Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra

Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra

Read our Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra review to find out why this full figure bra may be the best thing to have in your closet.

The Prima Donna Deauville full cup bra is perfect for women with saggy breasts.

Some of the best bras for full figure women are a bit pricey. However, the Donna’s aesthetics and the support level is worth the money.

If you are shocked by its price, try to divide the amount by the days you will wear the bra. This will help you see the value you will be getting.

full cup bra Prima Donna Deauville front

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Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra Review

When it comes to bras, I am a minimalist. So, I would fuss over any bra in my collection that comes off as malfunction.

A bra with a full cup, which is both supportive and comfortable, will be helpful when taking on high impact activities. This what the Prima Donna bra brings to the table, and why I love it. I suppose you will like it too.


This bra has a lace detail on the straps that makes it beautiful as it features an exquisite look.

The texture of the lace can make the bra difficult to wear with some outfits. Moreover, the lace décor limits the adjustability of the bras. However, it still has that perfect supportive fit.

The bra straps are broad and don’t slip or dig into the shoulder. You wouldn’t need to readjust them. The straps also have a trifecta, and are very comfortable.

Gore and Cup

At the front of the cup, this Prima Donna bra has a one seam design across it. However, on the sides, there’s a vertical seam.

While the bra doesn’t uplift the breasts like the  Elomi Caitlyn I’ve reviewed before, the sides have sound reinforcement. This design also encapsulates the breasts and reduces the side boob.

full cup bra Prima Donna Deauville side

The gore of the bra tucks well at the center, and flattens on the chest, even for people with narrow breasts.

However, the lace detail on the cup may make the bra visible, especially if you wear it with outfits that have a thin layer.


The band of the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra feels solid and offers enough support from the bottom. The is available from cup sizes D to J and has only two or three hooks. However, it still provides adequate support despite having a few hooks.

The bra’s band doesn’t come up high like that of other bras that offer support. The construction of the bra’s cup ensures they provide enough support to prevent side boobs.

The bra also features an elastic at the bottom, which hinders smoothing. Keep your hopes low since everything won’t be seamless.

full cup bra prime donna deauville


The underwire of this bra is properly constructed. The underwire doesn’t dig into your breasts, cut them off, or jut into the armpit.

The underwire is quite comfortable and will make anyone who hates them have a second thought.


Overall, this bra is comfortable, is properly constructed, and offers adequate support. The fabric also feels excellent on the skin.

However, people with sensitive skin may find trouble with the cup laces as they can be a bit coarse when the bra is new. However, the fabric tends to become soft after several wash times.

Overall Shape

Bras with seams provide extra support. However, you may look a bit pointy. This is the case with the Prima Donna Deauville Bra. Your breasts will not look rounder in this bra.

Some people expect to feel like Madonna, as the name of the bra suggests. Well, that will not happen.

Best For

You can wear the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra throughout the day when going for those night rendezvous. You can also wear it to work since it is comfortable enough.

It’s rare to get a bra that is both classy and lifts the sisters properly. This is one of those bras that is an exception to this rule. The bra is available in different colors that would match your skin shade. Moreover, it looks exquisite when you take off your clothes.

This bra will make any breasts look great but would be specifically ideal for the saggy ones. It has to be the most beautiful full cup bra in the market. Pamper yourself with this unique Primadonna Deauville bra. See what customers are saying about the bra.


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