Here is How to Wear a Shelf Bra Without Feeling Intimidated

Here is How to Wear a Shelf Bra Without Feeling Intimidated

One of the questions most women have is how to wear a shelf bra. In this guide, we present three ways of wearing the sexy lingerie.

If you love revealing bra styles, then you probably know about shelf bras. Also known as open cup or quarter cup bras, these inner garments allow you to show and flaunt your nipples.

However, contrary to popular belief, open cup and shelf bras are not really the same.

Difference Between Open Cup and Shelf Bras

Generally, open cup bras do not have any cups. These cupless bras only have a small amount of material that sits underneath your bust, leaving the sisters completely on display.

image of open cup bra

On the other hand, shelf bras provide some degree of coverage for your bust.

Open shelf bras, as the name suggests, do not offer any kind of coverage of the breasts. These bras are the same as open cups.

There are also conservative shelf bras that provide about half the coverage of a standard bra. When you wear these “modest” shelf bras, only the top half of your breasts will be revealed. However, the bras will generally keep the nipples covered up.

image of a shelf bra

Both shelf bras and open cup bras have bands and straps, which help in lifting the bust, just like normal bras do. However, since these two bras are nearly the same, distinguishing them can be quite tricky.

3 Ways of Wearing a Shelf Bra

It is no secret that open cup and shelf bras are very sexy. However, they offer minimal coverage. This makes many women too nervous to wear them. In fact, you can’t wear the bras for every occasion.

Still, there is a right time and place to rock these revealing intimates. Here are three ways in which you can wear the shelf bra.

As lingerie

You can wear a shelf bra or an open cup bra as lingerie.  Do not be afraid to add a couple of these sexy intimates in your lingerie collection.

Shelf bras offer lift and support that help to flatten your bust, making you look sexier. When wearing the intimates, you will feel more confident, even though you may initially have been intimidated by them.

With a  low cut top

If you are not sure whether to spend money buying a shelf bra or an open cup bra, consider their practical uses. Yes, it is not easy to find a functional use for shelf bras. However, the bras can pair well with low cut dresses and tops.

You can wear a shelf bra that only covers the bottom half of the sisters with a dress or top with a plunging neckline. I guarantee you that the cups of the bra will not show.

Under Regular Clothes

You can also wear a shelf bra under regular clothes to add some extra sexy fun in the bedroom. Wear it under any clothes that you usually wear without a bra. This sexy lingerie is guaranteed to make your partner’s jaw drop.

How to Wear a Shelf Bra

You do not want to risk not wearing a bra and therefore, miss the support you are looking for. On the other hand, you do not want to wear a bra whose straps show, and end up looking tacky.

Shelf bras offer the right compromise between support and lift. With these bras, you can wear drops or tops with any neckline, no matter how low they are.

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