How Should a Bra Fit? [PHOTOS]

How Should a Bra Fit? [PHOTOS]

Wondering how should a bra fit? These photos will guide you.

According to research, most women wear the wrong bra size.


I know!

I also know am not the only one that rolls my eyes anytime someone throws in this line when talking about bras. If you don’t look forward to taking off your bra at the end of the day, then it probably fits well enough!

But, how should a bra fit?

There’s no metric as to how a bra should fit. Any advice relating to bra fit is considered the Matrix – you can’t explain it but only experience. This is why we’ve written this article to help you find the best bra with a perfect fit.

How Should a Bra Fit (Photos)

Here are some tips and hints that will let you know if you are wearing the right bra size.

  • Band

The bra’s band is a very important part of the undergarment. Most of the bra’s support should come from the band as opposed to the straps.

A firm hug is what can describe the feel of the right band size. It’s not supposed to cut into the skin.

The band is probably too small if you can’t fasten your bra on the loosest hook or the skin bulges on the back over the straps. On the other hand, it’s too big if you can only wear it on the tightest hook.

Big Band Well-Fitting Band Tight Band

Always wear a new bra on the loosest hook and move in as the fabric stretches over time. The right band size allows you to slip two fingers underneath effortlessly. It’s big if it tends to stretch further away from the ribcage and too small if one finger can’t get under the band.

  • Underwire

The underwire – where the band and wire meet – should sit on the ribcage muscle firmly as opposed to the breast tissue. The underwire rather big if it stands away from the skin and too small if it cuts into the skin or not encircle the whole breast.

Big Underwire Well-Fitting Underwire Tight Underwire
  • Straps

As earlier mentioned, 85% of the bra’s support should come from the band while the straps work on the difference. Bra straps should be firm enough but not too tight. However, you can always adjust them to your preference.

If you can comfortably slip a finger or two under the bra straps on the shoulders, then they fit just right. You can even customize to your desired tightness level.

Big Straps Well-Fitting Straps Tight Straps
  • Cups

Your breasts should securely stay in the cups regardless of the shape, size and bra style. The breast tissue should fill the entire bra cups without leaving any spaces or hollows. You will know you are wearing the right cup size if your breasts are fully covered.

Big Cups Well-Fitting Cups Too-small Cups
  • Gore

The gore is the middle part of the bra where the two cups join. It should lie flat against the chest. If it doesn’t gap, stick up, or pull away it fits just fine.

Well-Fitting: Gore lies flat Poorly-fitting: Gore does not lie flat
  • Comfort is Key

There are many different ways that regular bras are technically supposed to fit. If the world was perfect, these technicalities would probably map a balanced ratio on everyone’s body.

Seeing as the world is not perfect, there are many things that are meant to determine the comfortability of a bra. Women who like looser straps will never find tighter ones impressive and vice versa. This is why you only need to pay attention to how the bra makes you look and feel.

Bottom line – it’s not the right fit if it by any chance makes you feel uncomfortable, even if it’s technically the correct size.

A bra with a proper fit shouldn’t make you feel miserable.

Treat your breasts right, they are royalty!




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