Breast Actives Review

Breast Actives

Breast Actives Review

If you have been reading Breast Actives reviews online, you’re probably wondering whether the reports are too good to be true. Well, we took the pills to the test and have documented our experience below.

This Breast Active review aims at answering all the questions you have about naturally enlarging and firming breasts without going under the knife. I know several women who would wish to enhance the size of their breasts using home remedies since they don’t want anything to do with implants.

But, do natural methods work?

When doing a research on breast enhancement creams and supplements, I stumbled upon this question a lot.

I’ll be giving my honest reviews about some breast enhancement products I’ve been using for a while now. First-hand experience and usage of Breast Actives.

For some reason, women take their breasts with a lot of seriousness compared to other body parts. Breasts in some way directly affects our self confidence and belief. Some ladies find small and saggy breasts less complete, embarrassing and non-attractive. You should be confident and love your body in whichever form.

However, I’m not going to talk about self-esteem issues because we’ve all been there at some point in life. I believe it’s just a phase.

Breast Active Review

Let’s look at my reviews and personal experience with Breast Actives pills that were quite effective and worked wonders on my breasts. Remember, we have different body types and the results might vary.

Just like everything else in life, the outcome is not guaranteed as the results can either be prominent or not. It’s only fair that I share my first-hand experience based on what I used to enhance the size of my breasts to help anyone that’s looking to try out the products.

Are there other natural breast enhancement options? I hope this breast active review gets to answer this million-dollar question that women can’t seem to stop asking.

Breast Surgery

Most women usually go for breast augmentation because they are dealing with low-esteem issues owing to their small breasts. The gratification and instant results after the surgery is what draws them to look for surgeons in the first place.

For some women, the surgery could be a drop in the ocean in terms of finances. However, if we fall in the same financial category, a cosmetic surgery is way too costly and we can barely stand the pain and side effects post-op.

 Breast Enhancement Creams

Cosmetic surgery is the most popular option among women looking to enhance the size of their breasts. The first breast augmentation surgery was done in 1895 by one Dr. Vincenz Czerny. However, as much as the procedure was successful and currently said to be the most helpful and assured breast enhancement alternative, the idea has never sat well with me. I wouldn’t advise any woman to go down that road unless it’s really necessary.

Personally, surgery was never an option from the word go. I dedicated my time to finding a better alternative to enlarge my breasts. I was only left with three effective choices to review including exercise, diet and Breast Actives enhancement supplements to attain a curvier body. However, before settling on one solution, I chose to go the natural way like dieting and working out in an effort to make my breasts bigger.

Unfortunately, I failed terribly because I couldn’t stay committed. Work out and diet requires a lot of commitment, effort and time. I needed someone to push me into it. But no, I didn’t happen so I just couldn’t keep up. So, I opted for natural breast enhancement pills which was seemingly my very last option!

After spending days on end scouring through the internet and scanning different products, I finally settled for Breast Actives. Fortunately, this happened to be my last choice since I had amazing results and that’s why am sharing my usage reviews and experience.

Breast Actives Cream and Pills

Breast Actives Cream and Pills


Breast Actives is an ultimate 3-step formula made of organic ingredients to help enhance the shape and size of your breasts. It contains breast active enhancement products such as creams, supplements and exercise programs for effective results. The product took the market by storm since it’s an entire breast enhancement formula.

Breast Active Ingredients

It’s always advisable to check the ingredients in any product before using to avoid any risks. Breast Actives enhancement formula is made of 100% natural ingredients that are super effective.

Pills Ingredients

  • Vitamin E – It helps prevent breast cancer and is equally beneficial to the mammary glands.
  • Dandelion Root – The herb typically helps improve overall breast health while stimulating cell regeneration.
  • Fennel Seeds – They help in toning and firming ideal for women with saggy breasts.
  • Dong Quai Root – Improves breast tissues and stimulates estrogen production.
  • L-Tyrosine – It’s the main ingredient in Thyroxines, a thyroid hormone and helps regulate the rate of metabolism.
  • Blessed Thistle Root – This herb contains powerful estrogen production properties that’s why it’s the primary ingredient in most breast enhancement products.
  • Kelp/Seaweed – It’s quite beneficial for the hair, nails and skin.
  • Extracts of Fenugreek Seeds – It’s ideal in the breast enlargement process as it tends to increase their size significantly by balancing hormones.
  • Watercress Leaves – The leaves act as a natural remedy for breast enhancement.

Cream Ingredients

  • Chamomile Extract – The extract is applied directly on the skin and has great estrogenic effects to increase the female hormone level.
  • Extracts of Red Clover – Some people believe that red clover extracts have different health benefits.
  • Almond Oil – It has many health benefits and is also used in breast massage to regulate blood circulation.
  • Yam Extracts – Wild yam extracts is known to regulate cholesterol, blood pressure and for breast augmentation purposes.
  • Vitamin A and E – They help in breast tissues and cells enhancement.
  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract – This herb has amazing effect on the skin and also helps in breast cells production.
  • Saw Palmetto Extracts – This herb is used to regulate hormones that enhance the size of the breasts in women and also helps with different issues in the female anatomy.

How Breast Actives Works

Breast Actives is a three-step formula I realized that the pills are quite effective when it comes to increasing breast size. It contains an active ingredient that typically increases estrogen production in the breast tissue. Women tend to lose this hormone either during menopause or puberty yet increased production of fat cells and estrogen aids in natural breast growth.

The breast enhancement cream increase blood circulation in the breast tissue and maintains the cells too. The work out schedule is included in the program to level up the cream and pills efficiency.

Is Breast Actives the Best Available Method for Breast Enhancement?

