Side Effects of Wearing Push Up Bras

Are there any side effects of wearing push up bra? Well, actually there are quite a number. Read on for uncommon push up bra side effects you should know about before you go shopping for your next bra.

A push up bra is the most common bra style. We all love the attention that comes with wearing push up bras. But as the saying goes, too much of something is poisonous.

A push up bra tends to push the breasts together to create cleavage, making them look fuller and rounder.

Potential Push Up Bra Side Effects You Should Know

Wearing a bra has no side effects unless it’s really tight. When it’s tight, you can have issues such as constricted blood flow, skin irritation and marks on your body.

Push up bras come in a wide range of silhouettes, offering both comfort and support. Wearing the right size will not harm the breasts.

However, most women usually go for a smaller size bra in the hope of getting a better cleavage and lift. This is wrong. An ill-fitting push up bra will squish your breasts, causing pain and discomfort. No one wants that from her favorite bra.

It’s important to know the difference between a wrong bra size and a push up bra.

You can wear a push up bra everyday, as long as it fits perfectly, to enjoy the subtle attention and gentle lift. Put your bras on rotation to prevent over wearing one to get the most of it.

Should You Wear a Push Up Bra to Bed?

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a push bra to bed, if you are comfortable with it. However, wearing a bra will neither make your breasts perkier nor prevent them from sagging. It will also not stop your breasts from growing, and just to be clear, wearing a bra does not cause cancer.

Some women find sleeping in a bra more comfortable. If you want to sleep in a bra, go for lightweight wireless sleep bras like the Royce Sadie Bra or camisole with in-built bras. The bra shouldn’t be too constricting or have parts that tend to dig into the skin.

Royce Sadie Bra


Wearing a tight push up bra can impair the lymph tissues and restrict blood circulation. The lymphatic fluid usually washes out toxins and waste materials from your breasts. However, wearing tight bras inhibit the action, making toxins to accumulate and this can cause cancer.

A recent research shows that toxic substances in the body don’t flush away while few nutrients and less oxygen get to the cells. This is a common occurrence in women who have their bras on for long hours.

Are Push Up Bras Bad for You?

Push up bras are not bad but they should fit perfectly and have enough padding to avoid discomfort, strap indentation and any potential harm to the breasts. There is no scientific evidence that shows this bra style causes or prevents breast sagging.

Ensure you buy a high-quality push up bra to keep you comfortable and avoid long term injuries.

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