We Finally Found the Best Lululemon Sports Bra for Large Breasts

best lululemon sports bra for large breasts

We Finally Found the Best Lululemon Sports Bra for Large Breasts

Which is the best Lululemon sports bra for large breasts? We’ve tried different bras and found one that fits well, is supportive and looks cute. (Adipex) Find out what we picked.

If you have big melons, one of the problems you will have to deal with is bounce. The sisters tend to bounce, especially when you are engaging in high-impact activities such as running, CrossFit and other gym exercises.

Which is the Best Lululemon Sports Bra for Large Breasts?

As big-breasted women, we need support when we are running or at the gym. Fail to wear a supportive bra and the breasts may end up hitting your chin as you exercise.

Moreover, big melons and the gym do not go hand in hand. The breasts are not only uncomfortable but also generally get in the way, bouncing up and down on a run or left and right during speed skaters. With that said, you need a supportive bra that will keep the sisters in place. And the best sports bras for women with large breasts is from Lululemon; the Enlite Bra.

The Enlite Bra is a serious game-changer for women who have big melons and want to have an easy time at the gym. Whether you are running, swinging kettlebells, boxing, or doing yoga, the bra will keep the sisters in place, ensuring that you are comfortable.

Enlite Bra

Available on Lululemon

The Enlite bra keeps the breast separate, like they are supposed to be. The bra’s individual cups do not make you feel like the breasts are just sardines stuffed in a bra. We love the fabric as it has some serious sweat-wicking ability. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about underboob sweat. Moreover, the fabric is soft; there are no seams that will dig into the skin or leave you with marks when you take off the bra.

Wearing the Enlite bra almost makes you feel like you don’t have breasts at all. I mean, you can exercise without worrying about the melons getting in the way. Your total focus will be on your workout.

The only downside I would say this bra has is that you need to get the right size. Otherwise, the sisters will not be properly supported.

You can get fitted at your local store or use our online calculator to find your correct bra size. From there, you can be sure of hitting the gym in a comfortable bra that holds the sisters separately and in place during your workouts.

Without a doubt, the Enlite is the best Lululemon sports bra for large breasts.

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