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Best Bra Bags for Washing Machine

Do you know which is the best bra bag for washing machine? We’ve tested all the popular laundry bags and here are the ones we recommend for your delicates.

Sometimes, we spend a lot of money on bras, activewear and other intimate garments. It’s only fair that we take proper care of them, especially when machine washing. This can be done by putting them in a lingerie bag.

Washing bras in a bra bag will not only extend their lifespan but also make them feel and look good. Isn’t it amazing how such a small detail makes all the difference?

Why Use a Bra Bag?

Using a lingerie bag for the delicates helps maintain their shape and also saves you time. The small laundry bag is convenient and comes in handy when you don’t want to hand wash your bras.

Besides, you can use it for other delicates. For example, the bag will come in handy for intimates with embellishments or lace to avoid ruining them in the machine. Cocktail dresses, sweaters and compression leggings can all enjoy the benefits of the laundry bag.

Best Bra Bags for Washing Machine

Here are three of the best bra bags for washing machine that we recommend:

  • 1. Tenrai Delicates Laundry Bag


The Tenrai Laundry Bag is made of polyester and features an incredible micro-mesh system that helps protect bras and other delicates from friction as they get washed. The bag will serve you for a long time thanks to the triple stitching.

This bra bag for washing machine is gentle yet tough enough to withstand the machine’s shake-up so that the delicates won’t have to.

  • 2. Simple Houseware Laundry Wash Bag

Simple Houseware Laundry Wash Bag


You will get your money’s worth with the Simple Houseware Laundry Bag. The bra bag is made of high-quality materials that that protect your intimate garments in the washing machine.

This bra bag features rust-free zippers, durable mesh and comes with three medium and large bags. Your delicates will feel and look great for longer after washing them in this bag.

  • 3. Laundry Science Bra Wash Bag

Laundry Science Bra Wash Bag


The Laundry Science Wash Bag designers understand pretty well that bras are quite expensive. These bags do the most when it comes to protecting these delicates. The wash bag features a plastic frame, hooded zipper, center opening, soft and sturdy micro-mesh fabric to keep all the bra details in perfect condition during the entire washing process.


Sometimes, we just throw in our bras into the washer together with other clothes oblivious of the consequences. Unfortunately, doing this tend to damage the bra’s fabric or worse, stretch it out. Straps get trapped in the washing machine, activewear loose elasticity quite fast and knits lose shape.

To keep your intimates in great condition, you should use a laundry bag when washing. The laundry bag helps take proper care of your intimate garments to extend their lifespan and leaves them looking great.

The above are the best bra bags for washing machine.


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