Best Lululemon Sports Bra

We Love How Supportive These Lululemon Sports Bra Are

Which is the best Lululemon sports bra? We’ve found 8 options that fit just right, are comfortable, and offer incredible support when you are doing various types of workouts. Here are our top picks.

Sports bras; what could we do without them? These bras can be tough to shop for. When looking for a sports bra, you want one that is supportive but also pretty enough when rocked on its own or when peeking through a tank top.

Lululemon has some of the best supportive sports bras on the market. However, figuring out which one to buy for your specific workout can be difficult.

But worry no more. The sports editors at Brabbly have done all the hard work for you. We’ve reviewed the best Lululemon sports bras on  the market and broken down their differences so that you know what you are buying.

Best Lululemon Sports Bras

Whether you are looking for the best Lululemon sports bra for large breasts or want something for CrossFit workouts, we have you covered. These are the best Lululemon sports bras you can buy.

  • #1.  Free to Be Serene Bra

Free to Be Serene Bra

The Free to Be Serene Bra is made for plus size women, offering light support for C and D cups. The bra comes in different colors, including a dreamy light blue shade. This is the best bra for Pilates or a weekend hike.

Available on Lululemon

  • #2.  Free to Be Moved Bra

Free to Be Moved Bra

The Free to Be Moved is a strappy bra that is recommended when you want to amp your workouts. This bra offers medium support for A and B cups. The pretty bra stands out in the seafoam blue colorway and its straps are bonded to prevent them from digging into your shoulders. The bra is excellent for CrossFit and boxing.

Available on Lululemon

  • #3.  Free to Be Bra (Wild)

Free to Be Bra (Wild)

The Free to Be Bra is the best Lululemon bra for yoga. This bra offers enough side support without feeling constricting. The bra is available for cup sizes A to B, is made of moisture-wicking Luxtreme and looks cute in its cross-back straps.

Available on Lululemon

  • #4.  Enlite Bra

Enlite Bra

Every had a bra that made it difficult for you to move when working out? Well, you can forget this issue with the Enlite Bra. This innovative sports bra is comfortable, feels light against the skin, and does not weigh you down.

The bra is available from sizes 32B to 38E, and is perfect for high-impact activities such as running and dancing.

Available on Lululemon

  • #5.  Lululemon Run Times Bra

Lululemon Run Times Bra

If you will be engaging in high impact sweat sessions, you need the Lululemon Run Times Bra. This  bra holds in without feeling overly restrictive.

Available on Lululemon

  • #6.  Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra

Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra

The Lululemon Ebb to Train Bra is a medium-support bra that you can also wear as a crop top. This affordable bra is one of the best Lululemon sports bras you can buy.

Available on Lululemon

  • #7.  Lululemon Flow Y Bra

Lululemon Flow Y Bra

If you are into low impact activities, such as yoga, get the Lululemon Flow Y Bra. The super-comfortable bra has a skinny racerback that allows it to fit seamlessly under tank tops.

Available on Lululemon

  • #8.  Lululemon Energy Bra

Lululemon Energy Bra

The Lululemon Energy Bra is the ‘do-it-all’ bra.  This bra for medium-impact activities has a cute strappy back and will be perfect for any kind of workout.

Available on Lululemon

Which is the Best Lululemon Sports Bra?

The best Lululemon sports bra for you will depend on the type of activities you would want to do. If you are into Pilates, get the Free to Be Serene Bra. If CrossFit is your thing, the Free to Be Moved bra would be perfect.



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