Breast Actives is the best when it comes to natural breast enhancement methods. Here are some of my reasons:

  • You’ll not find the three-step formula in other breast related therapies. The product will help increase your breast size naturally in three dimensions.
  • It only contains natural ingredients like dandelion roots, blessed thistle and fennel seeds which makes it stand out from other breast enhancement products.
  • You’ll not experience or have deal with any severe side effects on the skin or body since it’s an all-natural product.
  • The positive customer reviews and high demand will draw you to this natural breast enhancement product.

Does the Product Work?

The three steps in this formula work together to deliver the best results possible. Speaking of the breast enhancement supplements, they contain different ingredients that boost estrogen production ideal for growth of the breast tissues.

Let’s now dive into the third step which is the work out plan that aids in breast enhancement. The program talks of dietary changes, unique chest exercises and different breast massage techniques that are quite helpful in strengthening breast muscles to keep them upright, firm and fuller.

Worry not if you working on a tight schedule since the exercises are simple and will only take a fraction of your time. However, you’ll need to exercise patience when using Breast Actives supplement because it takes a while to get noticeable results. Remember what they say about patience, it sure pays! It would be best if you don’t skip any of the steps in the formula.

Breast Actives Advantages and Disadvantages


  • It made with natural ingredients only
  • It’s as safe as they come with no negative side effects
  • Highly recommended basing on the positive reviews from women who have used it
  • It’s the only breast enhancement product with a three-step formula
  • It’s a risk-free and relatively cheaper alternative compared to breast implants
  • It aids in natural breast development by increasing estrogen production without any significant weight gain on other parts of the body
  • The manufacturing company is FDA approved
  • The company has a great customer service both telephonic and mail in Australia, UK, US and Brazil
  • The product comes with a money back guarantee within 90days of purchase


  • The outcome is not instant. It takes about six months to get noticeable results.
  • Your breasts might feel a bit tingly and sore on first use

Breast Actives Pills Side Effects

Checking product safety is usually very important. Breast Actives is made with a blend of natural ingredients only so its safe to say that it doesn’t come with any negative side effects. The FDA approval also guarantees you all levels of safety. However, be sure to check the product’s ingredients list to rule out any allergic reactions.

Some of the ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction which is why going through the list is important. Also, consult with the doctor if you are under any type of medication or have an underlying health condition before using Breast Actives.

Breast Actives Reviews from Other Users

Keeping an open mind when looking for product reviews helps a great deal. Always pay attention to what people are saying about a product before buying it. I had a great experience and amazing results with breast active but that doesn’t mean you should shut out other people’s opinion. What worked for me will not necessarily work for you since we have different body types.

One lady confessed to having gone through a frustrating experience. She read helpful breast enhancement reviews of a certain product which motivated her to give it a try. Your guess is as good as mine. It didn’t work as she had hoped which is quite understandable. Limit your expectations when trying out a new product.

However, after reading my reviews on Breast Actives, she hopped on the band wagon in pursuit of bigger breasts. Giving up was not her strong suit I suppose. Fortunately, this worked well for her and shared that the results were noticeable in 5 months. See, it didn’t just work for me, there are others as well. I encourage anyone who wants to try it out to also share her experience as it helps build trust.

Breast Actives Breast Enhancement Dosage

To get noticeable results, the company suggests following all the three steps to the latter for effective results. Start off with the dietary pills a capsule a day before or after meals. After taking the supplement, massage the cream on the breasts. Finally, the exercise program will see you through the chest firming and massage process to increase efficiency.

Enhancing the Results Further

The exercise helps enhance the results further as it increases the products efficiency. The guide only talks of chest exercises but you can some information on dietary foods that also aid in the results.

Foods rich in estrogen equally increases breast tissue production to make them larger and curvier. You can also boost estrogen levels in the body by eating cucumber, barley, sunflower seed, garlic, carrots, wheat, clover flax seed, cucumber, fennel seeds, wheat, parsley, apple, beet and plum.


Breast Actives Supplement Comparison With Competitors

  • Quality – The company is known to produce quality products
  • Effectiveness – Most users can attest to the product’s effectiveness
  • Success Rate – The product is rated at 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction – Positive reviews from customers taking pride in the five stars rating
  • Ingredient Quality – It’s made with a blend of herbal and natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Results Time Frame – Noticeable results within a month of usage and about five to six months on the maximum
  • Guarantee- Breast Active comes with a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Side Effects – No side effects owing to the natural ingredients
  • Safety – 100% safe

Breast Actives Price & Packages

When you buy Breast Actives from the the official site, you’ll get the best offers as well as can totally depend on the quality. The site currently offers a tremendous discounted rate for higher packs which results in great savings.

This is one of the main reasons I recommend buying from the manufacturers itself.

Are There Any Guarantees?

Breast Active comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which shows their confidence in the product. This helps build trust in customers as they are assured of getting their money’s worth. However, you are not allowed to return an opened bottle for a refund.

Where Can I get Breast Actives?

You can easily get Breast Actives supplement in different stores like Amazon, Barrett and Walmart. However, always buy it from the company’s official website for uncompromised quality and freshness.


Breast Actives pills come highly recommended for women looking for natural breast enhancement methods. I have tried the product and had no issues with it. Besides, the results were amazing. If you use breast active as per the instructions, you will grow bigger, curvier and firmer breasts.

Give it a try ladies!


Jeanette is a certified professional bra fitter. Originally from Lyons, France, Jeanette moved to Houston, TX to head the Brabbly content team. When not talking about bras and underthings, she's usually tucked in her study writing a sci-fi novel.

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