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Which is the Best Bra Ball for Washing Machine?

Which is the best bra ball for washing machine? Read on for our top recommendations.

At the onset of your life, you didn’t take care of your bras and neither did you find it essential. Unless you have large breasts, you are likely to get away with underwire-free bras.

Teenage bras are more functional and ornamental than the bras you start wearing as you age. As a teen, washing the bra to prolong its life may not be a concern, let alone getting a bra protector laundry bag.

With age, you begin to realize that you should take care of your bras. Underwires snap and can also break when they get caught by the washing machine’s spindle. Moreover, you cannot use a dryer on your bra.

There is a lot of learning on proper bra care.

When it comes to washing bras to ensure they last long, you will need a bra ball. Read on for an overview of the brest bra balls for washing machine.

Best Bra Ball for Washing Machine

The BraBall Woolite Bra Wash Bag Laundry Science’s Premium Bra Wash Bag IKEA Pressa Washing Bag
Holds up to cup size 36C Holds up to cup size D Holds up to cup size E Holds up to cup size H
Review Review Review Review
Price Price Price Price

It has been twenty years since the beginning of my bra journey. I usually handwash my bras using delicate detergents and air dry them.

Sometimes, when I’m tired, I wash the bras in the washing machine. However, I know a thing or two about keeping the bras safe in the washing machine.

Let’s look at various bra protector laundry accessories that will protect these precious assets. The mesh washing bag has been my favorite for years now.

Here are some of the best bra washing accessories on the market.

#2. BraBall

BraBall open

Available on Amazon

This beautiful contraption is made of hard plastic. The BraBall prevents your bra from any twists as it would experience in a mesh bag.

Using the BraBall is easy; place the bra inside, ensure it is laying flat, and snap the BraBall to close it. The BraBall even has a part that makes the bra stay put and maintain its cup shape. The accessory is perfect for storing a padded bra.

Opening and closing the clasp can be challenging. However, once you master that, then you’ll be good to go.

Just by looking at the BraBall, you can tell the use. The accessory is not built for big cup size bras since it measures 6⅟₄ × 6 × 6⅟₄ inches. It can only hold cups of up to 36C.

In 2017, the company announced that it would be medium and large bra balls. However, production has not started to date (November, 2019). You cannot find the bra containers in Amazon yet.

According to this IndieGoGo campaign, the BraBalls will be able to hold bras of up to size 46DDD. The large balls will measure 9.6 × 8.7 × 5 inches, probably occupying a lot of space in the washing machine.

The dimensions are for the outside part of the ball. Keep this in mind before buying.

The bigger BraBall is ideal even for bras for small chests.

According to  BraBall, you should put 1 to 3 bras in the ball. However,  I guess this would depend on the size of the bra, and whether it has padding or not. You can combine bras with pads and those that do not have for efficiency.

#3. Woolite Bra Wash Bag

Woolite Bra Wash Bag Available on Amazon

The Woolite brand deals with delicates. The Woolite Bra Wash Bag is cylindrical and made from the same mesh material used for standard delicates bag. A plastic ring reinforce the sides and helps to maintain the shape of the wash bag.

The Woolites Bra Wash Bag is made of a strong mesh. The bag is more durable than the standard delicates bag you can find from IKEA.

The bra bag measure 6.2 × 6.2 × 4.5 inches and can fit up to three bras comfortably, if some don’t have padding.

However, the plastic frame does not last long. After several washes, it will begin to lose its shape.

If you wear cup size D+ and beyond, you will need to mangle and bend the bra for it to fit in the bag.

#4. Laundry Science’s Premium Bra Wash BagLaundry Science Bra Wash Bag

Available on Amazon

The affordable Laundry Science bra bag wash doesn’t fit bras with big cups. However, a D cup and an E cup with a small cup can fit.

The bag can only fit a single full figure bra. However, it can fit up to three bras D cups or below.

The bra bag can fit up to 9 bras. However, this will depend on the bra size.

The bra wash bag has an 8-spoke plastic frame that helps to keep it in shape, and thereby protecting every structural element of the bra

The pull tab features a fabric sheath that prevents the bag from unzipping during a wash.

#5. IKEA Pressa Washing BagIkea Pressa Laundry Bag

Available on Amazon

The IKEA Pressa Washing Bag is available almost anywhere. I have used the bag to keep my bras in shape for a long time. So, the bag isn’t too shabby.

If you have non-padded bras, maintaining the shape and protecting the underwire is easy with the IKEA Pressa Washing Bag.

You can put three bras of cup sizes F, G, and H into the bag to wash them. Moreover, since the bra has no structure, it is also suitable for other delicates.

I’ve come across some reviews claiming that the zippers tend to open, or that the material mangle safter some time. I can’t stop wondering if these people might be putting their loads when the spin cycle is very high. Or, perhaps, they are using old machines.

You should wash your bras in cold. The water should be at 30◦ on the maximum, which is at the lowest spin cycle. When the sun is shining, you can spin the bras and and let them dry out.

Editor’s Recommendation: Which is the Best Bra Ball for Washing Machine?

What You Should Buy
Overall, I highly recommend the BRA BALL. This accessory provides maximum protection compared to the other bra wash bags also. Moreover, it is made of  solid plastic.

Your wash cycle will affect the durability of these bra balls and bra bags. When you put your bras in the delicates bag, you shouldn’t throw in the bedsheets at high temperature. Moreover, you need to use the right detergent on a high spin cycle. 


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