering, do not wait for too long to pull off the tape.

Get some olive oil and dab it on your skin as you pull the tap. Use one hand to pull the tape slowly and the other to dab the oil next to where the tape is being pulled off from.

That’s it! This is everything you need to know about taping the breasts.

Taping the boobs is a great option as it allows you to wear any dress.

Let us know your experience with the boob tape in the comment section below.

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