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These Sports Bras for Cycling Prevent Bounce and Keep Sweat at Bay!

Cycling is a high-impact activity that gets the body sweaty and can make the girls bounce. If you have engaged in cycling, you know how uncomfortable bounce can be. To prevent bounce, you need the right bra. Which is the best sports bra for cycling? Read on for the top recommendations.

Love cycling and are looking for the best bra for the activity? Before you buy, make sure the bra is of the right shape and size.

The body changes over time and as a result, the breast size also fluctuates. Therefore, it is important to always measure your breast size before buying a sports bra.

The best bra for cycling for you will depend on the kind of activities you do. For example, road cycling is a medium-impact sport. Therefore, you’ll need a medium-impact bra. On the other hand, if you usually go mountain biking, get a bra that offers more support.

Wondering which is the best cycling bra to buy. Read this guide for the top 10 recommendations.

Best Sports Bras for Cycling

  • #1.  Nike Swoosh Ultra Breath Bra

Nike Swoosh Ultra Breath Bra

The Nike Swoosh Ultra Breath Sports bra features a streamline design. This bra is lightweight, offers a two-layer compression fit and provides excellent support. The bra is made from Dri-FIT sweat-wicking fabric and has mesh panels to keep you ventilated when cycling. At the bottom, the bra’s seam underbust shapes the breasts, providing a flattering look.

The Nike Sports Bra has a soft elastic binding around the armholes and the neckline. The shoulders have flat bonded seams that help to reduce chafing. We love the elastic chest band that provides lightweight comfort and the racerback that allows for a wide range of motion during upper-body workouts.

If you are going mountain biking, get the Nike Alpha Bra, which offers more support than the Swoosh Bra.

Available on Nike

  • #2.  Moving Comfort Women’s Juno Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Women’s Juno Sports Bra

The Moving Comfort Juno Sports bra shapes the sisters well and offers a high level of support. The bra is made of breathable material and has front adjustable straps that make it easy for you to find the perfect fit.

The material has great moisture-wicking properties and is stretchable, which is something you will want in a sports bra for cycling.

Available on Amazon

  • #3.  Shock Absorber Women’s Active Zipped Plunge Bra

Shock Absorber Women’s Active Zipped Plunge Bra

The Shock Absorber Plunge Bra is the best plus size sports bra for cycling. This bra as a V-neck cup style and its straps are secure enough to keep the sisters separated and lifted. The sports bra is made from a blend of polyester and elastance and looks stylish in its racerback design.

On the front, the Shock Absorber has a full-length zipper that makes removing it easy.

Available on Amazon

  • #4.  Panache Active Molded Sports Bra

Panache Active Molded Sports Bra

Another contender to make it on our list of the best sports bras for cycling is the Panache Active Molded Sports Bra. This sports bra for large breasts has lightly padded contour underwire cups and reduced bounce by 83%.

The bra is made from moisture-wicking fabric and has breathable mesh inserts that will keep you cool and dry when cycling. The bra also compresses and encapsulates each breast separately, provided maximum no bounce effect and comfort to the sisters.

The straps of the Panache Active Molded Bra are cushioned and attach to form a supportive Y-back through an available J-hook.

Available on Amazon

  • #5.  Smartwool PHD Racerback Sports Bra

Smartwool PHD Racerback Sports Bra

The Smartwool PHD sports bra is made from a blend of merino wool (75%) and polyester (25%). This fabric is breathable, has excellent odour control, and is comfortable to wear. The bra fits well but does not have adjustable straps. Still, the straps are long enough to not pull up too much.

Available on Amazon

  • #6.  Castelli Rosso Corsa Light Sports Bra

Castelli Rosso Corsa Light Sports Bra

The Castelli Rosso Corsa Women’s Bra is specifically designed for cycling and not running. The bra has a cross back with Giro3 straps and is made from moisture-wicking material. This bra offers moderate support without over compressing the sisters. With lots of bumps on the cycling trail, you will love how this bra will be working in your favor!

Available on Amazon

  • #7.  Champion Absolute Sports Bra with SmoothTec Band

Champion Absolute Sports Bra with SmoothTec Band

The Champion Sports Bra offers great support and has sweat-wicking properties. The bra is comfortable, does not compress the sisters too much, and the SmoothTec band protects against chafing. The racerback design gives you the freedom to move any way you want while exercising.

The Champion Sports Bra has minimal seams, comes in different colors, and is affordable.

Available on Amazon

  • #8.  SYROKAN High Impact Sports Bra Top

SYROKAN High Impact Sports Bra Top

The Syrokan bra is one of the best sports bras for women with large breasts that love cyclin. The bra is made from soft and stretchy fabric to ensure you are comfortable during your cycling trips. Its double-layer fabric provides extra cushioning and support without compressing the girls.

The Syrokan sports bra features a racerback design that allows you to move in all directions. Its mesh panels will ensure you are cool during your workout.

Available on Amazon

  • #9.  Under Armour Women’s Mid Sports Bra

Under Armour Women’s Mid Sports Bra

Another sports bra you should add to your cycling clothes is the Under Armour Women’s Mid Sports Bra. This bra is not only perfect for cycling but also other forms of exercise. The bra is made from sweat-wicking material that will ensure you are comfortable when cycling the trails. This bra is both supportive and comfortable.

The Under Armour sports bra has a double layer of Headgear fabric that cushions your skin against irritation when you are working out. The affordable bra is available in a wide range of colors.

Available on Amazon

How to Choose the Best Sports Bra for Cycling

A good sports bra for cycling will make all the difference in terms of performance and comfort. On the other hand, wearing the wrong bra can leave you in pain or make you feel uncomfortable.

When looking for a sports bra, check the following:

Level of Support

Decide on the level of support you need. For road cycling, get a bra that offers medium support. This bra will be comfortable and not as restrictive as a high impact bra.

On the other hand, if you are going mountain biking, you’ll need a high impact sports bra to absorb all the bumps in your ride. These bras also offer more support to the breasts.

Still on support, if you have a large bust, you will need a firmer bra, regardless of whether you are going trail cycling or mountain cycling. If you have a smaller cup, bras with light and medium support will be fine, even if you are going mountain biking.

Type of Support

Decide on the type of support to go for. Do you need compression support, encapsulation support, or a combination of the two?

Compression Sports Bras. These bras use elastic materials to press the breasts against the body so as to restrict their movement. The bras are recommended for low- to medium-impact activities, as well as small chest sizes (cups A to C).

Encapsulation Sports Bras. These bras have separate cups for each bra. The bras keep the sisters in place without relying on compression or adding pressure against your body.

Generally, encapsulation bra cups are molded and semi-rigid to restrict excess movement while providing support. The bras are recommended for high impact activities and are best for large busted women (cup sizes C to DD).

Combination of Compression and Encapsulation

These sports bra have both compression and encapsulation features. The bras offer medium level support and are available for different breast sizes, from B cups to D cups.

Comfort & Style

Finally, consider the comfort and style of the sports bra that you want. Here, you should look at the way the bra is constructed, paying attention to the chest band, underband, and shoulder straps.

If you have large breasts, go for bras with wide under bands and wide straps. These bras help to distribute the weight of the breasts properly and are comfortable.

Bras come with different types of shoulder straps. Generally, wider straps are more comfortable when cycling. If you are carrying a rucksack when biking, a bra without metal fasteners or adjusters would be more comfortable.

You can choose between underwired and soft cup sports bra. Go for what you prefer.

However, remember that your body shape and size can determine whether the bra you will wear will be comfortable or fit you properly. To get a fitting bra, measure your breasts properly before buying.


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