9 Bra Accessories You Must Have

the Nine Bra Lifesavers You Should Have

9 Bra Accessories You Must Have

Some bras are great just from the moment you wear them. The cups have a perfect fit, have no gapping, the length of the straps is comfortable, and the underwires tend to feel imperceptible on the chest.

9 Must-Have Bra Accessories for Every Woman

Below is a list of some useful bra accessories in the market, and this includes the simple but smart Strap Saver. In some cases, these accessories might extend the lifespan of your bra and also makes them versatile.

But you are not likely to find a bra that is 100% perfect. There’s always one thing that doesn’t feel right. Sometimes everything fits right, and then you wish the band would be an inch wider. Or sometimes you might come across a better bra, and then the fabric of the cup comes off a bit too sheer.


There are other times; the bra fits perfectly well when it’s still new, then it begins to show aging signs.  When you are not ready, it gets rid of it, and you will try to find a solution that allows you to use it more since it was pricey.

Strap Saver

The fantastic team at Strap Saver did send some samples for review. The metal piece is worth the weight in gold. An American creation, this strap saver does increase the life span of old bras. Most of the straps in a bra are made using synthetic, or other times a fabric that stretches. When this strap gets old, the material because less taut.

If you get lucky, and never wore the strap at the tightest point, you can tighten it more. But if you kept wearing the bra while its straps are at a tight level to make the bra fit properly, then there’s possibly nothing you can do about it.

A strap saver is a unique piece of metal hardware with an S shape, which hooks on the bra’s straps and allows you to adjust to the length you desire.

strap saver

Available on Amazon

The strap saver can do magic on new bras as well. If you have a petite frame, most of the time you do experience the shortest level as not the level you would want even after adjusting.

The strap saver is ideal also when it comes to new bras which do not have adjustable straps across the entire length. Other times bra with straps that have padding and are equally comfortable happen to feature a fixed width at the front panel, and you can only adjust the straps at the back offering you a short range in terms of length.

Another occasion when you can use a strap saver is when the bra’s adjuster is faulty, as they tend to slip down throughout the day, or when you cannot readjust the straps completely.

Strap savers are available in standard colors, which are black, tan, and white. They also come in four different sizes, and each one of them suits the width of the straps. The thickness of the straps also varies – extra and regular length, and this depends on the cup’s size and the kind of outfit you will wear.

Additionally, the strap savers are not only handy in bras. You can use them in any outfit with straps like dresses, swimsuits and even tank tops!

Nipple Covers

The nipple covers otherwise known as nipple pasties come in handy in situations where you have a bra that has a sheer or thin fabric on its cups. They keep you modest while shielding the nipples from view when the need arises.

Nippies Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers

nipple cover

Available on Amazon

Bra Liners

Check out the article about underboob rash. The liners help in two things, and we have all experienced at some point. They do absorb and help wick the sweat, which tends to form under the breasts. In so doing, it prevents any skin irritations which might affect the under-bust and also helps minimize any chances of bacteria building up.

Bra liners are great if you love bras with underwires but don’t necessarily love the underwire itself. Sometimes you may need extra cushioning between the skin and the underwire, and a bra liner will help you achieve that.

They come in different fabrics, and you can as well get them in washable and disposable forms. The washable bra liners are ideal since they do absorb a lot more compared to their counterparts.

Wick’em Sensitive Bra Liner

wickem bra liner

Available on Amazon

Racerback Bra Clip

You can attach it on the bra to convert the bra straps into a racerback just like the name suggests.

Racerbacks are ideal especially when you need to conceal the bra under an outfit, say a tank top or any other gear with an off-shoulder design. They also come in handy when you want some lift for the breasts and sometimes high-level support. You can enhance your cleavage as well, and this depends on the design of the bra you would wish to add the racerback clip.

The racerback clips come in different formats and shapes.

Razor Clip’s Bra Strap Conceal Straps Cleavage Control

bra racerback clip

Available on Amazon

Razor Bra Straps Clip Holder

bra racerback clip with strap

Available on Amazon

Bra Straps Cushions

Sometimes, you try on a bra in the stores, and then on getting home, you realize it’s not all that as you thought at first sight. Other times, you only get to understand the bra straps are uncomfortable only after putting it on for an entire day.

However, you will be torn between having some telltale indents on the shoulders when the day comes to an end or scrapping it off your rotation.

Strap cushions with silicon will save the day just in case you experience this situation. You can attach them to the straps and wear them on the shoulders to create some soft buffer between the shoulders and the straps.

You can get them in different widths that accommodate various strap sizes, and also use them interchangeably on different bras.

The Bra straps cushions also help to keep the bra in place, making it ideal for bras with wide set straps.

Soft Silicone Bra Strap Cushions by Olive Green

Silicon bra strap cushions

Available on Amazon

Lower Back Bras Converter

You can check out reviews on the article about backless dress solutions. The straps let to change the regular bra which opens at the back so that you can wear it under a shirt or dress with a low back.

You have to attach the ends of the extenders, on the eyes and hooks of the bra, and wrap them on the torso and clasp them at the front.

Lady Up Women’s Low Back Bra Converter

low back bra extender

Available on Amazon


Bra Extenders

You can get extra mileage out any bra with these extenders.  Sometimes you can get a bra that fits perfectly well at the cups, but a bit snug on the band. Other times, sizing up or trying to find a sister size isn’t quite an option, and this is where you get to use a bra extender. The extenders help in expanding the band size of the bra into an accurate fit.

Petutu Bra Extenders

Petutu Bra Extender

Available on Amazon

Silicone Push-Up Pads

The silicone push-up pads can serve many uses that women with large breasts can take advantage.

For women with fuller breasts at the top and don’t fill out at the bottom of a cup that protrudes, this silicone push-up pad would give the breasts a boost from down, providing the breasts with a desirable shape.

These push-up pads also come in handy when you want to even out the look of the breasts in case they are not of the same size.

The silicone push-up pads are also ideal in enhancing cleavage. Check out the article about push-up bras for more details.

Divine Push-Up Bra by Double Scoop

Divine Push Up Bra

Available on Amazon

Travel Bag Organizer

The travel bag organizer has a design of a hard-shell case made using a semi-rigid foam. It helps in protecting the bras with molded cups when traveling by preserving the shapes of the bras, and also preventing crumpling.

Bra Lingerie Travel Bag – Bra Organizer Storage Case

Bra Lingerie Travel Bag

Available on Amazon



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