The Goddess Keira Bra Supports Large Breasts But Has JUST ONE Limitation. Find Out

The Goddess Keira Bra Supports Large Breasts But Has JUST ONE Limitation. Find Out

Looking for a supportive bra for large breasts? If so, the Goddess Bra Keira is one of the best options. Read our review to find out how the bra performs.

The Goddess Keira bra has been on the market for quite some time now. This is one of the most supportive bras for women with big breasts.

The stylish bra is available up to cup size N, a size that most manufacturers tend to skip. The bra comes in five colors and four different configurations.


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The Goddess Keira bra is meant for plus size women with big breasts. Therefore, it has quite a thick strap.

The bra sits comfortably on the shoulders and does not slip or dig. However, the straps don’t have padding.

The Gore and Cup

Goddess Keira back

The bra cups have no padding. This is perfect since padded cups will make you look bigger. The cup offers full coverage and feels quite spacious in all the right places.

The bra doesn’t make the sisters appear small like a minimizer bra would. It also doesn’t push flesh towards the arms like cups with less depth do.

For women with narrow breasts, the gore won’t lie flat on the sternum. However,  this doesn’t happen to women with full breasts.

The gore on this bra rides high, though not as high compared to the Elomi Raquel bra.

This bra is ideal for almost all outfits, apart from those with deep necklines.

Just by looking at it, you will quickly notice the bra’s downside: it has a prominent seam. This can limit the clothes that you can wear with it.

Band and Sizing

The bra is meant to offer high-level support to large breasts up to cup size N. Therefore, 2 to 3 clasps look a bit inadequate. The band feels right when it comes to size. Therefore, you don’t have to size up or down.

The bra is quite delicate. Since the band narrows after it relaxes, it can slip upward sometimes and reduces the effectiveness of the bra. To mitigate this, go for the smallest band size that you usually wear. Also, take good care of the bra by handwashing it.

When you get a bra with the right band size, it feels supportive, especially if you have a smaller frame and big breasts.


The bra has no boning on the sides. Therefore, majority of the structural support at the front comes from the underwire.

Since the bra lacks boning, the underwire rides up under the arms. This can be irritating.

The underwire is pretty comfortable under the breasts and lies flat on the chest. This makes the Goddess Keira Banded Undewire Bra one of the most comfortable bras for big busts.


The bra is made of satin polyester. The fabric feels great against the skin.

The bra is also quite supportive. When you get the appropriate band size, you won’t feel any pain on your shoulders.

Overall Shape

The shape of the Goddess Keira bra creates a natural smooth appearance. Comparing the bra to the Wacoal’s Basic Beauty Bra, it seems to ride a little higher. For women with fuller breasts, you may feel like the breasts sit more elevated than what may come off as natural. However, you can adjust the straps to compensate.

This bra also offers full coverage,without the minimizing effect or making you feel flat. The shape of the cups will not leave you with the Madonna boob.

Best for:

Lounging and every day wear.

The Goddess Keira bra will give you a run for your money. Most people find it quite comfortable. See what others are saying.

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