Best Front Closure Bras for Plus Size (Large Breasts)

Best Front Closure Bras for Plus Size

Best Front Closure Bras for Plus Size (Large Breasts)

Bras with front hooks are ideal for women who find trouble clasping a bra with hooks at the back. They can also be suitable for people with arms and hand movement limitations like someone who has arthritis.

A bra with hooks at the front is advantageous yet again since its design has a space between the cups on the gore. It makes the bra ideal for women with breasts that have extensive roots.

The best advantage of this bra is that you will still have a smooth back. You won’t have any bumpy closures at the back that will give you trouble.

4 of the Best Front Closure Bras for Plus Size

Glamorise Women’s #9245 Stretch-Lace Wonderwire Bra Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra Playtex Women’s Front-Close Bra with Flex Back #4695B Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size Elegance Front-Close Lace Underwire Bra
Cup: Not padded Cup: Lined Cup: unlined Cup: Not padded
Fit: Band runs small Fit: True to Size Fit: True to Size Fit: Band runs small
Best attribute: Looks Best attribute: Comfort Best attribute: 360 degree support Best attribute: Side support
Rating: 3/5 Rating: 3.5/5 Rating: 3.5/5 Rating: 4/5
Sizes: B-F, band sizes 36-46 Sizes: B-DD, band sizes 34-42 Sizes: B-DDD, band sizes 36-54 Sizes: B-GG, band sizes 34-48

The only problem with bras that have front closure hooks is that you can’t adjust them. A lot of bras tend to relax after you wear and wash them severally. Fortunately for bra’s with back closures, you can make the bra fit snugly by adjusting since they have more than two hooks. Once a bra with a front closure becomes loose, there’s nothing much you can do about it since you can’t adjust it. It means that the number of wear out for bras with front closure is low. You can solve this issue by going for a bra with a slightly loose fit in the band, perhaps a size down. So, when the bra relaxes, it will become a bit lose and fit you properly.

What makes women with full breasts find this bra appealing is a limiting factor to their counterparts with smaller chests. This bra doesn’t have gore, and this makes it less supportive, as you have nothing to tack to the sternum.

Some women still prefer bras with front closures compared to the old-fashioned back closures, despite the disadvantages. We come up with these exquisite front-closure bras in case you trying to find one you can check them out.

My previous article was on Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Front Close Closure Bra.  This particular bra is ideal since you can wear it throughout the day and it also looks good when you wear it underneath a t-shirt and has a low cut which makes it possible for you to wear it even with outfits which have revealing necklines. The bra straps are adjustable, and you can convert them to a bra with a T design at the back, which means that the style can overcome support issues that come with front closure bras. (rockstarjackets)

Glamorise Women’s Stretch-Lace Wonder Wire Front-Opening Bra (9245)

Available on Amazon


Glamorise has beautiful front closure bras with lace details. This bra is available up to size 46F and looks relatively smooth underneath t-shirts regardless of having a lace. All these features make it the perfect front closure bra for plus size women.


This bra features the Glamorise wonder wire. The underwire gives high-level support which you require and also shapes the breast. The underwires will not rub against your skin since it has a cushion between the underwire and where it lays on the chest. This bra is ideal for women who find underwires uncomfortable. This bra will change their perception of underwires.

However, the underwire might jut out and form a gore depending on the shape of your body.


This bra’s straps are broad enough so you won’t have to worry about having it dig into your shoulders, even for those with large breasts. The space between the straps is, so no center- pull experiences. This bra is, however, not the best for people with saggy breasts, but if you have fuller breasts, you will get maximum support for the chest.


glamorise lace front opening bras back


The bra has weak cups. You can place a seam on the vertical dart. But if you wear a thin shirt, your nipples might look like they are protruding, when in real sense it isn’t! After you wash it severally, the lace will become soft, and it wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

The cup doesn’t have a lining, which comes of like a double-edged sword. When it comes to the plus side, this bra is well aerated, and for those with massive melons, it means no worries about additional bulk to their frames. However, if you have an issue with your nipples, then this is not a suitable bra.


How the band fits is essential when it comes to bras with front closure hooks. Over time, the band of the bra becomes loose, and you can’t adjust it for a proper fit as with back closure bras. The bra’s band feels sturdy, doesn’t dog into the chest, and its fit is perfect. You will love it. Reviews show that the band fit is a little snug but go for your standard size as it tends to relax after washing.


A beautiful bra with some lace details yet achieves that feminine look despite the coverage.

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

The price of this bra is fair, and it also has front closure hooks. However, the sizes are limiting. The most significant size they have is a 42DD.

This bra is available in natural colors, and its back is smooth, thereby cutting down on how the back fat appears.


Women who like front closure bras will love Bali. It’s so good that it can change the skeptics.  The bra has cups with a proper structure making it super comfortable. And just like most bras with a front closure, it separates the breasts perfectly well. The middle of the bra doesn’t rub the skin; therefore, you will not experience any discomfort around that place.

bali front close bra back


The bra straps are excellent. They are narrow at the back, are adjustable, but not as broad compared to the Glamorise bra.

