Front Closure Sports Bra for plus size

Plus Size Queens Say these Are the Best Front Closure Sports Bras for Reducing Bounce

Front closure bras are comfortable to wear and easy to remove. If you looking for a new front closure sports bra, you need one that is supportive and will hold the girls in place. Here are some of these bras that fit the bill.

A few years ago, I bought my first sports bra. At this time, I have used and abused them for too long that I feel it’s time to get something new.

Last time, I was looking for sports bras that have no underwire. However, I accidentally bought a wireless Freya and it quickly became one of my favorites.

In this article, I’ll be looking at the best front closure sports bras on the market.

But first, here is a table showing what you can expect from each bra.

Image Enell LITE Sports Bra
Bra Enell LITE Sports Bra Wacoal Sport Front Contour Bra Glamorise High Impact Magiclift Sports Bra SYROKAN High Impact Sports Bra
Cup Unpadded Lined Lined Unlined
Fit True to Size True to Size Runs Small True to Size
Support Level Medium-High Medium-High Medium Medium
Separation Low Medium Low Low

If you are physically active, perhaps you go to the gym regularly, get a front closure sports bra.

A snug-fitting sports bra with front closure is easier to fasten than the typical bras that have to be clasped at the back.

Generally, I prefer back-closing bras. However, sports bras are a little snuggly than normal bras. Therefore, with them, a front closure model is a great option.

Below is an overview of the best front closure sports bras on the market.

Best Front Closure Sports Bras

  • Enell Lite Front Closure Sports Bra

Enell Lite Front Closure Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

The Enell Light Sports Bras is one of the best front closure sports bras on the market. The bra is well constructed but does not feel a lot straightjackety.

While this is not a bra I would recommend for running a marathon, it is perfect for high-impact circuits, spinning, and your Les Mills Grit classes. The bra has a crisscross design along the back that reinforces its shape.

The Enell sports bra has a wide band on the bottom that hugs your upper torso well. When worn, it does not feel like it’s digging into your skin. The band is also snug enough to keep the bra from riding up and down as you exercise. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about adjusting the bra all the time.

Enell Lite Front closure sports bras

This bra also has a high level of coverage. Its neckline does not go as high as that of the original Enell, which means it won’t show through shirts. Still, it offers enough coverage such that even if you do a lot of burpees, no part of your breasts will pop out of the top.

The Enell Life Front Closure Sports bra is made of NATUREXX material. This proprietary, moisture-wicking material has been specially designed to be comfortable during engaging activities.

The Enell Lite looks like the Enell bra and offers a similar level of support. This is a solid bra that will see you through light to medium workouts. However, if you want nearly zero bounce support, I would suggest you go with the original Enell bra.

If you want a well-supported front-closure bra with no underwire, the Enell Lite is for you.

TIP: When you get this bra for the first time and are struggling to put it over your melons, just lie down on your back when fastening it.

Available on Amazon

  • Wacoal Women’s Sport Zip Front Contour Bra

Wacoal Women’s Sport Zip Front Contour Bra

Available on Amazon

Wacoal is one of the best bra brands on the market. The brand is synonymous with expensive bras that are dependable and made of quality materials.

On the sports bra front, the Wacoal Women’s Sport Zip Front Contour bra is a solid racerback option for full figured women. The bra looks like the Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra is some ways.

The Wacoal sports bra is pretty snug. While sports bras are generally designed to fit tighter than normal, this bra has a pretty small cup and band. Therefore, if you are a Wacoal fan, I would suggest sizing up the cup.

However, like is the case with any bra, the material will eventually relax after a few washes.

Wacoal Womens Sport Zip Front Contour Bra back

The Wacoal front closure sports bra is stylish but not as supportive as the Enell bra. Moreover, I would have preferred if it had more coverage behind so that it can keep the melons in place and minimize bounce.

One thing I’m concerned about this bra is its clasp. Wearing the bra will take you through some learning curve. Wacoal understands this and has even provided a video to teach you how to wear the bra.

To wear the front closure sports bra, you have to work with a top hook, lock a zip, and then cover it. Wearing the bra is actually easier when you get the hang of it. However, after wearing the bra, it fits perfectly.

If you are finding it difficult to wear the Wacoal front closure sports bra, you can lie on the bed to and pull it over you. After wearing the bra for a couple of days, your body will get used to it.

Coming to coverage, the front close sports bra does not run as high as the Enell. You can wear the bra for spinning, elliptical workouts, Body Pump classes and other exercises that do not involve high impact up and down movements.

