Best Breast Lift Tape Reviews

Best Breast Lift Tape Reviews

Best Breast Lift Tape Reviews

Want an easy way to lift the boobs without having to wear a sticky adhesive bra? Then get a lift tape. We’ve gone through dozens of breast lift tape reviews and have compiled the top 10 best options available on the market.

Breast lift tapes are essential for the provision of lift to your breasts. With the lift tapes, you can go braless without drawing attention and still ensure your breasts are raised. You may find that the adhesive keeps you comfortable in comparison to bras.

Breast Lift Tape Reviews

As the name suggests, breast lift tapes lift the breasts, preventing them from sagging. In this breast lift tape reviews guide, we’ll look at the top 10 options on the market that are comfortable, affordable and offer excellent lift.

#1.  Epic Elements Breast Lift Tape

Shining Queen Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

This breast lift tape is a great option if you have saggy breasts. Finding the right bra that will match perfectly with certain outfits can be challenging. And this is where the Essentials Lift Tape comes in.

The lift tape will ensure the boobs stay lifted and is perfect when wearing backless or strapless clothes. The package comes with a manual that will guide you on how to use the tape. Alternatively, you can read our guide on how to tape your breasts for the instructions.

#2.  Okela Boob Tape

Wellspring Life Nipple Cover Silicone Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

The Okela Boob Tape allows you the comfort of going braless without worrying about your sisters hanging.  The tape comes with nipple covers and extra double-sided tape. You can wear the silicone adhesive pasties or use the double-sided tape with clothes that have open backs, swimsuits, wedding gowns, and cut out dresses.

The breast lift tape will make you feel elegant, comfortable and confident. You won’t have to worry about your breasts sagging.

The pasties are made of hypoallergic materials. Therefore, they won’t irritate your skin. The pasties are also water-resistant. You can wear them while swimming and they won’t fall off the breasts.

These pasties are washable and reusable. Wash them with mild soap and let them dry before using again.

#3.  Hiramex Nipple Covers Self Adhesive Breast Lift Tape

Hiramex Nipple Covers Self Adhesive Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

The Hiramix Nipple Covers feature adhesive that is hypoallergic. Available in a pack of 10 bras lift tapes and ten nipple covers, this boob tape is great if you are on a budget. The breast lift tape fits women of different breast sizes.

Using it is very simple: cut the tape according to your breast size by following the cut line. To remove the tape, rub the breasts with a warm towel where the tapes are. The warm towel makes it easy to remove the adhesives without hurting your breasts.

The Hiramix Boob Tape will lift your breasts without any need for a bra.

The nipples cover available in several shapes, including flower, heart, and circle. The surfaces are fragile on the sides but thick enough in the middle area to efficiently cover the nipples.

#4.  Pure Style Girlfriends Pick Me Up Breasts Lift Tape

Pure Style Girlfriends Pick Me Up Breasts Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

The Pure Style breast lift tape can lift your breasts up to 2 inches without the support of the bra. The tape is infused with surgical grade PU adhesive, which is highly resistant to water and sweat. There is no adhesive on the nipple areas. Therefore, you won’t feel pain when removing the tape.

This boob tape is waterproof. Therefore, you can use it with swimsuits. It comes in the breast sizes 32A up to 34D. For the best experience, ensure that the tape is clean before you attach it to the breast.

What We Love

  • The nipple area is free of adhesives thus you will be comfortable when removing it
  • It is sweat and waterproof; hence, you can swim with it very comfortably

#5.  Secret WEAPONS New Boob Tape Uncut Roll Breast Lift Tape

Secret WEAPONS New Boob Tape Uncut Roll Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

This 16.4 feet and 2 inches breast lift tape is made from medical grade transparent tape. To use the tape, cut it to the shape that will work best with your breasts. Check for a peel-off sign to remove the cover of the tape. T

The tape is safe to use on all skin types as it’s made of hypoallergic material. Moreover, it is waterproof and sweat resistant. Get your favorite cloths and shine in them without the worries of sagging breasts.

You can scan the tape’s QR code to get the user manual and guide.

