We Wore the Wacoal Full Figure Bra for a Day. This is What You Should Expect!

Wacoal Full Figure Bra

We Wore the Wacoal Full Figure Bra for a Day. This is What You Should Expect!

Have large breasts and are looking for a fitting bra? Then you probably have heard of Wacoal. The large cup bra brand has a wide range of bras for various occasions. In this Wacoal full figure bras review, we highlight what you should expect from the brand.

Wacoal is one of the brands that offers bras for people with big cup sizes. The bras come in various colors and skin shades.

Wacoal Full Figure Bra Review

The Wacoal Full Figure Bra is available in exquisite color ranges, from porcelain rose to French blue, cappuccino to chestnut. The range of colors makes it an excellent bra for different occasions.

This bra doesn’t offer the most varied colors. However, this wasn’t really a concern for me as I wore the French blue, which matched well with my dark pants, to work.

Here is what I’ve learned about the bra.

Wacoal Full Figure

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Gore and Cup

The bra’s cup offers full coverage, putting an end to any thoughts you might have of the breasts popping out at the top.

However, from the way it’s constructed, it may not be suitable to be worn with outfits with low-cut necklines. The piece at the center between the cups of the bra comes up high. This isn’t ideal for outfits that have lower necklines. And for people with small breasts, the bra is likely not going to sit correctly on the sternum.

Just like other minimizer bras with full coverage, the Wacoal Full Figure bra doesn’t have padded cups. The good thing about it is that you won’t feel any additional bulk where you wouldn’t want it. However, it’s also disadvantageous since the nipples could be visible through the bra. However, this depends on how prominent your nipples are

The bra fabric stretches well and is also quite supportive. This makes the Wacoal bra perfect for women with saggy breasts or those that have lost breast volume.


Wacoal Women's Full Figure Basic Beauty Underwire Bra

Available on Amazon

The straps of the Wacoal full figure bra are not fully adjustable. You can only adjust part of them.

Fully adjustable bras are great. However, looking at how this bra entirely fits, I would compromise on this little detail.

Despite the straps not having any pad, they are still extremely comfortable. The straps are also set quite narrowly, which has both pros and cons.

On the positive side, the straps won’t slip off the shoulders. On the downside, they are less versatile, especially when you want to match the bra with a shirt.

Band and Sizing

The bra band is stable and broad enough. This makes the bra supportive in large sizes. However, the bra tends to run small. For most people, the cups fit. However, consider going up a band size to attain a perfect fit, especially if you are new to Wacoal.

But if you are conversant with the Wacoal size you wear, choose your regular size.


The Wacoal underwire fit might be stiff at the beginning. This is expected when the bra is firm and supports large cup sizes.

However, the bra relaxes after several washes, consequently making the underwire a bit comfortable. The bra feels snug when you wear it for the first time. However, it doesn’t dig into the skin.

Comfort Level

The bra is lightweight and can be worn all day long. I did not feel any digging in the shoulders or discomfort when I wore the bra to work.

Initially, you may be worried that the straps don’t have padding. However, the bra is quite supportive and there’s no digging into the shoulders.

Overall Shape

When the bra is still new, it provides a high lift. However, when it starts to get old, it doesn’t offer a lift people with big breasts would desire. It does begin quite strongly though it might not be as long-lasting.

Ideal For

Lounging, casual wear, and everyday wear.

Overall, this bra creates high-level support and appears natural. Check what others are saying online.

Wacoal Full Figure Bras Reviews

The Wacoal Bra line is a hit. Most of us like bras with full cups. These bras are incredibly comfortable and are perfect for everyday wear.

Check out these fantastic bras from this line:

  • 1. Wacoal Basic Beauty T-shirt Bra

Wacoal Women's Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra

Available on Amazon

The Basic Beauty Contour T-shirt Bra has a full cup and is ideal for women that experience gapping from the regular molded t-shirt bras. The bra is also suitable for those looking for an extra lift.

This bra has several hallmarks that offer excellent support in guide to bras for pendulous breasts article – the straps are narrowly set and are relatively broad, it has full cups, and the back is vast and has up to four hooks.

This bra has a dual layer of material that provides maximum coverage. The material also makes it look smooth underneath outfits without additional bulk as of a T-shirt bra. For those with small nipples, the coverage is perfect. However, if you have large nipples, you may have issues with coverage.

Even though this bra comes off as extremely comfortable and offers a smooth look, it’s still not perfect. For example, the cup doesn’t give enough lift compared to the standard t-shirt bra. The bra also supports the breasts and helps them stay in place. However, it offers minimal lift.

  • 2. Wacoal Women’s Basic Beauty Front Close Contour Bra

Wacoal Women's Basic Beauty Front Close Contour Bra

Available on Amazon

The Wacoal Front Close Contour Bra fits well. At the back of the front-closure bra, there are different tabs that you can use to adjust the straps to be either a bit narrow or wide. The straps can also be adjusted in racerback style to attain that extra lift or when you are trying to match an outfit.

The coverage and fit you’ll get from the Wacoal Front Closure bra is similar to what you’ll get in a t-shirt bra. The bra is also made of spacer fabric, which ensures it stays cool and lightweight. Therefore, you can wear the bra during summer or if you have a sweaty underboob.

Comparing the Wacoal Front Close Bra to the other Basic Beauty bras, it is more beautiful at the front. I’d recommend the bra for that dislike the gore coming up high on the chest.

At the end of the day, I came to love the Wacoal full figure bras. The bras are supportive, do not dig into the shoulders, and are comfortable for all day wear. Just make sure you get your sizing right with the Wacoal bras before you order.


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