Wear These 8 Shelf Bras for Plus Size to Show Your Sexy Boobs!

Shelf Bras for Plus Size to Show Your Sexy Boobs

Wear These 8 Shelf Bras for Plus Size to Show Your Sexy Boobs!

Which is the best shelf bra for D cup or larger? Read on to find out the best plus size shelf bra you can buy.

One of the sexiest undergarments available for plus size women is a shelf bra. Wondering what I’m talking about? Read on.

What is a Shelf Cup Bra?

A shelf bra, also known as a quarter cup bra, is a bra that is designed to show off your breasts. If you like, the bra will also show your nipples. This is a naughty bra style that you want to have in your lingerie collection for those special moments.

Some lingerie manufacturers refer to the shelf bra as an open cup bra. This sexy bra exposes your breasts completely.

There are various types of shelf bras on the market. For example, if you have large melons and are looking for more support and lift, you can get a shelf bra with extra supportive half cups.

Below is an overview of the shelf bra:

  • The bra covers the lower parts of your breasts
  • Some bras also cover the nipples while others don’t
  • The bra is also known as a quarter cup bra, half cup bra, split cup bra, or an open cup bra
  • It has wire supports.
  • Some shelf bras have molded cups
  • The bra has wider set wires and, therefore, provides lift and support

If you get a shelf bra that does not cover the nipples, you can always buy some fancy nipple covers on the side. Check are our recommendations for the best nipple covers.

How to Wear a Shelf Bra

You can add some extra playfulness to your shelf bra for D cup by wearing it with some sexy nipple covers. You may also choose to wear the covers to protect your nipples, in case you wear something over the bra.

Nipple covers are great when you are going out and don’t want to expose the nipples, just yet.

Check other ways of wearing a shelf bra that we’ve covered before.

How Does a Shelf Bra for D Cups or Larger Breasts Work?

While a shelf bra is sexy, it is a little less functional than other sexy bras. The bra is designed to be just like that; show off the breasts.

Shelf bras for large breasts come in different styles and support to choose from. It is important to know your correct breast size to get a fitting shelf bra.

Shelf bras for D cups or DD cups are a great option for women with large breasts.

Best Plus Size Shelf Bras

Here are some of the top shelf bras for D cups or larger cups.

#1.  Lace Quarter Cup bra with Sheer Halter

Layne Bryant has the best shelf bra for DD or larger cups. The Lace Quarter Cup Bra future sheer swatch of sheer fabric that is pulled up and over the classic open cups. The halter bra provides additional coverage and there is plenty of support from the underwires and wide band. You will love this sexy bra.

#2.  Dreamgirl Underwire Shelf Bra

Dreamgirl Underwire Shelf Bra

Another of the best plus size shelf bras is the Dreamgirl Open Cup Bra. This beautiful bra comes in sassy black or pink to add some variety to your lingerie drawer. The bra provides some lift, thanks to the underwire. Moreover, the stretchy lace cups end up just below the nipples to give you a super sexy look.

Available on Amazon

#3.  So Sexy Vinyl Shelf Bra

The So Sexy Vinyl Lingerie Shelf Bra has a supportive underwire and a wide band. The bra is made of shiny fabric lined with a soft material. At the back, there’s a stretchy hook-and-eye clasp that enables a snug but comfortable fit.

#4.  iCollection Lingerie Floral Shelf Bra

The iCollection Lingerie Shelf Bra features a super stretchy lace and adjustable straps. No matter your body type, the open-cup bra will conform to your curve. This super sexy lingerie is comfortable and has an underwire that offers light support.

#5.  LoveFifi Le Jardin Demi Bra

LoveFifi Le Jardin Demi Bra

The LoveFifi Demi Bra is made of fiberfill-lined half-cups that are embellished by a beautiful floral trim. This unique-looking bra has a wide band and underwires for support. We also love the adjustable bands and straps that provide a perfect fit. The bra has three hook-and-eye closure options.

Available on Amazon

#6.  Shirley Of Hollywood Plus Size Shelf Bra

Shirley Of Hollywood Plus Size Shelf Bra

The Shirley of Hollywood Plus Size Shelf bra provides uplifting support with minimal coverage. This open cup bra is made from a combination of nylon and spandex, has an underwire, and supporting panels. The bra band size ranges from size 32 to 44 while the cup fits sizes A through D.

Available on Amazon

#7.  Empire Intimates Lace Chopper Bra

Empire Intimates Lace Chopper Bra

Also making it on our list of the best plus size shelf bras is the Empire Intimates Lace Shelf Chopper Bra. The bra has an underwire and boned cup. The open cup bra is available in four colors, has adjustable straps, features the familiar three hook-and-eye closure options, and fits well.

The chopper bra band sizes range from 32 to 44. However, the cups are “one size fits all”, and will fit cup sizes A to C.

Available on Amazon

Find the Best Shelf Bras for D Cups or Larger

Below are some places where you can find the best shelf bras for plus size. Make sure you read the customer reviews to know what to expect of the bras you want.

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