This is How You Should Store Your Bras & Lingerie to Prevent Damaging Them

how to store bras

This is How You Should Store Your Bras & Lingerie to Prevent Damaging Them

Want to make your bras last and serve you for longer? Learn how to store bras properly in this guide.

How you store your bras matters.

Whether you plan on making the most of limited space or have a spare room, keeping the closet organized can be crucial to a fruitful morning routine.

How you wash bras and store them will affect their durability, support, and shape. It is important to know the proper ways of storing bras both on the road and at home.

How to Store Bras Correctly

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get what you are looking for in your drawer. If you have many bras, you may have to go through a pile before you can find the exact one that you want to wear. As you go through the pile, you can disrupt the bras stored, leaving them with creases.

Storing bras properly not only helps to retain their shape but also maximize space. Follow the tips below to keep your bras tidy.

i) Don’t Squeeze the Bra Cups

Most of us are guilty of folding a cup into the other before storing our bras. This is a common way of folding and packing away bras. However,  if your bras have molded cups or a push-up design, folding them this way will ruin them.

Molded bras have seamless, pre-formed thick cups. When you fold one of the cups into the other, the cup will be inverted. This will result in a misshaped, creased, and dented cup.

Molded bras are meant to enhance the shape of the breasts. Therefore, if you warp or dent the cups, you will be walking around with that particular shape.

bra with dented cups

To properly fold a molded bra, keep both cups puffed instead of inverting one of them. You can either line up or stack the bras, keeping the cups in line behind one another. You can also unhook the band at the back for easier stacking.

However, the hooks could get caught on a bra with lace detailing or other fabric. Therefore, use container or drawer organizer with enough room to keep the cups properly with the hooks closed.

You can fold your bras into two, especially if they are not molded. However, be careful not to tangle or twist the bra. Also, tuck the straps and the band inside the cups and hook it at the back before folding. Doing so will prevent the bra from not only getting pulled but also caught and snagged. You will also avoid catching the bras accidentally or even stretching them out.

Watch this video to learn how to fold a bra properly:

Create Space

You are probably not taking proper care of your bras if you store them in a laundry bin or at the back of a tiny drawer.

As earlier mentioned, molded bras should be stored in a spacious area to prevent the cups from crushing. You risk making the underwires pop out or bend if you stuff them in a crowded drawer.

To properly store molded bras, clear out some space. The space should be wide and tall enough for your bras. This may mean moving the bras to an entirely different drawer. If this doesn’t seem to work, try using a big box or suitcase to store your delicates and bras.

For other types of bras, you also need to create room to prevent the underwires from crushing. Moreover, you can stack up all your lace bras facing the same direction for easier access and to save time.

You can either choose to insert the box into the drawer to divide the space for the bras. Alternatively, you can also leave the box out to display with a lid. When you want to wear any of the bras, sift through to pick the one you want for the day.

Remember, creating room would also mean doing away with some bras that you no longer wear. Keep a record of the bras that are only consuming space and get rid of them. If the bras are still in great condition, you can donate them to different organizations, such as I Support the Girls. However, you can throw them away if they are completely worn out.

Bra Storage Hacks and Accessories

The most important tip you should know if you want to store bras properly is: having enough space and never invert the cups.

You can also get some bra storage solutions that will ensure the bras maintain their look. Here are the storage options we recommend:

  • Boobie Trap Organizer

Boobie Trap Organizer


This bra organizer has a plastic separator for molded cups, which will ensure the bras to maintain their shape. The is perfect for storing small cup bras.

  • Tank Top Organizer

Tank Top Organizer


The tank top organizer is not only for storing tank tops but also bras. The hanger has several hooks that you can comfortably slip straps to hang bras. This organizer is great if you have enough room in your closet.

  • Bra Drawer Storage Organizer

Bra Drawer Storage Organizer


The box has in-built compartments that help keep the bras puffed up and straight. Load your bras and place the organizer on the shelf, drawer, or under the bed.

  • Bra Travel Case

Bra Travel Case


These are beautiful cases that come in two different sizes. The bra travel case is ideal for preventing your bra from crushing in the suitcase.

You can see the best bra travel organizers here.

Now you know how to store bras properly.

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