Best Travel Bra With Pockets

Which is the Best Travel Bra With Pockets?

Which is the best travel bra with pockets? Read on for the top recommendations.

When you are traveling, it is important to have a comfortable bra. The bra helps to support the girls, keep them safe, and prevents unwanted stares.

There are different types of bras on the market. If you travel regularly, you will quickly realize that regular bras do little to help you during your travel. Therefore, instead of buying every day bras, you need a travel bra.

Some travel bras come with hidden pockets, where you can store your personal effects, cash, smartphone, or other important accessories.

Some bras are designed with anti-theft features while others are simply meant to be comfortable. Which type of bra should you go for?

What is a Bra Stash?
As you search for the best travel bra, you may come across bra stashes.  A travel bra with pockets is self-explanatory.  But what is a bra stash.

A stash is a pocket that is designed to be attached to an existing bra. You can use the stash to hide money while traveling, keep your credit cards and passport, and so on.

Why Do You Need a Travel Bra With Pockets?

When you are traveling, it is important to keep your valuables safe. For example, you do not want to lose your passport when you are traveling abroad. You can keep your valuables in gears like anti-theft backpacks, portable travel safes, and anti-theft purses.

For small, important things like passports, you can keep them in a travel bra with pockets.

Travel Bra with Pockets – Reviews

Finding the right fit bra can be quite challenging. Therefore, measure your breast size before starting to search for a travel bra. Use our online calculator to find out your true cup size.

With that said, below are the best travel bras with pockets.

#1.  Travel Bra Soft Organic Cotton

Travel Bra Soft Organic Cotton

The Travel Bra Soft Organic is a sports bra with five hidden pockets.  Among the five pockets is one that will fit your credit cards. Another of the pockets can also stretch to hide your passport.

This travel bra does not have underwire. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the metal detectors going off at the airport.  However, you shouldn’t put items in your hidden pockets when going through the security check.

If you are looking for your first travel bra, you may feel funny wearing this bra. You can purchase the travel bra from The Travel Bra Company’s website.

Available on

#2.  Travel Bra Quick Dray Wirefree Bra

Travel Bra Quick Dray Wirefree Bra

This travel bra looks more like a normal bra than a sports bra. The bra has a hanging pocket where you can keep your passport and 4 additional pockets of different sizes, where you can store other small items. The bra’s shoulder straps and the chest band are adjustable.

This travel bra with pockets is wireless and seamless. However, the bra tends to run small. Therefore, consider sizing up when ordering.

TIP: If you don’t want your passport, cash, or other items you are carrying in the bra pockets to show, wear a tank under a loose-fitting cloth

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#3.  Racerback Bamboo Handee Bra

Racerback Bamboo Handee Bra

As the name suggests, the Racerback Bamboo Handee bra is made with bamboo antibacterial fabric. This travel bra with pockets is specially designed for breastfeeding or post-surgery women. The fabric is breathable and will wick away sweat, ensuring that you stay dry during your travels.

The bra’s travel pockets are designed to keep your items safe. The pockets can stretch to fit your IDs and some cash. However, the bra offers light support and, therefore, is not suitable for women with large breasts.

Available on Amazon

#4.  Beach Travel Bra With Secret Pockets

Beach Travel Bra With Secret Pockets

The Beach Travel Bra With Secret Pockets is one of the best sports bras for travel. The bra is made from bamboo and, therefore, does not irritate the skin. It also has three pockets where you can store small items.  You can hold your keys, cash, chapstick, credit cards and other items. However, your passport won’t fill in the pockets.

The material used to make the bra dries fast. This makes the bra ideal for travel as you can wash and dry it while on the road.

Available on

#5.  The Pocketbra

The Pocketbra


Another garment that makes it on our list of the best travel bras with pockets is the Pocketbra. The bra is made from a blend of 90% nylon and 10% spandex. This demi bra has a pocket in each cup and both side panels. The lightly padded bra comes in two colors (pink and black) and fits cup sizes 32B to 38D.

Available on


When you are traveling and a travel bra with pockets is a good alternative to a moneybelt. You can use the bra to hide money and other important items such as your passports and credit card. The above are the best travel bras with pockets.

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