What We Love

  • Has instruction on how the tape
  • The tape is made of hypoallergenic materials and, therefore, will not affect your skin

#6.  Queestreet Breast Lift Tape

Rain Lotus Petals Sticky Nipple Covers Reusable Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

The Queenstreet long-lasting breast lift tape will help you save money. The tape is made from 100% hypoallergenic material. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, the tape will not affect you. You can wear this boob tape with different outfits to achieve a  sexy appearance.

The breast lift tape is ultra-thin in the middle and thick at the center to prevent pain on the nipples when removing it. The tape is reusable and easy to carry in your bag.

For women with large breasts, the tape is perfect as it’s designed for up to E cup sizes. When you wear this tape, you will not need a bra.

What We Love

  • The tape is reusable
  • Covers up to E cup bra size.

#7. EMOET Breast Lift Tape

CleveAid Reusable Pasties Breast Lift Nipple Cover and Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

The tape and nipple cover feature a double-sided adhesive tape. You can wear it with various outfits, including the ones that you found uncomfortable wearing with the bras. The pasties and the tapes are flexible, and are adjustable to fit your shape.

The tape is very soft to the skin. Thus, you will be very comfortable in them all the time. This lift tape is waterproof and reusable.

What We Love

  • Comes with additional double-sided adhesive fashion tape
  • It is reusable and waterproof

#8.  TIIT Kit Breast Lift Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets No Show Concealers and Breast Lift Tape

Available on Amazon

With the tape, you are sure of the natural look when you go braless. The package has four pairs of breast lift tape and five pairs of concealers that you can dispose of after use. The tape will go well with any of the clothes that you choose and will significantly enhance your shape.

The arc shape of the tape is essential in ensuring that there are no wardrobe malfunctions. This is a cheap breast lift tape that we highly recommend.

What We Love

  • You will get the nipple covers in the pack
  • Wardrobe malfunctions will not occur at any cost

#9.  Comfident XL Body Tape

FRIDA Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers with Tape

Available on Amazon

The Comfident Body Tape provides great support when you go braless. The bra is made of eco-friendly and medical-grade hypoallergenic material. This breast lift tape will help you achieve a bra-free life. The tape offer excellent support and keeps everything in place.

You can use the adhesive tape multiple times without any problem. The breast lift tape is suitable for a wide range of breast sizes, including large breasts.

#10.  Secret Weapons Breast Lift Tapes

Pinklips Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers Invisible Breast Lift Tapes

Available on Amazon

The Secret Weapons best lift tape support and lift the breasts well. This tape is made of hypoallergic material that is thin and comfortable to the breasts. The tape will not show through backless or strapless dresses, or other clothes you wear as it blends perfectly with the skin.

The breast lift tape is thick at the nipple area for the best coverage. Therefore, the nipples won’t show under those sexy clothes you wear.

The lightweight lift tape is just as supportive as a regular bra. You can reuse the tape for over sixty times without worrying about the adhesive and the support. Use it properly and it will last long

It is lightweight, and you will get a straightforward time having it on as it is straightforward to use.

What We Love

  • It is reusable
  • It is ultra-thin and thus very lightweight

Why Use Breasts Lift Tapes

Lift the Breasts

The tape lifts the breasts, thus stopping the saggy breast problem. You will achieve a sexy look  and be sure of excellent while being braless.

Avoid Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions are common among celebrities as most bras do not fit the outfits that they have. In fact, we are sure some of the celebrities in the video below would benefit a lot from boob tapes.

The tapes will be a great solution that allows them to avoid going braless and still get the best breast lift and support.

Get Rid of the Bra

Bra wearing could be very irritating to the skin. A breast lift tape allows you to go braless. The tapes lift the breasts without making you uncomfortable.

From this breast lift tape review, you now have the solutions to the problem of going braless. These tapes can be worn with any type of clothes.

Why pay for  breast surgeries when a lift tapes can get you the lift you need?

Before buying a breast lift tape, check your breast size and the material used to make the tape. Avoid tapes made of materials that will irritate your kin.

Also, choose breast tapes that cover and protect the nipples well. You don’t want a tape that is painful to remove from the breasts.

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