The bra’s overall effect is you wouldn’t feel like you have a bra on! It’s very light and has a perfect fit, and you won’t feel any constriction.


If you are looking for a lift, then this bra is not the one!  Although it will give you high-level support and give your breasts shape.

The bra’s padding is light, so you won’t have to deal with nipple showing and it will give that super smooth look underneath your t-shirts. However, the pad might make you feel like you have some additional bulk on your frame. Try it on and see if you will have any problems.

The fabric on the cups begins to peel and snag after several washes, which is not good. It does not affect how the bra looks under a t-shirt, but you’ll need to reconsider wearing it for that date night.


Bali is quite affordable, comfortable, and you can wear it daily. The racerback and the narrow straps make up when it comes to providing support which bras with front hooks tend to lose structurally.

Playtex Women’s Front-Close Bra With Flex Back # 4695b

Playtex Women's Front-Close Bra With Flex Back # 4695b

Available on Amazon

This bra doesn’t come off as sexy, but it’s the most supportive and durable for the plus size women who love front closure bras with hooks. The bra sizes go up to 50DDD. The prices are reasonable and depending on your size choice. You can get them in online stores. They come in three colors.


The best part on this bra has to be the straps. They are narrow at the back, creating a center pull support. The straps are quite broad with padding on the shoulders, which helps minimize any shoulder digging, which is a common problem for women with large breasts.

playtex front closure bra back

This bra also features a unique supportive panel at the back that is elastic and stretchy. The fit of this strap has similar characteristics with the supportive band at the back of posture support bras. The bra feels supportive compared to any standard bra.

This bra is a full cup. Keeps the breasts in place, therefore, no need of adjusting and readjusting it when moving around.

The front closure has eye closures and not clasps. Sometimes clasps may not be durable, so the old-school hook and eye closure will thrill you.


You can adjust the straps but not entirely. That would be okay for people of average height. But, for those who are tall, petite, or have a long torso, you are likely not to find the length of the straps suitable as the padding can go below your shoulders.

What makes a bra sell can also be a limiting factor when it comes to the other, as in the case of bras with full coverage. It is also the most supportive underwire-free bra in the market.  But, when you wear it, the bra will make you feel like you are wearing some materials.

This bra has a row of hooks only: comes off as a disappointment. It would have been perfect with maybe three rows of eyelets.

For people with big breasts, this bra doesn’t do much in separating them. An inner sling would be ideal in achieving the perfect separation, giving the breasts the shape, you would desire.


You can consider this bra for those non-sports events and wearing it all day. This bra is also ideal if you are looking for one that will help keep your breasts in place.

Glamorise Women’s Plus Size Elegance Front- Close Lace Underwire Bra

Glamorise Women's Plus Size Elegance Front- Close Lace Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

The Elegance Front close is another excellent bra from Glamorise for people who are not lace enthusiasts. This bra is available from band sizes 34 to 48 and cup sizes B up to G.


First, it’s easy to hook the clasps of this bra.

If you are caught up between having to choose between 9245 lace and this Elegance front close bra, the fabric of this bra is soft, and the straps are more comfortable, since they are broad, have padding on the shoulders and at the front. You can’t adjust the straps of this bra fully, which comes off as a limitation to petite and those who have a long torso.

The band of this bra has a U shape and is also broad at the back, creating a smoothing effect. The straps provide a center pull offering more support to the breasts.

When you compare this bra to the Stretch Lace, this bra creates the feeling of additional support with the in-built side support, which helps keep the breasts from spreading out of the cup. This bra is not a minimizer, but the side support makes the chest stay in place.

Additionally, the inner sling at the below the cup, which also comes in handy when it comes to containing the breast in the cups.

The cups have a moisture-wicking design at the bottom, which is good news for women who dread getting all sweaty under the melons.

Another good thing about this bra is that it sits on the chest correctly. Most front closure bras tend to protrude at the center, where the gore is typically for bras with a back closure. It is ideal for plus size women, and it doesn’t have that protruding appearance on wearing it under a fitting t-shirt.

glamorise plus size elegance front opening bras back


Aesthetically, this bra is ideal for your everyday look. It’s both beautiful and functional. I love the edging on the cups since it has scallops.


This bra features some beautiful design. The half at the top is lacy while the bottom has a lovely fabric that is breathable and can also wick the moisture from your body. The only limiting factor in this bra is the vertical seam on the cup that you can see through when wearing an outfit that has a thin layer. If you choose to look beyond aesthetics, then you’ll find this bra great, especially when it comes to offering support.

For women who find bras with back closures appealing, this bra would feel like it doesn’t lift. When you compare it to the other bras with front closure hooks, then this is the best, but the Playtex beats it when we talk of support.

This bra has a Glamorise underwire with sheath – Wonder wire too, and this makes it super comfortable even to people whose skin is too sensitive for bra’s that have underwires. However, the underwires tend to come up high on the sides. It may be suitable for tall people, but their counterparts need to look at it.


This bra’s fabric and the level of support it offers makes it the best among them all. Although it does not match the support the Playtex gives, this front closure bra is comfortable on the eyeholes and doesn’t come up high on the cups, and this means that you can wear it with several outfits.

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