These Are the Top Plus Size Fashion Bloggers of this Year

I love when other bloggers round up their favorite inspirations, news, and reads so I can catch up on everything I’ve missed. But I have been so inconsistent about doing it here! I’m hoping to do this more often if you find it helpful. And coming shortly, a post with the rest of my pregnancy/nursing bra fittings, mishaps, and recs.

XO, Sarah

  • First, the exciting news that we in the US have our first Curvy Kate Star in a Bra, the lovely Krista Cousins! I love her positivity and energy for transforming the bra landscape here in America: “The time for a beautiful, busty, body revolution is now and I am very prepared to lead us all to victory.” Krista went into the contest thinking she was a 34 or 36 F and discovered she’s a 30GG. Here’s to more women finding bras that fit well and signing up for a good fitting at their local specialty lingerie shop or via Skype!

  • The Lingerie Addict interviews new nursing bra brand Lorna Drew’s managing director Lorna Drew on how she came up with her adjustable cup concept and her passion to help support nursing moms. I’ve been following this company as one of the only ones I’ve seen who makes 30 bands up to a J cup (UK) with something resembling a normal shape and am interested to see how it stacks up to other nursing brands out there.
  • I’m loving this bright coral or soft lilac Lululemon running top! It has a super cute back cut-out with a girly lace trim that looks like it would still accommodate our extra-wide DD+ sports bra straps. Plus, like many Lulu tops, it seems long enough that it wouldn’t ride up in the front from the extra fabric the melons take up. Has anyone tried this??

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