Which are the Best Bras for Crossdressers?

Searching for the best bras for crossdressers? Here are our recommendations.

Bras are never too many for girls. But with the variety of bra designs to choose from, it’s easy to go for an ill-fitting bra or wrong style for your body frame.

When it comes to bras, a crossdresser and transgender woman both have unique needs. Consider these bra styles if you want affordable yet stylish bras that help enhance feminine curves.

Best Bras for Crossdressers

As a transgender woman or crossdresser, you can choose to go for pocket or lace bras.

Pocket Bras

image of pocket bra

Pocket bras, otherwise known as mastectomy bras, have pockets in the bra cups to securely hold the breast foam in place. Pockets bras are a must-have, especially for more massive forms.

Pocket bras would be ideal for creating cleavage. The underwire offers ultimate support of the breast forms.

A Crossdresser’s Breast Forms

Functions of a crossdresser’s breast forms are as follows:

  • Creating a bounce that looks entirely natural
  • Creates a gorgeous cleavage
  • Helps create a more natural feeling

Here is an example of a breast form:

Ninery Ave 2 in 1 Prosthesis Silicone Pocket Forms

Ninery Ave 2 in 1 Prosthesis Silicone Pocket Forms

It has a life-like design with a pocket bra to keep the Ninery Ave silicone breast forms visible for a more natural look. The silicone breast form is made with a top-quality fabric.

The material is soft, skin-friendly, super comfortable, and feel like actual breasts. The soft, ultra-thin, hyperelastic, breathable fabric and steel-free style make this bra more comfortable and submissive.

Ninery Prothesis Silicone Breast Forms are ideal for crossdressers and transgender women who want a more fabulous shape. The silicone breast forms are durable with proper care. Use mild soap and running water to keep it clean and steer clear of sharp objects.

Available on Amazon

Maxtara 1 Piece Silicone Breast Forms

Maxtara 1 Piece Silicone Breast Forms

Maxtara Silicone Breast Forms is made with medical-grade silicone that is quite soft, skin-friendly, and feels like actual breasts. The package includes only a piece of the breast form weighing about 230g and does fit cup sizes 75B to 80A. It is spiral-shaped. The long extension on the sidearm enhances the shapes of the breasts, thereby improving your figure.

The silicone breast form is perfect for crossdressers and transgender women who want a fabulous shape and invisible support. Keep it cleaning by using mild soap and gently drying it with a towel every day. Also, avoid direct sunshine and sharp objects like needles and scissors.

Available on Amazon

Front Closure Bras

image of a front closure bra

Transgender women and crossdressers usually have ample set breasts and broad ribcages. It can b challenging to get hold of a properly fitting bra. In such cases, front closure bras come in handy.

Front closure bras usually have a clasp at the front. Besides, the cups are set wider apart, which makes it easier for the bra to fit.

T-shirt Bras

image of tshirt bra

T-shirt bras are the best bet for almost every woman. It has moulded seamless cups typically designed to look smooth and remain virtually invisible underneath clothes. You can even wear it under those snugly fitting tops and dresses. What’s more, t-shirt bras come in different sizes to fit different breast sizes and shapes.

Convertible Bra

image of convertible bra

Transgender women and crossdressers often complain that they don’t get bras with longer straps. Convertible bras help solve this problem. They have removable straps, and you can comfortably wear the bra in different ways which include crisscross design. It’s for this reason that they have longer straps compared to a regular bra.

Balconette Bra

image of balconette bra

A balconette bra has its cups horizontally cut across the breasts. It is an exquisite cup design that mainly flatters wide-set breasts and rib cages.

Balconette bras are usually padded, and this not only helps enhance the shape of the breasts but also make them look bigger. Balconette bras are ideal for smaller breasts.

Wireless Bras

image of wireless bra

An underwire bra typically offers ultimate breast support. Underwire bras are, therefore, perfect for women who wear breast forms. However, the fitting can be quite tricky, especially for those with wider chests. You can instead go for wireless bras.

Wireless bras are more comfortable since they tend to have quite a forgiving fit. If you want to go for soft cup bras with a breast form, then consider a wireless pocketed bra. You can alternatively attach the breast form to the chest with adhesive or tape.

Adhesive Bras

image of adhesive bra

Adhesive bras usually have a strapless and backless design that attaches to the bust with adhesive in the cups.

Adhesive bras are ideal for creating a gorgeous cleavage, and they are therefore a must-have in your bra collection.

Men’s Lingerie Tips

For men, the band size is the most significant measurement. The difference between the cup and the band size is usually very little when it comes to men. Save for the bra sizing chart; you can also check out the fruit method to help you make a decision.

  • Half melon – D Cup
  • Half grapefruit – C Cup
  • Half orange – B Cup
  • Half lemon – A Cup

Crossdressers Bralettes

The bra calculator will help you get an accurate measurement regardless of your shape and size. Bralettes are your best bet if you want to look natural without an enhanced cleavage. Bralettes feature several sexy lacy detailing in all their designs while others have ruffles. Bralettes are super comfortable since they have no underwires and some have no padding too.

To add a feminine touch while stepping out of your daily routine, you will need lingerie. Crossdresser’s bras are quite famous for some apparent reasons. They are mainly designed for masculine body types without compromising on the feminine details.

Personal preferences usually influence a person’s choice when it comes to bras. However, the mood and occasion equally play a significant part. For every transgender woman and crossdresser, there’s always that particular bra design that brings out the best in you. That is the bra you need!

When it comes to the bra world, you don’t need to limit yourself to a specific bra style. But the above is a perfect place to begin. Remember, different bra styles work differently for everyone.

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