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Soccer Players Have Given these Bras a Thumbs Up!

When playing soccer, you need a bra that will hold the sisters in place and prevent them from bouncing are you run around the field. Which is the best sports bra for soccer players? Here are the top 10 recommendations as voted by you!

Women soccer is a fascinating game that many of us love. For players, wearing the right sports bra is critical to their comfort in the pitch. A good soccer bra will keep the breasts firmly in place during a match play or training. This is important for functionality, comfort, and your long-term health

How to Find the Right Sports Bra for Soccer

There are a number of things you should check when looking for a soccer bra. The most important ones are the bra’s fit, features, support, and durability.


It’s important to wear the right size sports bra for soccer. A properly fitting bra is important for overall breast health, just like comfort is crucial during exercises.

Exercising without supporting the breasts adequately can make them strained over time. Moreover, you can experience breast pain or sagging.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to determine the best fit:

i) Bra size

Most women, unknowingly, wear an ill-fitting bra. It’s important to measure the size of your breasts to get a proper fit.

Football sports bras are usually sized in cup sizes and numbers. However, majority of them are sized as small, medium, large, and extra-large. You should know your true cup size to get a fitting bra.

Here is a video showing how to measure your bra size:

ii) Support

With sports bras, support usually comes from three areas: the cups, straps, and the band.

Getting a properly fitting bra is crucial to your comfort.

Large breasts tend to place a significant demand for support on the bra’s band. Therefore, if you have large breasts, a sports bra with a broader band will offer the best support.

iii) Encapsulation vs Compression

Compression bras help with bounce control since they keep the breasts closer together. These bras are perfect for A and B cup athletes and for medium impact activities.

Encapsulation sports bras have additional structure and provide better support for larger breasts.

iv) Activity Level

Get a sports bra designed for the impact of the activity you will be engaged in. For instance, a sports bra meant for Pilates class is not ideal for a soccer game.

Sports bras are usually designated for low, medium, and high impact activity levels. For high impact activities like running, you want a bra that offers more support. On the other hand, low impact activitie like yoga or walking can be done with bras that offer less support.

How to Choose a Football Sports Bra

Here are the things to keep in mind when looking for a soccer bra:

Wide-set Straps vs Racerback design

Sports bras with racerback designs typically anchor closer to the body for ultimate support. On the other hand, bras with wide-set straps offer a lesser constricting fit.

Wide-set strap bras are ideal for women with small cup sizes and those engaging in low impact activities.

Moisture Wicking

Look for a sports bra made of moisture-wicking material. This material will ensure you are not flooded with sweat during a game.

A cotton sports bra is ideal for everyday wear. However, for football and other high-impact activities, you need a sports bra whose fabric has moisture control.

Here are some words you can check on a sports bra to know whether the fabric has moisture-wicking capability: Climacool, tech-fit, wicking, Dri-fit, and Climalite.


The best sports bras for soccer have in-built ventilation and breathable fabric. This guarantees maximum comfort when you are playing soccer.


Check if the bra is label-free and has a seamless design. If the bra’s description reads ‘tagless’, this means that it’s seamless.


Don’t waste your money on a poorly-made or sheer sports bra, unless you don’t intend to use it for any sporty activities. Also, if you are playing soccer, avoid sports bras with removable pads. With these bras, the pads can come out when washing or may get bunched up and twisted.

Why Wear a High Impact Sports Bra for Soccer

High impact sports activities, like soccer, increase breast movement. These sports involve a lot of active motion, abrupt starts or stops, and other strenuous movements.

When the breasts are always in motion, they can be uncomfortable and painful, which will distract you when playing. Moreover, the breast tissues can get damaged.

The best sports bra for soccer should provide support and prevent bounce.

Best Sports Bras for Soccer

Here are our recommendations on the best sports bra for football players:

  • 1.      Enlite Bra Weave High Support Sports Bra

Enlite Bra Weave High Support Sports Bra

The Enlite Sports Bra is made of smooth shape-retaining material and works perfectly well for all breast shapes and sizes. The supportive sports bra has lightweight in-built cups designed to reduce bounce, shape the breasts and support them.

The bra features an almost invisible hook-and-eye closure with a supportive underband that doesn’t constrict. The bra is available in different colours and a range of sizes, from 32B to 38DD.

