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These Are the Best Travel Bra Organizers You Can Buy

If you are traveling, you need to store your bras properly to ensure they do not get smashed up by other items you are carrying. You can store bras in an underwear organizer. Which is the best travel bra organizer to buy? Here are our top recommendations.

If you are sick of bras getting smashed and tangled up while travelling, a travel bra organizer is all you need. The organizer will help you store your bras properly without damaging them.

Adhesive bras come in handy when you are traveling since they are easy to store in an undergarments storage box. organizer. However, if you would also like to carry regular bras, nothing should stop you. You only need a good travel bra organizer..

Best Travel Bra Organizers

Below are some of the best travel bra organizers:

  • 1.      Bra and Lingerie Travel Case from the Brag Company

Bra and Lingerie Travel Case from the Brag Company

The Bra and Lingerie travel case features a patented design by the famous Brag Company. The organizer is available in different colours and designs.

This travel bra organizer helps to protect the bras when you are traveling. The bag has a storage capacity of six bras of sizes A and C. The high-quality travel bra organizer is easy to close thanks to its double snap buttons. The bag also has a stylish strap for carrying and hanging in the closet.

The travel bag organizer is an original design and does feature a semi-rigid premium EVA foam. The foam is lightweight and provides maximum protection to the bras. Moreover, it is waterproof, which is important if you will be backpacking or camping in areas where it is likely to rain.

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  • 2.      Sac Star Bra, Underwear Toiletry Organizer

Sac Star Bra, Underwear Toiletry Organizer

The Sac Star’s Travel Bra Organizer measures 5.9” ×5.5” ×11” and has different compartments to store bras. There is also an extra compartment for storing underwear cosmetics and other different items. The travel organizer has a strap, which makes carrying it easy.

The bra travel organizer is lightweight and made with high-quality oxford and nylon. The organizer has two-way zippers and is water-resistant. When not in use, you can easily fold it to save on space.  This storage bag carries about four bras of sizes A to B and three of sizes C to E.

The fabric used to make Sac Star’s is easy to clean. You simply need to wipe it in case it gets dirty.

You can use this organizer to store underwear and bras while travelling to prevent the cups from getting crushed. The storage organizer is quite spacious and will fit different items for your trip.

The Sac travel organizer comes in different colours: hot pink, pink, red, and black. When traveling, you can keep your items well-organized, undamaged, and clean with this practical travel organizer.

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  • 3.      Brakitty Travel Bra Organizer

Brakitty Travel Bra Organizer

The Brakitty Travel Bra Organizer is the most stylish travel bra organizer in the market. The designer is likely to be a fashionista! This organizer comes in six exquisite designs that you will not hesitate showing off.

The organizer is made of durable shell Oxford fabric while the case is made from eco-friendly materials and recycled cotton threading. The material ensures that your bras are protected while travelling. In the insider, the travel organizer has a waterproof velvet lining and self-healing nylon zippers.

The Brakitty travel organizer holds one D cup bra, five B cups, and three C cup bras. The undergarments organizer measures 4.1” × 6.5” × 12.6”.

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  • 4.      B & C Large Travel Bra Organizer

B & C Large Travel Bra Organizer

The B & C Bra Organizer is quite big compared to standard travel bra organizers. This storage bag measures 5.25” × 6.5” × 14” and holds six C cup bras and even more smaller cup bras.

The main compartment features three-zipper sections. In the large compartment, you can store your bras, while the other two are excellent for underwear and other items like nipple covers.

The organizer is made from high-quality polyester and has an athletic build zipper. This is among the few travel organizers in the market that can comfortably carry about three bras in big cup sizes.

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  • 5.      Simple Houseware Underwear Organizer

Simple Houseware Underwear Organizer

You can use the Simple Houseware Underwear Organizer to protect your bras while travelling. The organizer comes in three different beautiful feminine designs, is made with light EVA foam, and can store bras from cup sizes A to D.

The travel bra organizer weighs about 5.4 ounces, measures 4.1” × 7.3” × 12.5” and has a handle at the top. It also has a zipper for easy opening and closing.

The Le-Banana Travel Bra Organizer is affordable and would make a perfect gift idea, especially for ladies who love travelling.

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  • 6.      Misslo Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

Misslo Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

Misslo Travel Bra Organizer is a versatile undergarments storage box made of polyester. The travel organizer features a waterproof nylon lining on the inner part and has three different compartments with about eight pockets in different sizes. The main compartment is for keeping the bras and underwear and the rest for storing other travel essentials for travel.

This organizer measures 6.07” × 6” × 11.5”.

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  • 7.      JJ Power Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

JJ Power Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

The JJ Power Travel Bra Organizer is made of nylon and available in black and six different pastel colours. The organizer measures 6.5” × 6.5” × 12”, is lightweight, and has a dual compartment.

If you want to store toiletries and wet items, the organizer has a water-resistant plastic compartment for this purpose.  There is also a third compartment that has four other pockets for keeping underwear and a larger pocket for storing bras and clothing.

JJ Power Travel Bra Organizer is quite spacious but affordable.

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  • 8.      Free Grace Large Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

Free Grace Large Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer

The Free Grace Travel Bra and Underwear Organizer is available in two colours; purple and black. The storage bag has an oversized compartment for storing bras, a zippered pocket for storing miscellaneous travel essentials, and four different pockets for underwear.

Free Grace Travel Bra Organizer is lightweight and has sturdier zippers. It’s also versatile; you can use it for different functions other than just storing your bras while travelling.

The travel bag weighs 7.2 ounces, measures 7.9” × 7.9” × 11.4” and is sold with a 90-day guarantee. This goes to show that the brand believes you will fall in love with the organizer.

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So, Which is the Best Travel Bra?

You can get a perfect travel bra organizer to suit your needs from the above recommendations. However, before getting one, check the size, features available, and the price. For instance, a larger organizer would work perfectly for larger cup sizes and vice versa.

All of the above options are great travel bra organizers.


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