The Wacoal sports bra shapes the melons and keeps them in place much better than the Enell. The bra is somehow molded and its underwire ensures the breasts are well separated. Therefore, if you hate that uniboob look when working out, get this Wacoal bra.

Available on Amazon

  • Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size High Impact

Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size High Impact

Available on Amazon

Glamorise also has an affordable front zip sports bra for full figured women.

The Plus Size High Impact MagicLift sports bra has a well-designed band that keeps the sisters in place when you are moving around. The band is a little bit narrower than the Enell’s but offers adequate support.

The straps are also narrow at the back and help to lift and support the melons. I would, however, have loved if the straps were a little bit more adjustable. Still, this is a minor issue as they remain comfortable, even after wearing the bra for a long time.

The bra is made from a breathable material and allows in more air than the Wacoal bra. While the Wacoal bra is beautiful, I found its moisture-wicking capability a little wanting. The Glamorise easily outshines the Wacoal bra in terms of breathability.

The Glamorise front closure sports bra is fastened using a zip. However, the zips do not have protective flats. However, if you think that the bra would unzip when you are exercising, you are wrong. The zip table lays flat and is zipped all the way up to the top to ensure you won’t experience any mishaps when working out.

Glamorise Womens Plus Size High Impact Magiclift Zippered Sports Bra back

The Glamorise also comes pretty low on the neckline. Therefore, if you are full figured, be careful with the sizing. I also found the cups to run small. Therefore, size up in case you are not sure whether the bra will fit or feel there would be some mishaps between the bottom of your chin and the top of your breast. I would also suggest you size up the band as the normal size band can be too constricting.

The Glamorise front closure sports bra has no underwire. Therefore, you may have a uniboob when wearing it. However, the uniboob is not as bad as that caused by the Wacoal.

Finally, you will have to wear the bra a couple of times and wash it before it relaxes. If you are finding it difficult to wear the bra, try doing so while lying down.

Available on Amazon

  • Syrokan Women’s High Impact Wireless Supportive Sports Bra

Syrokan Women’s High Impact Wireless Supportive Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

To finish our list of the best front closure sports bra is a model from Syrokan. We’ve looked at Syrokan bras before and it’s clear that they offer value for money. If you want a couple of front closure sports bras in your closet, you should check out what Syrokan has to offer. If you work out every day, you’ll either need to get dozens of affordable sports bras or just a couple of expensive ones, which you’ll have to wash frequently.

If you work out every day and want to buy multiple sports bras, you should get the Syrokan models. For example, you can get 2 high-impact, high bras and then a couple more than fit in the Glamorise’s and Syrokan pricing. With multiple bras in your closet, you will have a bra for every kind of exercises you wish to engage in, be it high-impact aerobics or the low-impact yoga moves.

Having multiple sports bras also means your bras will not age fast since you won’t be wearing the same one every day.

The Syrokan High Impact Sports Bra has a lower neckline than the other bras we’ve looked at above. This bra is not padded and therefore, no extra material or girth on the breasts.

SYROKAN Womens High Impact Front Zip Non Padded Wireless Supportive Sports Bra back

The Syrokan High Impact Front Closure Sports Bra looks stunning from behind. It’s racerback looks great, and pulls and lifts the breasts decently.

While the bra is wireless, it shapes the melons in a nice way. However, I experienced somewhat of a uniboob.

The straps of the Syrokan are not adjustable. Therefore, this would be my last pick from the front closure sports bras for plus size in this group. However, it still ranks ahead of the traditional sports bras worn over the head.

The bra offers medium support, which is all you need if you are only concentrating on light to medium impact exercises.

Available on Amazon

  • Bonus: Syrokan Women’s High Impact Front Closure Sports Bra

Bonus: Syrokan Women’s High Impact Front Closure Sports Bra

Available on Amazon

If you want to look good while engaged in exercising, get this High Impact Front Closure Bra.

The only issue I have with this bra is that it is not available in big enough sizing. In fact, the largest size that the bra comes in is 38E. While a 38E is not that bad, this bra runs small. Therefore, if you are a 36D, you should get a 36E. On the other hand, if you are a 38E, I can assure you that this bra will be too small for you.

SYROKAN Womens High Impact Front Closure Racerback Full Support Sports Bra Back

Coming to coverage, the High Impact Full Front Closure Bra has the lowest coverage from the other bras I’ve reviewed on this post. However, this is understandable since the bra is designed to cater for people with small sizes. The bra will keep the breasts in but show them off.

Available on Amazon

If you are into high impact sports, you should check out the bras in this video:


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