Glamorise Double Layer Sports Bra

Glamorise Double Layer Sports Bra Review

The marketing of the Double-layer Sports bra was awful. A bra with several adjustments which you can use for almost anything. For wardrobe minimalists, the idea that comes with full figure sports bra which would suits every workout style is so good that you can’t ignore.

Glamorise Sports Bra Review

The bra is available in four different colors and is made using a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. The Glamorise Women’s Double-layer sports bra offers the breasts some lift while preventing them from the up and down bounce. Expectations keep running high for people whose dream is to add a custom sports bra in their collection.

front glamorise double layer custom sports bra

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The bra straps are set close to each other, thus reminding me of Glamorise No-Bounce Full Support Bra which I gave reviews on a while back. The straps stand to have more padding or made using a soft material for extra comfort. Besides, they don’t dig in the shoulders.

Similar to other bras from Glamorise, the straps are not fully adjustable, this could be tight for women with petite frames.


panel glamorise double layer custom sports-bra


The cups of the bra run big. For people with large breasts, you can go for cup sizes between F and G. The under part of the cups has quite a weird shape, but then again, if you add the other layer, it becomes quite as good. The cups are soft and comfy, although I can’t say it has a lining by a stretch.

Let’s talk about the front panel. You can adjust the front panel of this bra in four different levels which will help in controlling the bounce. At its highest level, you can confidently take on any vigorous exercises.

hook glamorise double layer custom sports-bra


However, the two-layer design might create a little disadvantage, depending on the level you will place it and how the bra fits. The under cup might wrinkle, thereby creating visible lines. But, bearing in mind what this bra offers, this is something you can pass.

Just like other high-impact bras, it’s all about compression. Since the bra is underwire free, it will tend to create a uniboob, making your breasts appear flat but the side support is outstanding and will make it less awkward and slightly comfortable.

The Band and Back

Full support bras for the plus size women who wear large cup sizes with only two to three hooks is annoying. But this bra is ideal since it has three to five hooks depending on the size of your bra.

The good thing is the five hooks provide extra support and that feeling of being secure thanks to the straps. You will love how you can quickly put on this bra without much hassle like the racerback bras.

back glamorise double layer custom sports-bra

The band of the bra doesn’t stretch at all. It’s only proper for the bra’s band is appropriate because the bra tries to provide enough support for the breasts without an underwire. Now think of the five hooks and a band that doesn’t stretch! You might have some difficulties when you wear them for the first time, but it does relax after a while.

Get to understand Glamorise’s fitting guide which you can find on their website before purchasing any of their bras. The bra’s band run on the smaller sides which means you have to go down a cup size and go up a band size.

Overall Feel and Fit

The bra is extremely comfortable. It is the closest you can get with a custom sports bra without having it made for you. The ability to adjust the front panel and the bra straps make the bra to feel versatile. The neckline of this bra, although not quite as high compared to the No-bounce model, also comes up a bit high. It might come off as a limitation, but not to all people.

The back and the bra’s band have a mesh fabric, making the bra airy enough and this means that it could be ideal for hot yoga classes.

Can You Wear This Bra for Zumba?

Of course! You can take on all kinds of moves without any worries about things having to pop out.

Ideal For:

You can own any section of the gym when you wear this bra, but since the straps aren’t quite as broad on the shoulders, it would be good if you stick on short medium or high impact exercises. Although you can wear it for a long time when taking on low impact workouts.


Can You Stop Buying Custom Sports Bras?

Custom Sports Bra is not a fashion bra, but high impact plus size sports bras with full coverage seldom are. The second front panel does a great job but ignoring aesthetics. If you are searching for a custom sports bra, you might want to look at this sports bra since no bra can match the comfort it provides. Also, for those who wear a G cup size, this comes close to reducing any bounce. The bra is perfect, and to add on that, and it’s quite affordable.


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