Available on Lululemon

  • 2.      Athleta Glory 2.0 Sports Bra

Athleta Glory 2.0 Sports Bra

The Athleta Glory Sports Bra is ideal for soccer players between cup sizes B to DD. The underwire bra offers support and lifts while the hook-and-eye closure keep the breasts secure.

This bra has adjustable straps for a more customized fit. Moreover, its fabric is not only lightweight but also compressive to control bounce.

Available on Athleta

  • 3.      Under Armour Breathelux High Impact Sports Bra

Under Armour Women's UA Breathelux High Impact Sports Bra

The Breathelux Sports Bra is the best bra for soccer players. The bra keeps the breasts comfortable, well-supported, and secure without squeezing. This bra is quite smooth, has adjustable straps that don’t dig into the shoulders and hook-and-eye closure at the back. The soft in-built breathable cups offer full coverage and extra structure without giving you a uni-boob look.

The bra’s fabric dries up fast and wicks moisture away from the body. The soccer bra moves along with the body, keeping the breasts in place and minimizing bounce.

Available on Amazon

  • 4.      Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra

Enell Maximum Control Wire-Free Sports Bra

The Enell Maximum Control is the best sports bra for soccer players with large breasts. The bra offers breast support and bounce control when engaging in high impact activities. This football bra does a great job of keeping prominent breasts comfortable when playing soccer.

The Enell bra features thick straps for support and distributes weight evenly on the body. The bra is available in different colors and comes in unique sizing that ensures a perfect fit.

Available on Amazon

  • 5.      Syrokan Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra

Syrokan Full Coverage High Impact Sports Bra

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best sports bra for soccer. The Syrokan Sports Bra offers great breast support, is stylish and affordable. The bra features seamed cups and elastic cross straps with side support. These make it one of the best bras for high impact activities.

The Syrokan Sports Bra is padded for coverage and is chafe-resistant. The mesh panel at the front allows sufficient airflow to prevent you from being all sweaty when playing.

Available on Amazon

  • 6.      Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

For soccer players who prefer underwire bras for comfort and support, the Panache Underwire Sports Bra will come in handy.

The bra has hook-and-eye closure and thick straps to keep you super comfortable. The bust area and sides have ventilated panels that let air circulate to cool you off, especially when hitting the strides. What’s more, it helps to control bounce and fits women with large cup sizes.

Available on Amazon

  • 7.     Champion Show-Off Sports Bra

Champion Show-Off Sports Bra

The Champion Sports Bra features concealing cups that offer full coverage. The bra also has a racerback design at the back for ultimate support.

The bra as adjustable straps for a custom fit and additional support. It’s super comfortable and comes in different colours and patterns.

Available on Amazon

  • 8.      Nike Women’s Victory Compression Sports Bra

Nike Women's Victory Compression Sports Bra

The Nike Victory Compression Sports Bra is a versatile sports bra for soccer. The bra features a smooth jersey fabric that keeps it invisible underneath clothing. The bra also provides compression to prevent bounce.

Available on Amazon

  • 9.      Brooks Women’s Juno Cross Back High Impact Sports Bra

Brooks Women's Juno Cross Back Adjustable High Impact Sports Bra

Brooks has a solid selection of bras. The cups of the Brooks Juno Crossback Sports Bra keep the breasts in place, and the moisture-wicking fabric will keep you cool throughout the day.

The bra has elastic adjustable straps at the front for a more customized fit and maximum comfort.

Available on Amazon

  • 10.  Wingslove Women’s Full Coverage Wire-Free Sports Bra

Wingslove Women's Full Coverage High Impact Wire-Free Sports Bra

The Wingslove Sports Bra is ideal for soccer players who don’t like both padding and underwire. In place of padding, this bra has wireless cups that keep it lightweight and thin.

The bra sizing accommodates different breast sizes.

Available on Amazon

When to Replace Your Sports Bra

If you wear your sports bra regularly, like say four times a week, you will need to replace them after six months or a year. However, the frequency of replacement would also depend on the activity level you indulge in. If the sports bra begins to show visible pulls on the fabric, loses elasticity, or fits loosely then it’s time to get a new one.

To ensure your sports bras last longer, hand wash and air dry them. If you want to machine wash a bra, use cold soapy water and avoid using fabric softeners. Also, wear your sports bras on rotation to avoid over-wearing one.


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