bra liners for sensitive skin

3 Best Bra Liners for Sensitive Skin

Do you know which are the best bra liners for sensitive skin? Read on for the top 3 options that are super-comfortable to women with dry or sensitive skin.

Bras are an amazing creation. An average woman wears a bra for about 13 hours a day and half of the time.

When wearing a bra, it tends to press, rub, and leave red impressions on the skin. Some bras can also be uncomfortable altogether.

Bras can discolor and get dirty when you sweat. However, we avoid washing them regularly to maintain their quality since they are delicate. So, what can you do to ensure your bras maintain their quality but also remain clean?

Enter the bra liner!

A bra liner is a quick fix to this problem. Bra liners help to absorb sweat, prevent skin irritation and chafing, keeping you fresh throughout the day. These bra accessories also protect the bra from wear and tear.

Bra liners for sensitive skin are designed to wick moisture away from the body. When you have the liners, you don’t need to use paper towels or powder to stay comfortable.

Bra liners are especially ideal for women with heavy breasts. If you have a big bust, you know the breasts tend to rub together and produce moisture. A liner, together with the right bra, are a great combination, providing additional absorptivity and padding without compromising fit.

Bra Liners for Sensitive Skin

Bra liners are made from a wide range of materials. Some common materials include spandex, cotton, polyester, among others. If you have sensitive skin, you want bra liners that are made from organic materials, such as cotton.

Here are 3 of the best bra liners for sensitive skin:

  • 1. Wick ‘Em Women’s Sensitive Skin Bra Liner


Just like the name suggests, the Wick ‘Em bra liner is designed for women with sensitive skin. The liner wicks moisture away from the body and prevents irritation. The bra liner absorbs perspiration into the cotton fill fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

The Wick ‘Em bra liner will save you the embarrassment of unsightly marks on your clothes from sweat as it creates cushioning between your skin and the bra band. The cushioning provides a comfortable fit and prevents skin irritation and chafing.

The bra liner for sensitive skin is made of with a blend of cotton and rayon and is ideal for everyday wear. Moreover, you can wear it under any bra style and enjoy ultimate comfort. It’s moisture-wicking capabilities are exceptional, especially for intense workouts. Therefore, it is perfect for women who sweat a lot.

Handwash this bra liner to maintain its quality.

  • 2. Discomfort Free Bamboo and Cotton Bra Liner

Discomfort Free Bamboo and Cotton Bra Liner


The Discomfort Free Bamboo bra liner comes in a pack of three and is designed for women with sensitive skin. The liner is made of a blend of cotton and bamboo to keep the underboob area exceptionally clean, dry and free from any odor-causing bacteria.

This bra liner for sensitive skin has a breathable padding made of pure cotton. The fabric will keep you cool throughout the day, especially during summer when the temperatures are high and warm in winter.

The bra liner for sweat will also keep you comfortable around the chest area as it also relieves the underwire and bra band pressure. The exterior, which is made of cotton and bamboo blend, is silky and super soft yet tough. Moreover, the moisture-wicking property prevents any discomfort.

This organic bra liner is ideal for everyday wear and  machine washable. This makes cleaning quite convenient. Plus, it environment friendly. However, you will sometimes need to size down since it tends to run large.

  • 3× Soft Bamboo and Cotton Bra Liner

Soft Bamboo and Cotton Bra Liner


The 3× Bra Liner is made of pure cotton and bamboo. Therefore, you can be sure that it’s skin friendly. The liners have cotton filling s that will keep you clean, dry and super comfortable. The cotton padding is breathable will keep warm during winter and cool in the summer season.

Moreover, the liner has exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities and is gentle on the skin. It features curved edges, interior seams and a no-tag design. The designer had comfort in mind when making this bra liner for sensitive skin.

Wearing a bra liner alleviates the underwire and bra band pressure, increasing comfort around the chest. The above are the best bra liners for sensitive skin.


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